Monday, June 30, 2014

We got lots of rain yesterday and lightening too but I had already been in the pool so it was okay.  I did not get to see the duck, he fell Saturday night and had a slight concussion and a sprained wrist and didn't feel like going anywhere naturally.  Poor thing.  I was glad I decided to swim before going shopping because I would not have been able to if I hadn't.  Then I got lazy and didn't go shopping anyway.  I'll go soon, it's not that important.

So this is the last of June already.  I wish time went slower but it doesn't so I'll just take what I can get of it.  (Like I have a choice!)

Oh and the duck found his wallet.  In his own pocket.  All credit cards are cancelled.  Goofball.  I told him I was blogging that.  They were cargo shorts and it was in one of the leg pockets.  

So I guess on that note I'll end this for today.  Have a great Monday y'all.  I know I will too...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

So yesterday I did win three bucks at canasta but I would much rather have been in the pool.  I had to go back to the dentist too so he could see the gum he trimmed yesterday.  He said to brush it.  I said it was sore but he said to please do it anyway and so I came home and did it and it didn't really hurt.  He said it will heal better and faster if I do it and he's right, as usual.

Then I came home and had several messages from the duck.  His wallet is gone (lost? stolen?) and one of his credit cards is mine (I put one in his name so he can pay for things I need him to pay for me) so I had to cancel it and they are sending me a new card that will be here on Monday.  There were no charges on it and none on any of his cards so I strongly suspect he will end up finding the wallet but you have to do what you have to do.

Then last night I planned on finishing this post to go at midnight as always, got tired and forgot and went to bed at 8:30.  Sorry, but here it is now... Have a great day!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

It's Saturday!  It's summer.  We're alive and well.  How great is that?  Stop and look at the flowers and watch the breeze blow through the branches of a tree and be calm and just love life.

The pool has been so amazing I simply cannot tell you.  Today I shall be in the card room though instead because I am filling in for someone that's on a cruise.  Instead of me, huh? Ha ha.  Anyway that's where I'll be, what about you?  Any plans?  Anything wonderful happening in your world?

I am sorry to say my mouth is still not finished.  It turns out I needed a bit more surgery in there so I had that done and now I am waiting for that to heal.  It's sore but not too bad, nothing I can't handle.  He said the gum wasn't even, it was curvy sort of and it would be better overall if it was smooth, it was just the way it healed.  I trust him completely so it is what it is.  No stitches this time though.

I need to clean out my freezer.  I looked in there for something and couldn't find it.  There is way too much "stuff" and some of it should be tossed and the rest needs to be organized so that is my next project.  Shouldn't take too long, not like that closet of mine that is, once again, totally out of control.  How does that happen?  I get it nice and neat and everything all lined up, colors sorted, everything hanging the same way then bam!  It's explodes again.  And honey pie, that is a big project.

Guess that's about it from me today.  Hope your Saturday is tits, mine will be, you can count on that!

Friday, June 27, 2014

First off I have to tell you that yesterday Andre' said I did fabulous at my workout.  He never said anything like that before so I was most happy.  Then I worked in the pool but only for about half an hour because I was pretty whipped by then but it sure felt good.

Someone said yesterday that I was "single".  I don't ever remember being single as an adult and it sort of took be back a bit.  I mean I am single but I thought of myself as widowed.  I know it's only a title and means nothing but I sort of liked it actually.  I have to think on it a spell. It's really hard to go from being "we" to being "I".

Wish me luck at getting done at the dentist this time.  Hopefully I'll be all done and it will all be worthwhile.  I still won't be able to bite into an apple without cutting it up but that's about the only thing so that's not too bad.  And very honestly I have always cut up my apples anyway so when you think about it, well, it's great.

So it's Friday and that makes y'all happy.  Me?  I could care less.  Retired is lovely.  Perfectly lovely.  Have a wonderful day.  You know I will...

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The pool was amazing yesterday and my hour went by so fast, I could have stayed much longer but I was getting hungry and I had to get out of the sun too.

