Saturday, August 31, 2013

This is the golf course that is now closed and the future home of the resort.  The grass is dying now.  It'll be beautiful again one day but for now I just look over it and not at it.

So this is the last day of August.  Where in the heck did summer go?  It just flew by.  I'd like summer all year but that's not to be.  The Labor Day barbecue is Monday and I am going with my canasta gal pals to the club to celebrate.  Soon the snow birds will be back.  Time is spinning out of control.

The pool has been so warm and wonderful I cannot tell you, yesterday I did an hour and a quarter and could have done more but I was getting hungry.

Now I have a question for you and I'd like honest opinions please.  Yesterday I posted a photo with my longer curly hair.  The question is this... is it too much?  Too big?  Is shorter better?  I can't decide.  It's almost long enough to wear it up now and that was my goal for letting it grow but it's so big.  Thoughts please?  

Thanks for your time y'all.  I haven't had a mandatory comment day for a long time now so today I won't make it mandatory but I'd appreciate it.  Have a great day!  I will too.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Some shots from around my house...

Roche' and his bird friends.

Roche' and the square boys.

Pretty pink flower.

Pretty purple flower.

Stuff I like.

Bedroom I like.

Picture I like.

Plates hanging on my kitchen wall.

My little desk.

Lots of stuff I like.

And finally me, taken yesterday.  By me.

The end.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Good morning sunshine!  What a beautiful start to a lovely new day.  So yesterday I went for my teeth cleaning and they discovered a missing filling in a tooth that had a root canal.  It's a tiny hole and that's why I didn't notice it was missing.  Well they said it can easily get bacteria in there so I have to go next week to get it filled.  That was the first they could do it.  I like my dentist very much.

Then I went to maj and didn't win money but I did maj twice.  It was a nice game and we had a good time.

I heard a cute joke too.  This guy decides he wants a pet but he lives in a no pet building.  He went into a pet store and found a caterpillar that he just fell in love with.  The salesman said it was a talking caterpillar too.  He buys it and takes it home and just loves the little thing.  He says to it "do you want to go to church?" and it doesn't answer.  He says it again only louder this time.  Again it doesn't answer.  For the third time he yells it and the caterpillar looks up and says to him "I heard you the first time.  I'm putting on my shoes."

So on that note I'll let you move on to other things in your glorious new day.  Make it a great one!  I will too.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Well the lift is gone and the a$$hole that removed it charged me twice what we agreed to and I just paid it and left.  Why?  I have no idea, I guess I just didn't feel like confrontation at the time.  Buggers to me.  One thing good is that I believe it will come back to haunt him sometime so I'll take satisfaction in that.  He knew exactly what it was as I bought it from him and he is the one that installed it in the first place.

Today I am up and out early as my dental appointment is 8:15.  That's 8:15 in the morning.  Why?  Well I am playing maj today with my new group and we are starting early so I'll be done in time to play but still, it's early!  Steve and Jane come today too so I'll be out of their way.

I lost sixteen dollars last night at poker but that's good really because at break I was down ninety-five so I came back pretty good.

I made potato soup in e-vita yesterday, very good.  I don't know how it works but it cooked in 4 minutes and was steaming hot.  I added a baked potato, lite sour cream and 1% milk, some salt and pepper and that's it.  I left the peel on because that's my favorite part and it tasted really good.

I guess that's all I know for today.  Wish I knew more but don't.  Have a great Wednesday y'all.  I will too!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Well her name is e-vita (no capitals) and she is making me very happy so far.  This is a 100 calorie frozen coffee delite invented by me.  1 cup 1% milk, 1/2 tsp. nectress or sweet and low, 2 tbls instant coffee and ice.  It make 1 1/2 of this size glass, about 20 ounces of frothy deliciousness.  I ate it with a spoon it was so thick.  I think this shall be my afternoon treat most days now.

So what happened at Dr. Wacks you asked?  Well I'll tell you.  My A1C is 5.1, my blood pressure 120/78, cholesterol is 105, weight down 29 pounds from last year's exam, and he'd like me to lose 22 more pounds over the next one-two years and then stay there.  I feel fabulous.  Nothing hurts and I have so much energy.  Could it get any better?  I think not.

