Friday, February 22, 2019

This isn't the best shot but you can see the article if you enlarge it.  They put it on the desk in the lobby as you enter La Posada!  I was very flattered!

Tonight is another Bond film, Goldfinger.  We are seeing all 26 of them and as I had not seen any before I'll go.  This will be my third one.  I liked them but he sure does sleep with a lot of women!

Three O'Clock is current events, this week's topic is Brexit.  Then happy hour at Four and then since it's Friday that means the table I host is tonight.  I have a table for seven and then the movie.  Busy day.  

Have a lovely weekend my friends,  I shall too for sure!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

The pool was lovely today, 92 and the air was 84.  That's about as good as possible I think.  The building in the background is the gym.  I didn't go there though.

I was featured in the Palm Beach Post today with an interview and a photo but I haven't seen it yet.  It's about living in a place like La Posada and why I'm here, etc.  

Tonight is bingo and I go on Thursdays.  It costs $2.00 for two cards for the whole night.  The prizes are $2.00 plus an additional card for each game and the final game is a cover all for the rest of the money.  La Posada kicks in some too.  They serve cookies and beverages at break time too.

Guess that's all I know today y'all.  Have a lovely day, I know I will!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Well I guess it's inevitable when you live in a senior community but today the second of my friends died.  It was expected, he was in hospice care and suffering but it hurts nonetheless.  He was my partner in trivia, one of the smartest men I ever knew.  He will be missed.  Most people didn't like John because he was gruff and said his mind and if you didn't like it he didn't care but I knew inside he was gentle and caring and it was a facade.

The first was a gentle soft spoken woman named Harriett.  She was my Tuesday bridge partner and a very good one at that.  She was ready when her time came though.  She wanted no visitors and her family was there.  I wouldn't want visitors either.  

So okay this is not going to be a totally sad post.  Monday Sandy and Dick are coming to visit and I am taking them to the main dining room for dinner.  The two specials Monday are duck and ribs.  Plus a fish of the day and the usuals, Salmon, Fillet Mignon, and vegetables, two soups and four salads.  I'm sure they'll find something to eat!

Have a great day my dears! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

I was waiting for a ride to PT and sitting on a bench near my apartment and loved looking at the sun shining on this palm tree.  They are so beautiful!

Lucky me Sandy and Dick are coming to visit me this afternoon.  They are back from their cruise and here in West Palm Beach for the winter.

Tonight is bridge.  Hope I do good!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Main entrance to La Posada

Looking toward my building Valencia

Hallway to main dining room

Bar Celona
(Get it?)

Lots more to show you but this is a start.  I'm just home from bridge where - drumroll please - I came in first place again.  That's twice this week!

Have a great weekend, I will too!

Well I have failed you, I have forgotten to take new photos to show you but I will, I promise. 

 I have had bursitis this week and it's been really painful but I am managing with Tylenol and Advil and heat and rest.  I have managed to do all I needed to do also but it's been really hard.  I think it is improving a bit.  I sure hope so.  I have had it before.

I'm still listening to David Sedaris on Audiobook  He has quite a sense of humor and it fits with  mine.  He has a bit of a bad mouth though but that doesn't bother me.

Tonight is bridge.  I won on Tuesday,  Hope I do again!

Have a great day my loves...