Today was to find me back in the dentist's chair at 8:15 for another three or so hours but now it will be Friday instead.  It doesn't hurt and I am almost finished so I don't mind but I want to have it done.  And I already changed my canasta game and now I have to change Andre' but hopefully he will be able to have me come in today instead of Friday.  Anyway it will all work out in the end and you just have to roll with the punches when things happen.

Are you watching Big Brother?  I love that show.  And I love that it's on three times a week in the summer.  Pure trash.

I am doing pretty good on the new improved bee bandwagon, I am down four pounds and will soon be back at my low weight hopefully and then on to better and lower yet.  Dr. Wacks said he'd give me Qsymia which is a weight loss pill but my insurance won't cover it and it's $260.00 a month and I don't want to spend that on it so I'll just keep plugging along.  I did get a sample of 15 pills and will see about taking them, not sure yet if I will or not.

And I guess that's all I have in my brain for today.  Oh, one more thing!  Last night I went out to dinner with the (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) and his lovely wife, it was so nice of them to include me and I had a great low calorie dinner.

Have a great Thursday y'all.  I will too, for sure...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I was up early yesterday so I got to see this.  It is not foggy, that is Saharan dust.

Then I went and spent three hours in the dental chair and I have to go again probably on Thursday but they'll call and tell me when.

And then I went to poker where I won a hundred and seventy five dollars!  An all time record for me I think, no, wait, once I won over two hundred but still, it was a great night for me.  

Today I have no games so I will be at the pool.  I am back on the bee bandwagon hardcore again.  I am determined to move that scale.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday y'all.  I will too, for sure!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Today will find me at the dentist's office.  I was originally supposed to go at 1:00 so I was planning on swimming first but I got a call telling me to be there at 8:15 (in the morning!) so I got everything ready, clothes laid out, alarm set, all that stuff so I can go somewhere that early.  Plus that means I will be in the workers traffic so it will take longer to get there.  I am not totally thrilled by this turn of events but I am nothing if not flexible.  I am not 100% clear on this but I think my implants will be finished today.  Wouldn't that be lovely?  I sure am ready.

I was pretty worn out yesterday from all the sports on Sunday, that can really take it out of you.  I was, however, able to do my hour of water jogging and that felt wonderful.

Tonight is poker and I have to go to the bank because somewhere along the way I seem to have spent my money and they are just so good about giving me more when I ask nicely.  They even gave me a card to put in the machine and get money out of that any time I want.  Isn't that nice?  I hope your bank is that nice to you.  (jk)

And that, my friends, is all I have in my brain today.  I hope your Tuesday is lovely.  Mine will be, um, interesting?  But great anyway!

Monday, June 23, 2014

So I am going to tell you all about going to sports!
This is the bus I chartered for the day, that
was my donation.

And this is the duck next to some of the boxed
lunches we had.
As soon as we got on the bus (10:30)
we all ate our lunches like starving little kids.

When you pay for the bus you get row 1 seat 1!

So here is Old Chuckie Duck at sports with me.

Then we had some cuban coffee shots.
It tasted like nyquil but I drank it and
pretended it wasn't too bad.  
But it was.
And it makes you zoom!

This is the field at sports.
It is indoors and air conditioned
and actually quite civilized.
If you have to go to sports that is.

This is the somewhat creepy thing
that I thought was a bird but
guess what?  It's a fish.
A marlin.
Go figure.

So our team was the Marlins (I have a team now, aren't you impressed?) and they were playing baseball against the New York Mets whom I have never seen before.  Well I had never seen the Marlins either but anyway...  The Marlins did extremely badly and lost by a whole lot, something like 179 to 1 or something ridiculous like that.  We stayed for the entire thing.  

Then since it was family day the kids all got to go out on the field and run the bases which was very cute and they had lots of fun.

On the bus ride home it stormed really badly and I95 had three of the four lanes closed from an accident so we had to get off and go to the turnpike to get home which took a long time but we made it safe and sound.

There were a lot of cheerleaders, both girls and boys (teens) and they were good, they tried so hard to make us happy when our team was losing so badly.  I had fun watching them.

Once a ball was hit right by us and the duck tried to catch it but it went over his head but one guy in our group got it and he got to keep it.  I think for getting it and not getting knocked out or anything.