Today I get the lift taken out of the car and then poker tonight.  My calendar is so full I have to check it every day but it is mostly fun stuff.  I remember when it was filled with doctor appointments and now I don't go back for another three months!  Well I do have a dental appointment tomorrow but that's just a cleaning.

Hope your day is a great as mine because if it is you are a lucky duck!

Monday, August 26, 2013

There were some good suggestions yesterday about the Vitamix's name.  Thanks to all.  I am still deciding.  You know sometimes you just have to be around something for a bit to know it's personality first.  A name is a personal thing.  

I have been using Feedly as a reader since Google went by the way of the wringer washer and some of my feeds aren't coming through correctly.  Yesterday I had no new things to read and I knew that wasn't likely so I played around with it a bit and finally some came through but if I am not visiting you please email me because I want to visit you!

Today I go see Dr. Wacks for my annual exam, bloodwork results, ekg results, all that stuff and more.  I don't expect any problems but it's all part of the MDVIP membership benefit.  

And after that I shall be in the pool.  It has been absolutely beautiful, the water perfect, ot many people.  Heaven on earth.

Have a wonderful Monday and new week.  I will too...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Well this is the start of the last week of August!  The days are starting to get a bit shorter and the sun is hot and steamy.  The pool is fabulous though and I spent a good part of yesterday in it.

Then last night I went out to dinner with the gal that had the open heart surgery that I call Marilyn (because that is her name) and another friend.  It was a lovely dinner.  The surgery sure took a lot out of Marilyn though, she is weak and frail but she should make a full recovery.  She is the gal that we had the 80th birthday party for some weeks ago.  You just don't heal as fast when you get older and the surgery was quite extensive.

Today I will have lunch with the duck and we will do our grocery shopping.  I have a list to make some things in my new Vitamix.  What shall I name it?  I had a few suggestions yesterday, any more?  I am thinking e-vita.  But not sure yet.  I know it's female though.  

Have a great Sunday and do something nice today, ok?  I will too.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Salad, it's what's for dinner.  Boy howdy I was a busy girl yesterday.  I did laundry and went to the pool and did 70 minutes of water jogging, then I had the (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) to help me get the scooter apart and when we couldn't do it we got the maintenance man and the three of us (well, mostly I watched) did it and it took about a half hour.  After all that I was hot again so we went back in the pool.  Well the poor maintenance man went back to work and me and the mayor went in the pool.

Then a shower and got dressed again and went to pick up the duck to help me get it in the pack and ship place (well he did it and I walked behind, but still) and finally got the scooter off to Arizona to it's new owner.  

Tuesday I have an appointment to have the lift removed from the car and that will be that.

Today I think I'll relax a bit but still swim.  Next week will be a busy one so I'll need this one day off.  From what I'm not sure but still, I need it.  Just because.  Well, I want it, so there.

D#1 is driving again, no surgery is going to keep her down for too long.  She is in very good spirits too.  Things are looking up all over my world!

Have a totally lovely Saturday.  I will too...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Well I won pretty good at canasta yesterday.  It's a good thing after my maj and poker losses this week, huh?  Today shall find me in the pool enjoying every minute.

My VitaMix came last night and boy howdy I have homework now.  The cookbook that came with it is really nice, it's a three ring binder with tons of recipes.  I just have to get my act together and start making stuff.  I am anxious to make the soups.  I know that must sound funny in South Florida in the summer but I love soup, hot and chilled both.

Can you see the coconuts are back on the trees?  They're still small but they're there.  Hanging above the cars.  But not mine.

Oh, the gal that bought the scooter already paid me so now I have to get myself in gear and ship it out.  Nice transaction.  And a good deal for both of us.

Have a wonderful Friday y'all.  I will too.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

You've heard of Curly Sue?  This is Curly Bee.  It's really easy to care for with the haircut I got.  Just wash, shake, spritz, and scrunch, then go!

