Friday, February 28, 2014

Ahh the last of February and now on to March tomorrow!  Much better thank you very much.

It's gotten cool which is very nice since we still have no a/c, in fact I had to close the doors it was TOO cool, well for me anyway.

Today I have Andre' in the morning and my hair is getting done in the afternoon, then I am shooting down to Costco after that since I'll already be halfway there to get my AmEx rebate that comes once a year.  I guess I'll get a rotisserie chicken while I'm there, I think theirs are the best of anywhere so that will be my dinner for several nights with some yummy sides to be decided at a later time.

Oh, and last night I got taken out to dinner by the (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) and his lovely wife.  It was very nice and I had a great meal - fish of course.

So that's it from paradise today y'all.  I hope you have a wonderful Friday, I sure know I will!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Well it was warm enough to swim but not too warm in the apartment, there was a lovely breeze so without a/c I am functioning.  There are some additional problems with the cooling tower so it may be a while longer.  There is cooler weather coming so we can cope.  I do know they are trying their best to get it done.

Today I have canasta and lunch so I'll be busy and I am going out to dinner with some friends tonight.  Eating out twice?  I can manage to stay on track because I am careful and I am exercising.

Steve and Jane didn't come yesterday because it would be too hard to do heavy cleaning in the heat so they moved me to next Tuesday.  I appreciate that they were understanding.

So sorry I don't know another thing today but I might know some stuff soon.  Or not.  But either way you'll be the very first to know.  Have a great day.  I sure will too!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The celebration last night was amazing.  D#1 drove down to surprise him and he was blown away.  After the award she started driving home, she was here less than a day but she made it.  Drive safely my darling daughter.  

Still no a/c around here, my apartment isn't too bad because I get a good breeze but it sure is humid.  I will be so glad when it's done.  The temporary cooling tower should be in today or tomorrow and then we are getting a new permanent one.  It's a hunk of change, six figures, but we have the money in the bank so I say get it done.  

Several of you asked me about the tower.  We have units in our apartments that we own but the other part of it is on the roof and shared by all and owned by the condo association.  It's a two part system.

Now here's a joke sent to me by the (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) yesterday that I thought you might enjoy.
A wife asks her husband, "Could you please go shopping for me and buy one carton of milk and if they have avocados, get 6.  A short time later the husband comes back with 6 cartons of milk. The wife asks him, "Why did you buy 6 cartons of milk?" He replied, "They had avocados."
Today I am exhausted, I didn't sleep hardly at all Monday night and got up early Tuesday and went to see Andre' and then went in the pool and then walked the outlet mall with D#1 and then went to the Fern House and by the time I got home and typed this I hit the sack.  Tomorrow is another day.  Make it a great one.  Mine just get better and better.  Hope yours do too!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In case anyone in the world missed Roche' yesterday on Sandee's blog here he is napping while watching himself to see if there were any more comments telling him he was cute.  He is a full fledged star now and want's his own dressing room.  He made everyone out by the pool look at him too, he told them how he was featured as the cutest thing in the world.  

There is only three more days until March.  Yay, I am always glad when February is over, I always have been too.  I am glad it's a short month.

Guess what?  There is no a/c in my building.  Nope.  The cooling tower on the roof is out of wack and we are dealing with it as quickly as possible.  It's not too bad in my apartment, I am high up and get a good breeze and I have fans going and doors open.  Some are not as lucky though.  

I am still enjoying House of Cards.  Really good show.

So today I will be having mucho fun with my pal Andre' and then I'll be in the pool.  I may stay down there quiet a while with no a/c.  And tonight is the ceremony where the duck gets his five year medallion.  I'll be there.  Will bells on.

Have a great Tuesday y'all.  You know I will too.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Well it's the start of a brand new week isn't it?  It's gonna' be a doozy too, I just know it.  Spring is just around the corner for my snowy friends and it's in the mid 80's here now and I could not be happier about that.  

I had a nice lunch with old chuckie duck yesterday and I'll see him again on Tuesday.  I like weeks when I get to see him twice!  And I got everything for the cake to take.  Oboy!  Cake!

