Friday, May 30, 2014

Room service cheesecake.

Hot tub was always FULL of people.  
Around the clock full.
There isn't enough money on this earth that would get me into that cesspool of urine.

We were the only two diamond guests so we had the captain all to ourselves.

And there was CAKE!!!

Now back to reality, well my reality anyway.  Pool time, cards, sun and fun here.  I wish the same for you...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So I called Roche' to see if he was okay and he was having so much fun he didn't even come to the phone. He is happy and I'll get him back on Friday. I am told he has a new "friend" whatever that means and that he's been wearing his tiara and a gown. He now wants little shoes.

I got a call from guest services for me and the duck to meet with the Captain Thursday at 4:00. I don't know what the diamond party is yet but that's it I'm sure.

So the duck got a bit of sunburn in Cozumel. He took a tour of the Mayan ruins and I stayed on the ship. As usual.

All is well in paradise. Hope it's the same where you are...

(Still) (not) Miss-behavin'

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Today is Cozumel and the duck is going on a tour. Yesterday in Key West I tried to swim in the ship's pool but it was full of tiny people and I do mean full of little splashers so no pool for me. Maybe today, at least I hope so.

Last night was formal night and not many people dressed up so after dinner and a show I changed clothes to go back out. Oh, and I won pretty good at Roulette. I told the dealer to pick a number and I'd put down money for us both so we decided on 4 and bang, it was 4! So we both won! Tits!

The comedy shows were really good too. There is lots going on and I am having a great time.

(not) Miss-Beehavin' (yet)

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

So far - so good. Ship- old but well cared for and interesting to look at. Food - lido is meh, dining room is excellent!

Piano bar - Haley is good, very good, but so far not much personality, not so much fun yet. She has wonderful skills and I am hopefull she gets to be more fun.

Key West - just docked and we are at the navy dock, not Mallory Square. That's a shame.

Miss- behavin' a tiny bit... maybe.

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Seen around and about... a small child lick the handrail all the way down and parents watched him. Isn't that cute? Chuck says he'll get SARS MARS PARS and STARS whatever they are. A couple that was married on the ship at sailaway... barely waiting to get to their room. The Captain taking a selfie on the bridge from my balcony. Some gypsys in full dress. A very pregnant woman in an itsy bitsy bikini. Yes, I daresay it's going to be some week folks.

empress bee (bee-havin')

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Carnival cake - here I come!  As I type this (it is Sunday night) I am so full I can't even think about it yet.  We had such a lovely dinner last night, I ate way too much but in my defense I did work in the pool for an hour and they comped the dessert so if you don't have to pay for it it doesn't count.  I know that is true too.  Yup, if you don't have to pay for it it's like you didn't have it.

So the duck is picking me up around 8:30ish because we have breakfast on the way to the port.  It's a cruise tradition to go to Nick's on the way.  I may still be full in the morning though.  Seriously, that was the most I have eaten in a very long time.  So delicious.

I think I have everything handled in my absence.  The (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) is going to see that it remains pristine until my return and the mail will be fine because I don't get much and only will be gone Monday - Friday and Monday is a holiday so the mailbox will hold everything, the fridge is pretty well cleaned out, the laundry is done, the sheets are clean, yup, I am ready to rock and roll.

Speaking of rocks, Roche' is going to stay with a pal this time.  He decided that a sleepover with a cute friend would be more fun than a cruise.  He is all packed and he is taking all his clothes and all his toys and his tiara and I'll drop him off on the way.  He's all excited too.  So it will just be me and the duck this trip.

That's all I have in my brain today y'all.  Have a great week and you know we will too.  I'll post but not on schedule...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Well yesterday I did win at canasta.  A dollar.  Today I shall be swimming and then I am going out to dinner tonight with the (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) and his wife and the duck.  But first I have to finish packing.  I can't believe it, I have a rolling carry-on and it's not even nearly full.  I must be forgetting something.  My hand carry is pretty light too, just my wallet stuff and iPad and glasses.  Maybe I finally have this down pat.

Oh, and I did my pedicure myself so my toes will pass ship inspection.  You know I like to do it myself because I can reach my toes now!  Plus every time I do it I think about the time I painted Charlie's toes red while he was sleeping that time.  He didn't notice it in the morning, went to work with them too.  Buy boy howdy when he got home and took a shower he did!  Too funny!

And that's all I know for today because I didn't do anything else.  Have a lovely Sunday.  I sure will too...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day
Please remember the reason for it.

Three day weekend?  Yes.
But so much more.

Barbecue?  Yes.
But SO much more.

My beloved always remembered.
And so do I.

Friday, May 23, 2014

I had a nice surprise yesterday, one of my gal pals asked me to go out to dinner last night and we had a really nice meal and a lovely chat.  I was all ready to go home from canasta and make eggs and toast or a nutrisystem dinner but no, I had wahoo and very low calorie sides (Thai cucumber salad and some rice and some melon) for a delicious dinner (or as they say in the South - a meat and three).  I love it when that happens.

