Monday, August 19, 2013

This is the hedge on the outside of the pool.  I usually show you from the other side but this side is pretty too.  I shall be on the other side today doing my hour in paradise.

Yesterday we decided not to go to the WalMart so we went to Publix instead.  Mistake.  I like Publix very much but it is SO much higher in prices for the very same things.  Oh well, I got everything I needed and much more so I'll be eating good all week.  I'll need to make a run to the fruit stand and that's it.

I have read so much about Barb's Vitamix I ordered one last night.  QVC was having a special with free shipping and including the tax it was just a tad over $400.  A very good price for one, the best I have seen.  Barb likes the smoothies but I like the soups.  I'll let you know if I like it as much as she does.  It is supposed to be here on the 27th.

So make your Monday totally tits y'all.  I will too!


  1. I tend to stick to the same supermarket (Morrisons) for my shopping, even though some are cheaper, because It annoys me when I go to another and can't find the things I want.

  2. You will love the Vitamix. I love mine and you can make all kinds of things and the soups really do come out hot and steamy just like advertised!

  3. Bee, I purchased the Vitamix from QVC about two years ago. Love it! One of the best appliances I own. I use it every day for Protein Shakes. It's the best. I thought it was a lot of money at the time bit now I understand why. Its the same one they use on cruise ships & restUrants.

  4. Okay on the Vitamix. Smoothies are not for me, but the soups would be. Let me know how that works out for you.

    I don't care what the prices are in Walmart. I refuse to shop in a Walmart.

    Have a fabulous day at the pool honey. Big hugs. ☺

  5. Buongiorno!
    I like to buy kitchen-things, many are in my kitchen...and often my son comes and says"Can I've the "Pizza Napoli"?", so it was the last "thing" has gone to my son's, like an ice cream-thing, a blender, etc.....
    But my desires do not end, and when I see a new one...I buy!
    I know, that there is place for it, here my son's home!!!

    Have a great bnew week!

  6. I miss publix. Groceries are just plain expensive these days. You'd think with food being more plentiful that it would be more affordable... but no.

    Ooh, a new kitchen tool! I love a good kitchen tool. My last one was the Breville Fast Slow Cooker. It's a combo pressure cooker, steamer, and slow cooker. Does beans in a snap. Have fun playing with your food :)

  7. I keep looking at the vitamix too. Out costco had them. Can not justify the price. Not a smoothie person but tried. I do love soups. I was just looking at my roasted red pepper soup recipe.

  8. YAY! I do hope you like it even half as much as I love mine. I've only tried a few actual soups... many smoothies though! What I missed most on my cruise? My smoothies and good water. I hate the water on the cruise. Hate. I brought some with me but when you're use to drinking 10-12 cups a day that didn't last long at all. Since the water tastes like crap to me so does the coffee and ice and everything else. Next time instead of the soda program I'll just be buying the 1-1/2 liter bottles of water.

    Can't wait to hear about your Vitamix!

    big hugs xoxo


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