Today's calendar is blank!  I don't have many days like that so I'm thrilled about that.  I'll be at the pool for sure.  

Oh, I heard we change the clocks on March 9th this year so it will be nice and light in the evenings.  I love that.  

Now go see Sandee today for sure because she's featuring Roche'!  He is so excited he is just about bursting out of his little thong.  He wants all his friends to see him.  Can you say "ham"?

So that's all I've got today.  Make is a great Monday y'all.  You know I will!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I took this photo on my way home from the card room yesterday where I won TWENTY-SOMETHING dollars at canasta!  My all time record!  What fun!

Today will find me with the duck having a nice lunch somewhere (maybe Duffy's where I like the Mahi Mahi grilled) and then a quick trip to the grocery store, either Publix or the Walmart.  I have to get stuff for cake for his five year medallion award Tuesday.  Yes, there will be cake!

They this afternoon I plan on going to the pool to burn off some blubber calories.  It's been warm enough and the water is cool but it's okay once you get moving a bit.  It's kind of hard to get in though.  I do like it warmer.

I have heard so much about the Netflix show House of Cards that I started watching it.  The first episode was a bit slow at first but boy howdy did it ever get good.  I am about halfway through season one.  I love it when I find a new show that I like.  I don't know if you can see it anywhere but Netflix or not but if you can watch it you might like it.

Thanks for doing something nice for someone else yesterday.  Let's do it again today!  

Saturday, February 22, 2014

When I was a kid I really thought sky-blue-pink was a color.  I guess it really is after all.

The pool was wonderful yesterday as was my torture workout with Andre'.  I did fifty sit ups along with all my regular stuff he had me do.  I remember when I don't think I could do three in a row.  And I didn't stop until all fifty were done either.  I cannot believe how strong I am now.  Sarge would be so happy.  

I think he knows though.  Sometimes I swear he's around me.  I guess when you love somebody that much and for that many years you either do feel it or your mind tells you that you do but either way I like it.

Today I have canasta and I plan on winning.  You'd think it was big bucks but we do like our wins of two or three dollars.  It's fun but I'd still rather be at the pool.

Interesting thing happened at dinner last night.  Remember I told you I was going out with some gal pals?  Well I saw a woman I knew some time back and she didn't recognize me.  I love it when that happens, it makes me realize just how far I have come.  And between you and me it was really nice when it happens in front of other people you know.  

If you would please do something nice today for someone else I'd sure appreciate it.  Even a smile or hold a door for someone would count.  Trust me, it will make you feel better than ever.  And have a wonderful Saturday.  I will too.  For sure!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Guess where I'll be after I go get beaten up see Andre' today?  And after that I am invited out for dinner with some gal pals to an Italian restaurant so I have to burn some major calories first.  Also I order my dinner and ask them to box half of it before they bring it so I'll be fine.  

I am seriously trying to get back to losing weight.  I mean very seriously, even down to drinking my coffee black and just one lowfat milk latte' at night.  I know my portions have crept up in size and just a bite of this or that has been the norm so no more.  I even have gained three pounds.  So, we shall see what happens.  I am driven to do this.

I am getting ready to have my taxes done, there is just one more thing I need to receive.  I think I am going to have to pay again but it is what it is.  Sarge did the taxes better than anybody.  

So that's it from paradise for today.  Have a lovely Friday y'all.  I know I will too.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Well flitter, I did it again.  This was supposed to post at midnight but I hit the wrong button.  I definitely have to up the fish oil.

So I did finally go to the new Outlet Mall.  It was really very nice and clean and pristine and tons of shops.

Some are not open yet but many are.  There were lots of winding walkways full of many shops.  There were many shoppers, most dressed very nicely and many with bags of purchases.

And I bought - nothing.  I walked through every bit of it and went in lots of shops.  The workers were very nice too.  Very helpful but not pushy.  