So there you go, now I know all about sports.  Have a great Monday.  I am going to the pool...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Oboy is this delicious!
My latest Costco find.

There are eight containers of 1/2 cup each
in there for ten bucks.  And it's delicious!

I hope they keep stocking it because I am so happy to have found it.  I also got a set of sheets for the new couch in case I ever get it and a bathing suit and some flip flops and some shrimp and a full tank of gas (at $3.51.9 a gallon).  Very productive I'd say. 

Then I was so hot I changed and went straight to the pool, it felt soooo good.  I love having Saturdays off from cards!  But the next two Saturdays I am filling in for someone but still.

So yesterday was the longest day of the year.  I love it when it is light out later at night, I don't feel like going to bed so early.  

I got a comment recently from my cousin Jackie in Jacksonville (hi Jackie!) but I don't know how to contact him.  If he reads this I hope he will email me so I can contact him.  And yes Jackie, that redhead knows how to comment but usually doesn't! Ha ha.  And Pete and Mike were my parakeets when I was little, don't you remember them? One was green and one was blue.

Don't forget I will be at sports today rooting on the home team whichever one it is.  I hope they have cake there.  Do you think they will?  It's in Miami.  I am a sports jock now (or joke).

Hope your Sunday is totally tits.  Mine will be for sure.  You can count on it!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Roche' was playing dress up yesterday and thought he looked pretty good.  I think he does too.  He sure keeps me company.  

I had a turkey breast in the freezer so I cooked it yesterday when I got back from Andre' and the pool.  Gosh it's good.  I have a lot left too.  I made some of my own tv dinners with it.

Today I have to go the the grocery store because I am going to the Marlin's game with the duck on Sunday.  That's sports in case you don't know.  It's either baseball or football, anyway it's a ballgame.  And I think they have hotdogs.  Anyway it's a fundraiser for the Fern House.

Yesterday I had my best workout ever.  I mean really a good one and I did it all.  At the end Andre' said okay now fifty sit ups and I did fifty-five just to show him.  (Of course then I wanted to lay there until I died but still...)

Then after my shower I did a pedicure so if I go on a cruise I'll be ready.  I don't think I'm going though but you never know.  I'd have to go by myself.  Still don't know.

And that's it from me today y'all.  Have a great Saturday and I will too!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Roche' has friends and he wanted me to show some of them to you.  He calls these two Pete and Mike.  One person reading this will know why, my darling Aunt Jane whom I adore.

So yesterday I won a dollar and fifty cents so I am two for two so far this week.  Well I shouldn't say so far because I don't have any more games this week so rather I am two for the week, a winner.

I got home last night around 4:00ish and there was a voicemail from my dentist asking if I could come in for measurements to get the final process started so I went at 6:00 and now I go back on Tuesday and it will be finished a bit after that.  I am so happy I had this done.  And no, I don't want any other kind of implants.

And I am going to go see Jersey Boys with him at the movies.  It starts today but we have to decide when he can clear some time to go.  Stay tuned.  I am so glad because I really want to see it and I don't want to go by myself.  And no, it's not a "date" date, just friends going to a movie.  Nobody get smart.

And that, my friends, is all that happened in my world.  Have a perfectly lovely Friday, I'll be getting beat up working out with Andre' and then lunch with a gal pal and then, baring rain, in the pool...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

See the new sofa?  Right there next to the desk chair?  No?  Neither do I.  That's because it's not here.  It's a fairly long story but there are restrictions on deliveries in condos, ours is 9-5:00 and not one minute after.  That was clearly written on the order.  

Someone at the delivery department said it wasn't convenient and changed to to 4-8:00.  When I called to say it didn't come they said it would be there before 8:00.  No, sorry, it won't be allowed in.  I had the gate called, the manager called, the elevator padded, and the doorman told.  So - I have no sofa.  Oh, and the delivery fee for this great service was almost a hundred bucks.  

This is what it should look like.  I will toss or recover the pillows but the sofa is very plain and it is actually a denim slip cover, washable.  And a bed with upgraded mattress and ottoman.  So maybe next week, I am working with a nice person now, someone that seems to have a brain so I am hopeful.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime all is still well in my world.  I got my hour in the pool before the rain came and that was lovely.  And today I have canasta.  With mostly people I like. (insert smile here).