Today I am going to a canasta game to fill in while my game is out with sick ones.  I'm almost sorry I said I'd go because I need to get in the pool but Friday for sure.  I was going to get in yesterday when I got home from maj but it was storming and pouring rain so I just got my jammies on instead.  Today they play late so I won't be in.

Oh, I forgot to tell you I grew!  When I had the first part of my exam earlier this week I was measured at 5'5" again.  Last year I was shorter.  And it wasn't that I wasn't standing up tall either, it's from the exercise.  I didn't realize it was possible but it is.

I'm still watching Big Brother and while it's for sure not the best season I'm at least starting to enjoy it.

Have a great Thursday y'all.  I will too...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This was yesterday, today I'll be at my new maj game and not at the pool.  It's a bit different but I like it very much.  I lost twenty-two bucks at poker so I'd better play good today.  

The (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) said he'd help me get the scooter ready to ship.  It was modified for the lift and therefore won't fold up until that part is removed and I can't get it loose.  Anyway it'll be shipped out soon.

I'm behind again reading blogs.  Life just seems to be getting in the way but I'll get there.  

Have a lovely Wednesday y'all.  It's prince spaghetti day too!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guess what?  The scooter is sold!  I am so happy about not needing it any longer and that it will go to someone that needs it now.  I just have to get it ready to ship, taken apart and folded up and in the zipper case and to the pack and ship place.

I also got two sections of my closet done yesterday.  I now have clothes in size 1X and XL to give away.  And that is just blouses.  I still have the pants section to do.

For some reason I was really on a tear yesterday.  I did my hour in the pool and came upstairs, changed the bed, did all my ironing, and then the closet.  Energy.  I have it!

Today I have the first part of my annual exam at Dr. Wacks.  This part is the blood work, EKG, breathing test, hearing test, all that stuff.  Then next week I see him for my annual appointment.  He is very thorough.  But you already know that.  

Hope your day is as good as mine.  If it is you are a lucky duck!

Monday, August 19, 2013

This is the hedge on the outside of the pool.  I usually show you from the other side but this side is pretty too.  I shall be on the other side today doing my hour in paradise.

Yesterday we decided not to go to the WalMart so we went to Publix instead.  Mistake.  I like Publix very much but it is SO much higher in prices for the very same things.  Oh well, I got everything I needed and much more so I'll be eating good all week.  I'll need to make a run to the fruit stand and that's it.

I have read so much about Barb's Vitamix I ordered one last night.  QVC was having a special with free shipping and including the tax it was just a tad over $400.  A very good price for one, the best I have seen.  Barb likes the smoothies but I like the soups.  I'll let you know if I like it as much as she does.  It is supposed to be here on the 27th.

So make your Monday totally tits y'all.  I will too!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gosh it's been beautiful around here.  I got my hour in the pool again and it's wonderful.  So many of my card gals are out for one reason or another I keep getting asked into other games.  I turned down two next week and said yes to one.  The reason is I'd rather get in the pool when it is this nice than sit in a card room.  But I didn't lie either, I just said I'd have to decline and didn't give a reason.

Today is shopping with the duck.  I enjoy my time with him.  We might go to lunch too, probably will actually.

Yesterday I made a statement I didn't think I'd say.  There was a really heavy gal at the pool and some of us were sitting around talking.  I had finished my swim and the (self appointed) governor and mayor (of the pool) were ready to get in.  She didn't want to swim with us or sit with us, I invited her.  I said to no one, just to myself, "I am NOT going to ever gain that weight back!" and I meant it.  (She couldn't hear me.)  I really really mean it too.  It's been 23 months of working at it with no end in sight and I don't want to go backwards.

I do allow myself to eat more on a cruise but that's the only time.  Even then I am not nearly eating what I used to eat either.  Just some cake here and there (ha!).

I know you should never say never but I am so determined to succeed and I'd feel like I was letting y'all down too if I gained it back.  So many of you have told me I am inspiring you to lose and I am SO proud of that.  And I also feel like Sarge is looking down on me and proud too.

So that's my sermon of the day.  Sorry for getting all squishy on you today.  Make it a great one, okay?  I will too...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I have always loved shadows.  And palm trees.  This was the parking lot on my way home from canasta yesterday.  I think it's really cool.