I am very (very very!) glad to have it instead of the old dead Palm Beach Mall but I have one thing negative to say about it.  I know the trend is the new outdoor mall instead of the old indoor malls but folks, this is February and by the time I got done I was so hot I could barely walk to the car.  What will it be like in July?

There was also a large showy amount of security.  Cameras all over, (real) police, mall security, all of it all over.  Very friendly and comforting.  You see the old Palm Beach Mall had problems in the parking lots of robberies and they sure don't want that here.  Anyway the bottom line is I liked it.

Then I came home and ordered my things online like I usually do.  Even the shoes I love, the Clark's, I get online.  I went into the outlet store but didn't find any in my size.  Well any that I would wear anyway.  And here I have been waiting to buy stuff until I looked there first.

Today is canasta and I shall go sit in the card room while the sun is shining on my pool and it is 80°out there.  Oh, well, Friday is another day, right?

Have a great Thursday y'all.  I sure will too.  I promise!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Oops I published early by mistake again...

Andre' worked me hard yesterday and I went to the pool afterward but I didn't get in it and I came back upstairs.  There is a child in there every day now that plays and sings and is very well behaved but my nerves were bad for some reason and I couldn't be around it.  I have no idea why but I came back upstairs and got a hot bath instead.  I know I did have enough exercise though so it's all good.  I think she is a visitor and won't be here too long.

Today I have a luncheon with some gals and maybe, just maybe, I'll head over to that new outlet mall.  We'll see.

Oh, and poker sucked and that's all I am going to say about that.

Have a wonderful Prince Spaghetti day y'all.  I will too.  But I won't be having any Prince Spaghetti, sadly.

Yes!  It was warm enough to get my hour in the pool yesterday and hopefully it will be again today.  The water was not as warm as before the cooler weather but it was okay once I started jogging in there.  It was wonderful actually and I felt so much better after doing it too.  I really miss it when I don't go.

Today is Andre', then the pool as it is supposed to be nice again, then a rest and dinner and then poker where I plan on winning for a change.  I still haven't gotten around to the outlet mall.  Soon I will.  Soon.  Not that I need to buy anything but still, it's there and I should go, right?  Build it and I will go, something like that.

Roche' is going to the pool with me but I'm not going to let him try to swim again, just lay on a lounge chair in the sun, he likes that.  Sometimes his sequins come off though and I have to get the hot glue gun out and fix him.  He swears it doesn't hurt.

And that's it from me for today.  Have a wonderful Tuesday, I know I will too!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Yesterday was just beautiful but not quite warm enough to swim.  The high got to 77°and I really need it to be 80°to get in the pool but I did, however, enjoy my day completely.

The Walmart was pretty much a zoo which is to be expected I suppose.  Oh, the new Outlet Mall at the entrance to my complex is mobbed still, they are bringing in busses from other areas.  It looks like it will be very successful and for that I am very happy.  I'll go one day soon.  When I do I'll take some photos for you.  It's really beautiful as far as a mall goes, all outdoor with awnings and police presence abounds.

I bought lots of things to cook to try to revamp my weight loss.  Such a plateau as I have never seen but I shall go forward.  And not backward.

Today I have chores around the apartment, laundry, ironing, stuff like that so I'll be busy.  I may get out to the pool in the afternoon, I'll wait to see how warm it gets.

And that's all I know for today my dears.  Have a wonderful Monday and new week.  Do something nice for somebody today, okay?  Anything will do.  Oh, and I'd love to hear what it is after you do it!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cookies have begun to arrive!  Yesterday three boxes came from the cookie scam punishment for not leaving a comment on mandatory comment day.

So the two big boxes are even from someone who DID comment!  And the other one?  I have no idea who to thank for that one.  Please come forward if you sent that.  No information was enclosed, just the cookies.

Y'all are coming through nicely I must say.  You listen so good.

Now to talk about the Andrea Bocelli concert:  Here is what the arena looked like at 8:00, the starting time of the concert.  Remember it was completely sold out.