Oh, and that top photo is old because my tv is on that wall now but you get the idea.  Have a great Thursday y'all.  I sure will too.  Promise.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Well yee-haw, I won twenty one bucks last night.  That's one up for the week so far.  Today the fabulous Steve and Jane come and make my condo beautiful and shiny clean.  Gotta' love that for sure.  

Oh, and my new couch comes today too.  I'll show you that soon.  I have to decide where to put it in the den.  The beautiful wife of the (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) came to look and had some ideas.  She is very talented.

Have you seen the new Lean Cuisine Honestly Good entrees?  Well they are!  I have never been much of a Lean Cuisine fan before but these are really good.  Last night I had the fish and I loved it.  Publix didn't have them but WalMart did.

I guess that's all I have in my brain for now.  I was sort of in overload for a while yesterday and I needed some down time (which I took) and then I felt better.  Have a great Wednesday y'all.  I will too.  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Just thought I'd like to look at a Beetini today.  

So Dr. Wacks yesterday - I gained three pounds.  Buggers to me.  I'm working on it.

Today is a cluster - ****.  First is Andre' to beat me up, then hopefully a quick swim, quick shower, fast lunch, another freaking meeting at my apartment at 2:00 where hopefully they'll all be gone by 4:00 so I have time to have a quick supper and get dressed for poker where I have to bring the refreshments.  I am hoping this is my last meeting and if not I may just bow out of the whole thing.  It's just too much, it really is.  Maybe I'm just cranky thinking about this whole day but you know me and this is too many activities in one day.

I think I should just go book a cruise.  Yeah, let me think about that a bit.  Have a great day and I'll try to also.  Maybe I'll win at poker!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Most of yesterday was lovely and I was able to get my swim done after I left the duck and before we had a bit of rain.  It was a lovely day, perfectly lovely.

Today I see Dr. Wacks for my checkup.  Nothing is wrong, just my usual visit.  And I think I am up three pounds since my last visit.  Of course there were two cruises in there but still, I have GOT to get this under control.  I absolutely refuse to gain any more and I am GOING to lose more.  I am.  I am.  I am.  I promise I am.  I must remember:  nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

I bought lots of veggies to make a lite stir fry.  I am going back through what I ate when I was losing.  I do know I have cheated lately, I admit it and I don't like it.  Ack.

Wouldn't it be funny if I got on the scale tomorrow and I didn't gain?  I can only hope.  Have a great Monday y'all.  I will too.  And I'll try not to bore you with weight tomorrow.  Promise.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Well yesterday I won two dollars so I am on a roll, here's the week's totals:  poker -$91.00, Maj. -.05, canasta +$21.00, canasta +2.00 so I'm even for the week, two wins, two losses.  

I put this photo on to show you my hair is longer now and shiny and soft from the Wen.  I still love it.  I used to have to shampoo every day but now I only have to cleanse every two to three days.   I can't imagine using shampoo again.  Try it and if you do let me know how you like it.

Today I get to go see the duck for lunch and grocery shopping.  I know it's Father's Day but since we don't have one we'll just do our regular thing.  If you are a father Happy Father's Day to you though.  Paul, Walter, a very happy day to you both.

I enjoyed the concert last night but I ate too much afterward.  They had lots of goodies and I over indulged.  I simply cannot do that.  I must stop.  Tomorrow I go see Dr. Wacks and the metal monster will not be friendly (scale).

Have a perfectly lovely day y'all.  I will too.  For sure.

Today I have canasta again.  This is my last time in this Saturday game unless they need me to sub and I would do that if I don't have other plans.  I am very weary of this particular game and happy to be getting out of it.  This leaves me with poker on Tuesday, Maj on Wednesday, and canasta on Thursday and that's it.  Fine with me.  I need pool time!  I'll play more in season and am so glad to have more days off in the summertime.

Tonight I am going to the Fern House to a concert.  I went to this last year and it was really fun.  It's a choir from Delray Beach and they will have food after the concert.  If you are nearby you are invited.