So I let a few people know the scooter is for sale and I have two people interested already.  We'll see what happens now.  Apparently the guy selling them is out of stock until fall sometime.  Seems like a good time to sell it.  Shipping it will be hard though but I'll get the duck to help me with that.  Then I'll take the car back out to the guy that installed the lift and have that removed and the car will be like new again.

For the past few days I have been really hungry.  More than usual.  I'm not sure why but I have tried to eat healthy choices even if I went over in calories a bit.  I don't think it's just wanting something, I feel really hungry.  I have only lost 5 pounds in the last six months and that is disheartening but at least it's a loss and not a gain.  

What I need to do is go back over what I ate when I was losing more and switch to that.  Luckily I track everything so it'll be easy to do.  I know I am getting enough exercise and people have commented that I am shaped much differently now and I am very strong so I'm trying not to let this get me down.  But sometimes.... well, you know.

Hope your Saturday is lovely.  I know mine will be.  I'll be at the pool!

Friday, August 16, 2013

My gosh August is half over!  Yikes!  And it's Friday already too.

Today I got called to fill in for a canasta game so I'll go have lunch with them and play.  And not get to go to the pool.

You know what I haven't made in a long time?  Until last night?  Sugar free jello with peaches and a bit of cool whip on top.  Yummy at 50 calories for one cup, all the calories are in the fruit and cool whip.  I used to make this all the time and just forgot all about it.  

There was another yellow sky night before last.  Pretty amazing colors, I think if you painted it that it would't look real but it was.

I'm still watching Big Brother but it's not the best season they've had so far.  There is no one that I really want to win.  Yet anyway.

I still haven't been back in my closet but soon, I promise, soon...  Have a great day!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I had a great maj game yesterday and even won some bucks!  Just a few but it was fun.  We are going to play next week too.  

I don't think I'm going to play today though, not sure about this game.  I think I'll just swim instead today.  I told a little fib when they called last night.  I said I had a commitment.  Well actually I am committed to my daily swim so it's not a big lie.

It's just a bit over two months until my cruise.  That I am going on alone.  Yes, you heard that right.  Now I will know some people when I get there but I am going to Miami alone and staying in a cabin alone and I think I am ready to do it!  Actually I am even a bit excited about it.  One problem is that you have to pay for at least two people in a cabin so I got a smaller one with a twin bed and a sofa so the rate wasn't too bad (times two).  I think the cabin would really be too small for a second person but it is what it is and I shall go and have fun.  It's a nice 8 day southern Caribbean cruise.

I might have my scooter sold!  I sold Sarge's after he died and I haven't used mine in over a year so I know I don't need it any more.  

And that, my friends, is what I know today.  Hope your Thursday is totally tits.  Mine sure will be!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Well start out with me losing sixty bucks at poker last night.  Buggers.  It was fun though and today I have a maj game and I got asked into another one too which I might join, it's a Thursday game at the club.  

My Thursday canasta game is iffy now, one gal had the open heart surgery and another one's husband just died and yet another one is having surgery later this week so who knows when that will start up again.  Anyway I don't care if I play or not but it is fun.  If I don't then I'll just go to the pool.

I haven't had time to get lonely yet with my girl at home.  Busy busy bee, that's me!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bee Bandwagon unstuffed cabbage rolls

Remember I told you I saw this recipe somewhere on the internet and thought it was a good idea and that I could make it much lower in calories than the one shown.  Well here it is.

1 lb. ground turkey breast
1 sweet onion
Saute until done.

1 chopped small head of cabbage
1 can tomato sauce
1/2 c uncooked rice
1 can water
Any seasonings you want, I used:
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 shakes Tabasco
You could use garlic, Italian seasoning, whatever you think.

Simmer about an hour.


It was really good too!

So yesterday I did all the sheets and towels and got everything put away before I did over an hour in the pool.  It was sunny and hot and it was lovely.  I just love my life, I really do.

Tonight is poker, hope I do good like last week.  Have a great day in your world and I will too...