So where were all the people you ask?  Late, that's where.  They trickled in for the next forty five minutes, disrupting the people sitting there that were on time to move and let them pass.  They were carrying trays of popcorn, beer, pretzels, pizza, hot dogs, you name it.  

Can you imagine spending a grand for a couple of seats to pull that stunt?  I can't.  And then when Andrea took his first bow they rushed to get to their cars first not giving him the applause he SO deserved.  Lucky for us we didn't leave because he did four encores.  One better than the next.  Bad behavior abounded.  

Oh, and he waved to me and I waved back.  Well he waved to everyone but I was one of them so technically he waved to me.

The duck liked it, loved his voice, not the music as much.  But he went gladly and didn't dislike it.  Me?  I LOVED it.  Every minute of it.  Would I do it again?  Not in an arena but if he was at a venue more suited to it I would go in a heartbeat.

They didn't allow photography during the concert though, sorry.  But there are lots of youtube videos of other concerts if you want to see them there.

Have a great day y'all.  I'll be grocery shopping with the duck.  It's not warm enough to swim today.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Well these caused a bit of a stir yesterday when a young(ish) cute guy came to the lobby asking for me carrying roses on Valentine's Day!  I know we had an appointment, he's my financial guy.  He was a friend of Sarge's but no one knows that and frankly it's none of their business when cute guy brings me flowers! Ha ha.  Plus he does very well by me financially, kept me going and expects to do so for my lifetime.

It's a good lesson too.  I have a very dear friend that is having financial problems and they were quite wealthy for many many years.  They did not take the advice that I did though, always live beneath your means.  I know the big houses are wonderful but if you have to have a mortgage to have one, well, times change and you can be wiped out if you aren't careful.  


So okay that top part I typed before I left for the concert.  I am home, it's 12:30 and I am so tired but it was wonderful.  I'll tell you all about that tomorrow.  Have a great day y'all.  I will too.

Friday, February 14, 2014

This photo was blatantly stolen from Paul's blog.  It's him and Marylou on their cruise.  Nice, huh?  They had a great time too but said there were tons of kids running around.  That's too bad.  The Breeze does not have an adult only pool and it should.  The back pool should not have children.  I did not have this problem on my cruises but can see how it could happen if parents let the children run amok.  

Carnival is usually very good about keeping them busy and having fun.  Plus I try to cruise when the little angels are in school and can't go!  One time Sarge and I made the mistake of cruising over Thanksgiving not even thinking about the school vacation time and believe me we never did that again.  Even the dining room had running children.  

So, the reason I am writing about this (not that children are not nice) is that if you cruise with children please make them considerate of others.  It's everyone's vacation, not just theirs. 

Tonight is the night the duck and I go see Andrea Bocelli.  I am really excited about it, he is my absolute favorite.  I listen to his music all the time.  It's in my phone, my car, my iPad, my head.  I know most of the words too.  Oh, and Gloria Estefan will be there singing too.  We'll be the ones in section 108, row 25, seats 21 and 22.

So if you have a sweetie pie have a wonderful Valentine's Day.  If not, like me, make the most of it however you can.  I sure will too.  No heart shaped pancakes for me this year but memories, I have them!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I can't remember if I ever showed you this or not.  This is the (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) in the back and the (self appointed) governor (of the pool) in the front having a board of directors meeting or maybe a gab session.  Tan, no?  Makes me look downright pale by comparison!  Very nice people.  And the mayor reads the blog now.  I think. Ha.

Tonight is the VIP opening of the new outlet mall right outside our gate and Friday is the regular opening.  I am not going to either, too many people.  I'll go soon when it calms down a bit.  It looks really nice though, I'll take photos when I go.

Today is Thursday so that means canasta and lunch so you know where I'll be.  Then I plan on staying home and going to bed early.  I have had so many things going on this week I am bone tired and I need an early night before Friday when it's very busy again!

Have a great day y'all.  I will too.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Remember those trees with the coconuts hanging above the cars?

Well yesterday was tree trimming day and they are all gone.

And as far as I know none hit any cars.  I'd still like to know what rocket scientist planted coconut trees in a parking lot.