So it's the weekend again.  Any plans?  Mine is just the regular stuff.  It's all good for sure...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th! My lucky day...

Yee haw, this is my winnings from canasta yesterday.  I won $21.00, lost $91.00 at poker so one win, one loss = even steven, right?

Today I get to see the ever fabulous Andre' and let him beat me up, then possibly a quick swim and then a meeting at 2:00.  I am getting "meeting-ed out" but will see it through and it needs to be done.  And we still need eight more votes to pass the hallway renovation.  Eight.  I don't know where they are going to come from but I am hopeful nonetheless.  One of the women I had on my call list (that I spoke to for almost 40 minutes on the phone) said she was not voting yes but she did and has two apartments so that was two yes votes I wasn't expecting.

I have another cruise in my sights but not sure yet.  It's in peak hurricane season and I don't usually book then so that's what is holding me back right now but it's one I really want to go on.  But I'd have to go by myself.  Again.  No worry, once you do it the first time and find out it's still fabulous it's not so hard the next time.j

And that, my friends, is all I have in my brain for today.  Have a wonderful Friday and I will too.  Do something nice for someone please...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Well the board meeting is over and it was a bit contentious but I think the president did a great job of defending our position and hopefully there is still hope that the hallway renovation will go forward.  There are only a few more votes needed and more calls are being made but as of yet we do not have enough.

So now the Ooma phone update... all done, old number ported, Comcast cancelled, and it works great.  Sounds just like a phone.  For $3.48 a month.  And an old woman installed it, what about that?  Seriously if I can do it anyone can.

I finally ordered the white sofa yesterday.  It'll be here on Tuesday so I'll take a photo and show you then.  It's just a plain sofa and footstool in an off white.  I wanted more white and less off white but otherwise it's fine.  It has slipcovers which I like so I can have them cleaned and I made it a sofabed so you can come and stay with me now. (!)

Today I have canasta.  I hope you have a great day.  I know I will.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Roche' wants to be the star today.  He wants to tell you some of his favorite things.  As in:  favorite beer - rolling rock, favorite music - rock and roll, favorite hymn - rock of ages, favorite tv show - 30 rock, favorite casino - hard rock, favorite president (we differ here but oh well) - rock obama, favorite song to dance to - i love rock and roll, favorite pianist - sergi rachmaninoff, favorite movie - rocky, favorite mountains - rocky mountains and stone mountain are tied, favorite prehistoric monument in europe (everyone has one of these, right?) stonehenge, favorite pastime - getting stoned (he's not sure what this means but says he likes it anyway), favorite state - new hampshire the granite state (he's never been there though), favorite thing to watch in the sky - rocket, favorite old time road sign - see rock city, and finally his favorite candy is of course, rock candy.

So I gave back most of what I won last week at poker but it's all good.  Today I am playing MahJong so I'll win and be even.  Then I have a board meeting after that about trying to get the hallways done over.  It doesn't look like it's going to pass right now though.  Buggers.

And that, my friends, is all I know today.  Have a great Wednesday.  I will too.  For sure!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Can you see what all is in the locket?  Initials, a palm tree, a bee, and a rose to signify the roses Sarge always sent me.  How lovely a gift.  It came in the mail yesterday from Lisa.  So thoughtful!  I absolutely love it.

So yesterday I went to the dermatologist.  He took off a spot on my right hand and told me not to go in the pool for 3-5 days.  Yeah, right.  The (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) said I could put on a rubber glove and a rubber band and it worked perfectly so I got to do my hour!  

He also said my skin is fine and looked at what I use daily (I took everything in a plastic bag for him to see) and said it was great.  I had to get undressed and wear a paper thingy because he looked all over pretty much and used a big magnifying glass thingy with a light - at least that's what it looked like.  Anyway I'm good to go again.

Today I get to see Andre' the beater-upper.

Oh, I got my phone bill from Ooma.  $3.42.  For a month!  Don't ask my why I didn't do this before because I have no idea.  It's just crazy to pay phone companies their fees nowadays.  It sounds just like a regular phone and I use the phones I already had.  So far no problems.

Guess that's about it from me today.  Hope your Tuesday is totally tits.  Mine too, I have poker!