Today I'll be getting beat up trained by Andre' at the gym and then to the pool and then a condo meeting after that so it's a busy day.  Three things is one too many for me but I'll handle it.  

Roche' is starting to whine about taking all his toys and clothes on the cruise, I explained we are traveling light this time and now he is pouting.  He never plays with his toys on the ship anyway, he just plays with the towel animals and the cabin stewards.  

So that's it from here folks, hope your Friday is totally tits.  Mine will be for sure!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Well yay, some of you got it yesterday, the photo.  It is me (Bee), Chuck (the duck) and Cat.  My little family.  Plus Roche' above of course.

So guess what happened yesterday?  I was at the club playing Maj and Andre' poked his head in and said I want to talk to you when you are done here so I go into the gym and he said he'd like to kick it up another notch.  So after everything he came to the pool at the condo and I did my workout in the pool.  I did really good too.  Friday I'll do the gym.  He said I should do three times a week now, two in the gym and one in the pool probably.  I think I'll probably try it after the cruise next week.  That and more nutrisystem.  And honey if that doesn't do it nothing will.  I am obsessed with this last 20 pounds now.  Plus whatever I gain on the cruise (smile).

Today is a canasta game and lunch so no pool for me.  Oh, I got the suitcase out, I'm only taking a small one (carry on rolling suitcase) and I am very proud not to be overpacking.  I just thought all I took I'd have to put away when I got home and that slowed me down a chunk!

That's about it from me today y'all.  Have a great Thursday.  I will too...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Who knows the significance of this?  You won't win anything if you get it right but I'd like to know if you can.

Yesterday was a mishmash of stuff.  First I  missed Andre' at the gym so I did 50 leg raises and 50 sit-ups and left.  After I got home he called and apologized, he was in the next room studying and lost track of time.  I poked my head in there looking for him but didn't see him.  It was just a mixup but I didn't get my full workout done.

I didn't swim either, I missed my swim buddy and didn't go plus it's cold in the water and I don't know why.  So I had a nap instead for an hour.  Then there was poker, I didn't win again but I didn't lose too much this time.

Steve and Jane come today and spiff up the place.  That's always good, they do such good work.  Plus I have a Mahjong game this morning at 10:00.  I haven't played in a while and I am happy to have a game.

The rest of the week is going to be pretty busy but today is going to be fabulous because I declare it so.  Hope yours is as well...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Today I have Andre' all ready to beat me up for session #41.  As in FORTY-ONE.  Gosh I never thought I'd be able to do all that.  Last night I went to walk along the water with a friend and we walked three miles.  I remember when Ayla was thinking about getting married I was worried about walking 300 feet.  I have sure come a long way.  It's been hard work, really hard, but I have loved every bit of it.  The swimming, the gym, the healthy eating, all of it.  And I feel amazing.  Sarge is smiling at me for sure.

The nutrisystem is going okay too.  I sort of like the food, well, at least it's not bad.  I am losing a bit here and there now too.  Dr. Wacks said I could do it for a month and then go back to what I was doing for a month and then do nutrisystem of another month.  I think that's a good idea.  I don't know if I already told you this or not, I might have, if so, sorry.

So how did the dentist go yesterday you asked?  Well it's about a four week deal, it's complicated and I'm not really sure I understand it completely but it sounds great.  And there is no gooey impression either, it's electronic now.  Very high tech stuff.  I think I am going to be very happy.  At least I hope I am.  Stay tuned, you will know as I do.

Tonight is poker,  I have been on a major losing streak and hope to change that this time.  Wish me luck.  I need it.  

That's all I know for today y'all.  Have a great Tuesday.  I will too...

Monday, May 19, 2014

I love palm trees so much I just cannot help taking photos of interesting shots of them.  This was taken at City Place night before last as I walked around with some friends after dinner.  A band was playing and lots of people were there and it was a very festive time.  But me?  I focused on the trees!  Silly, I know.

I found out you can buy 5 days of nutrisystem at walmart for less that $45.00 if you are interested in trying it without the total money outlay.  Also they sell other items in the line too.  

Yesterday I got a call from the duck saying his cold had gone into bronchitis and he didn't want to get me sick so we didn't go.  I went to the pool instead.  It was fabulous.  Of course.  But the water was a bit chilly.  I missed the duck but the alternative was lovely.

Today I have a 9:15 dental appointment with my dentist to start the permanent teeth part, whatever that is.  But one thing I do know, it will NOT hurt!  Ha.  I don't like to be out and about that early but it's the appointment that he had to change last week when his mom was sick so I took what I could get.  I really like my dentist and he has never hurt me.