I was losing pretty good in poker last night but made a rebound and ended up only losing nineteen bucks.  It was a nice game and there were two big winners.

Oh, I also saw Dr. Wacks yesterday and he said I was doing excellent and if I didn't lose any more weight I was still doing fine because I am so strong and my blood work was so good but we talked about it and I DO want to lose more so I am going to see a dietitian soon.  

I log everything I eat so she can look at it and see why I am not losing.  I weighed the same as I did on my last visit three months ago.  But he did say I am shaped much differently than I was then so it's not bad but just not good enough for me.

Next I went to see Andre' and got my torture done.  I don't know why I complain, I really do like it and we laugh and make it fun.

Today I am playing cards and going out to lunch.  Then tonight I am going to a party in our party room at the condo, just cocktails and nibbles and nice neighbors.  I like to go and I don't have to drive anywhere, just get in the elevator and go home.  Some of the condos do it all the time but that's too much I think.  We are having one a month here for the season.

I postponed the cookout I was planning for a bit because I just have so much going on right now I didn't want one more thing to put me over the edge.  Soon I'll do it though.  I used to have big dinner parties all the time and cook everything from scratch including baking but I just don't do much of that kind of thing any more.  Somehow it's just not the same without Sarge.  He loved my cooking.

I remember one time he told me I was ruining the gravy and the whole meal would be ruined when we were having a house full of people.  I told him to get out of the kitchen and leave it alone.  When we ate he apologized and told me it was the best gravy he ever tasted.  He was a good cook too.  He always cooked breakfast.

So that's it from paradise for now.  Come back again tomorrow and I'll still be here.  Hope your day is as great as mine!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

If it's Tuesday it must be poker day.  But first I have some other things to get done, first up is my appointment with Dr. Wacks, then my appointment with the torturer Andre', then it's my time in the pool and then it's poker.  If I can stay awake that long.

So yesterday I had my appointment with the implant dentist (don't know what you call them, there must be a title but you know) and everything is fine.  My next appointment is April 28th to have the implants opened and then I go get the new teeth made after that.

Wow, that was a lot of appointment stuff I told you wasn't it?  Next up I still have not received a single cookie in the mail.  Not. One. Cookie.  Rats.  And the consensus is about a tie on whether Paul owes me cookies or not.  I guess I'll let him slide.  This time.  But seriously it's his own fault for going on a cruise that I didn't get to go on and while I was having my mandatory comment day and all.

That's all I know for today.  Hope your Tuesday is as good as mine is going to be!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Today I have an appointment with the dentist that put my implants (I already told you teeth, not titties!) in to see how the bone is growing and the progress to date.  I think I am about halfway through the waiting period now.  I'll be glad when it's all over but it really was not bad.

The duck was still sick yesterday so we didn't go.  I went to the pool instead.  It wasn't really warm enough to go, only 78°but I went anyway and did 45 minutes of exercise.

So Paul is back from his cruise and we have to decide if he has to send me cookies or not.  What does everyone think?  I mean he wasn't technically there to comment but still, a threat promise is a promise, right?  Y'all weigh in on this one.  He'll be reading so tell him what you think.

I finished the book Divergent and started the next one in the series.  It's odd but I like it so I'll keep reading.

And that, my friends, is all I have in my brain today.  Hope your Monday is totally tits.  Mine will be.  For sure!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Today, being Sunday, is my day with the duck as you know but he has had a bad cold this week so I am waiting to hear from him to see if we are going or not.  I don't want to be around him if he is still sick.  So I may just be at the pool instead but if we do go I'll be at the pool afterward.

I still haven't remembered to watch any of the olympics.  It's not that I am boycotting it or anything, I'm just not interested in it.  Sarge used to watch it so I'd watch with him sometimes and I am very proud of the athletes efforts but sports is just not my thing.

It's like watching golf.  I mean golf in real life is totally boring but watching it?  Just pick up the ball, put it in your pocket, and go to the clubhouse and have some fun!  It used to be good exercise, you know, hit the ball, walk, hit the ball, walk, hit the ball, walk.... now it's just hit the ball, ride in the cart, hit the ball, ride in the cart, hit the ball, ride in the cart.  And it is expensive!

