Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guess what?  The scooter is sold!  I am so happy about not needing it any longer and that it will go to someone that needs it now.  I just have to get it ready to ship, taken apart and folded up and in the zipper case and to the pack and ship place.

I also got two sections of my closet done yesterday.  I now have clothes in size 1X and XL to give away.  And that is just blouses.  I still have the pants section to do.

For some reason I was really on a tear yesterday.  I did my hour in the pool and came upstairs, changed the bed, did all my ironing, and then the closet.  Energy.  I have it!

Today I have the first part of my annual exam at Dr. Wacks.  This part is the blood work, EKG, breathing test, hearing test, all that stuff.  Then next week I see him for my annual appointment.  He is very thorough.  But you already know that.  

Hope your day is as good as mine.  If it is you are a lucky duck!


  1. 108 here today! We had our yard done yesterday - annual clean up sort of stuff. The wind kicked up and it looks like the guy came back and dumped all the crap back into the hard.
    I need to get my butt in gear and go after a few closets, too. Can you email me some spunk and energy?
    --- I had a horrible feeling, reading your comment about the heavy lady at the pool. I have said that about myself, too. Surgery in 2001, and I've gained 50 #. I'm sick about it but all I want to do is feed my face. So angry at me!!! Maybe posting a "Before" picture will help.

    I don't want to be fat again, ever!!!

  2. It's fantastic that you don't need the scooter any more and that you've sold it, you can use the money you got to buy new clothes to replace all those you are having to get ride of because they are too big! LOL

  3. It will Bee. After writing this comment, I'll be going golfing soon, tee time 9:00 and I'm taking my son - in - law Joe with us. It's been so great outside around here lately. Yesterday MaryLou went to check out some cars. We have to get another car since our Camero will not be put on the road during the winter. Have to go my lovely friend.


  4. Buongiorno!
    So glad taht all runs so good, you are a new "Empress Bee", you are lighter, and you can manage your life autonomously and intelligently!
    Have a great Tuesday!
    It rained, less hot, i do iron!!!

    Big hugs, honey!

  5. Speed read back into June, I'm was so glad to read that you are doing so well and being able to pitch out all those clothes! And the scooter! Your occasional pictures of yourself look terrific. What a summer you have had. Your daughter is so blessed to have such a good mom and tender care giver.

  6. I'm so happy about you selling your scooter. You don't need it anymore either. Good for you.

    I love it that you finally got into that closet. I need to do the same thing. I really need to do the same thing. Bugger.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. ☺

  7. Congratulations on getting rid of the scooter!

  8. So happy you do not need the scooter anymore and selling it was easy. Jealous on getting rid of the 1x as that is my size. Funny I may have lost 30# but my clothing size did not change.

  9. You're looking terriffic Bee, with all the weight loss! I'm so happy you are doing great, and I know you will succeed! Love reading about your days, and your daily effots with the dieting, exercising and cooking healthy.
    Well, I am finally buying a Travelscoot myself next week. A friend of my sisters is selling the one she bought for her dad, who never used it. I've got bad arthritis in my knees, and had been wanting to buy one eventually. So, finally happening. Question: did I see in one of your pics long ago, that you had a small "handicapped card" tag on your scoot? If so , do you mind teling me where you got that? I want to put one on mine, to indicate it is a mobility aide. It looked smaller than the ones for the car windshield. Thanks for any suggestions. . . . Luna

  10. Scooter gone. Check. Woohoo! And to the closet getting worked on.

    Big hugs, honey...


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