Paul and Marylou get back from their cruise today.  That week went by fast.  Well, they all go by fast but on a cruise they are especially fast I think.  I have missed his comments.  Hey, since he wasn't there for mandatory comment day does he have to send me cookies? Ha.

So have a lovely Sunday y'all.  I shall too.  For sure.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Well this is me after ten weeks, twenty sessions with Andre'.  I honestly cannot see much difference other than my butt was whipped when he took this and I look older, much older! Ha.  Anyway I am committed to ten more sessions, five more weeks and that may be it.  I know I could do this myself now but would I?  I honestly don't know.  It's something about "well it's paid for so I have to go" mentality, huh?  Just can't get rid of that belly, can I?  Sigh...

Then I went in the pool and it was warm and delightful.  I read a while out there too.  It was a great day followed by a great evening.  I got to see Sandy and Dick last night!  So sweet.  They may be cruising with me in March too.  Hope so.

I haven't received any cookies yet but it may be too soon.  If you owe me cookies and don't have my address my email is on the sidebar.  Right over there <---.  You think I'm kidding right?  Nope.  Get crackin' you non commenters.  A deal is a deal!

Have a great Saturday y'all.  I'll be in the card room instead of the pool but somebody has to do it.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Oh my GOSH I loved all the lovely comments yesterday.  Were there some that didn't listen?  Yep.  I am expecting about thirty boxes of cookies in the mail.  I'll show you when they get here.  You know who you are.  And so do I.  Ha!

Also I went back and commented to each of you on the post from yesterday so you can go back and read them if you want.  Thanks again.  I don't have mandatory comment days too often but it sure is fun when I do.

So I had lots of excitement yesterday.  The power kept flickering in the morning and the cable kept going out and the Internet too so that meant the phone was out.  There were five fire engines and three emergency vehicles as well as police cars at the club next door.  It turns out it was a false fire alarm, a mistake but it played havoc with everything.  You see the water in a high rise works on power and when it goes out there is no water.  Or phone.  Or TV. Or Internet. Or lights of course.  But we do have an emergency generator for one elevator.

Finally about 10:30 it stabilized and I was able to get a shower.  But then I went to the club for lunch and the air conditioner was out.  Then in the card rooms it came on but didn't work very well.  It was so hot and still in there we stopped playing early and I came home and got back in the shower again.  Whew.

I never did figure out what caused it all but I think the power problem may have set off the fire alarm.  Not sure.

Today I am hoping the air is on there because I have my Friday session with Andre' but if there is no air I am canceling and doing the time in the pool instead.  If it is on I am doing both though.  And it is the 20th session so it's photo day again.  I have decided to pay for 10 more, I really like it and if it's paid for it makes me go!  Andre' is very funny too.  Last time I whined and he told me to shut up and keep going.  Everyone in the gym laughed.  And I kept going too.

So that's it from paradise for today.  Thanks again for yesterday and it's really okay to do it again today but you don't have to.  Have a great Friday.  I will too...

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Okay I haven't done this in a very long time but here we go...  If you are reading this you have to leave a comment today.  It's mandatory comment day here on this blog.  If it is anonymous please leave at least a first name.  K?  

And I can see you so if you don't do it I might just have another cookie contest so what would you rather do, comment or mail me cookies?  Just think about that one and write me a comment.  Thank you!  And to my peeps that always do, smooch!

I heard on the news that 64% of the country is covered in snow or ice.  Yikes.  The most in over a decade.  It's still in the 80's here and I am a happy girl about that even though today I will be in the card room instead of at the pool.

One day soon we are going to have a cookout by the pool, not many people, just the ones that I swim with, I suggested that we do it and each bring food and they said they would.  We haven't set a date yet but it sounds like fun to me.

Well I won't keep you reading any longer so you won't be too tired to comment.  You will comment, right?  Right.  Thanks...