After that I shall stop at the store or the fruit stand or both and then head for the pool.  Sounds like a pretty great Monday.  I hope yours is as nice...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm sot sure what that contrail (or whatever it is) is.  Holy krap Alice, I sound like Bill Clinton here.  Sorry.  Anyway it was interesting to watch.

I lost five bucks at canasta yesterday.  It was a nice game though so I had fun.

Today I shall be with the duck for some nice quality time and then some grocery shopping.  And then the pool I hope after that.  The weather has been amazing.  Hot and sunny and just beautiful and the pool is warm and lovely.

Eight days to cruise time.  I am only taking a small suitcase, it's a Monday-Friday cruise so I don't need much.  I am really looking forward to spending time with old chuckie duck, I just wish we could go with Cat too, the three of us have so much fun together.  

I am down two more pounds now.  I have been enjoying the nutrisystem food, it's not bad at all.  There is not a lot of it though and I like a lot of food but with the cottage cheese, fruit, veggies, and yogurt I am not hungry.  When I have lunch out I eat salad and can still stay on program.

Have a great Sunday y'all.  I sure will too.  My world is just fabulous.  I wish the same for you...

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Well for starters yesterday did not go as planned.  Let's just say I am probably now allergic to clams as well as lobster and I had many issues overnight, none of which I want to discuss.  That being said I did not see Andre', did not swim, and did not eat nutrisystem food so it was the second my way day.  A day of toast and tea. 

Onward and upward as I am feeling better now.  I spoke to Dr. Wacks and he said he's going to allergy test me next time I'm in which is in about a month but not to use an epi pen, just avoid the seafood for now.

Today I have canasta again and hope to have some laughs with the gals.  There are big changes going on in the club now as they ready themselves for the resort.  Lots of dirt moving down there and stuff being done.  Hopefully the club will remain open for a bit longer but no promises at this time.

So yesterday we finally got a Trader Joe's open with another to open soon.  I haven't been yet but will go soon.  I have waited a long time to get one near me. 

So that, my dears, is what is in my head today.  I hope you have a fabulous weekend and me too...

Friday, May 16, 2014

Well yesterday had it's ups and downs.  First I did win two bucks and a half at canasta but my "on my own" eating day didn't go all that good.  I didn't actually do too bad but I could have done better.  Much better.  I know better, I just got hungry and ate good foods but too much of it.  Today is another day and I shall do better.  Onward and upward, right?

Today is supposed to be rainy but I hope it isn't because I am off and I want to swim and work off some of that binge from yesterday.  At least I do have Andre' first so I'll get exercise anyway.  It's just a matter of how much exercise.

I don't have a word of the day today.  I'm either bored with it already or just in a mood, don't know which yet.

I know this is a pretty krappy post too but sorry, it's all I have today.  Come back tomorrow and I'll try to do better...

Thursday, May 15, 2014

It was windy but beautiful while I did my hour in the pool yesterday.  Today I have canasta and lunch at the club so I'll be having an "on your own" day with nutrisystem.  The plan I bought is five days a week and two on your own but they tell you how many of each food group to eat anyway.  It's going okay so far, I actually like the food pretty good but then I'm not really picky so you might not.  

I get it that yesterday I screwed up the word of the day pretty badly.  Sorry.  I'll try to do better today.  The new word is "coterie" which means 1. a group of people who associate closely and 2. an exclusive group; clique.  Here is my sentence:  Roche' gathered the coterie of his friends in the dressing room of the upscale boutique that sells teeny tiny clothing to cross dressing rocks called "The Rock Rack" and they giggled and talked about where to have lunch after making their purchases and decided to go where there was yellow cake with no frosting and cute waiters that hung in the corner in a coterie of cuteness.

Eleven days to cruise time.  The duck is so ready to go and I'm always ready so it'll be a fun time.  Plus he likes to go out at night like I do so I'll have a buddy this time.  D#1 just goes to bed early and I have to go by myself.  

And that, my friends, is all I have in my head today.  Hope your Thursday is fantastic.  Mine will be for sure!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nutrisystem day 2, it's going fine so far.  I get the food in the above photo plus a yogurt, a cheese wedge (Laughing Cow), and salad and brussels sprouts.  Actually all the non starchy veggies I want.  I have not been hungry so far and the food is okay.  That lunch - loaded baked potato - was actually really good.  I am also down four pounds but remember the weight I gained on the cruise so it's really that weight I am losing.  

Today's word of the day is "ad hominem".  It means: 1. appealing to one's prejudices, emotions, or special interests rather than to one's intellect or reason. 2. attacking an opponent's character rather than answering his argument.  I'm still not sure what it means but you know me, I'll put it in a sentence anyway.  The politician was giving a long winded speech and his opponent was ad hominem-ing him whilst talking about his frippery jacket and eating yellow cake with no frosting.

Poker didn't go too well last night and that's all I'm going to say about that.

No games today and it's supposed to rain so I'll have to find something to get into.  No fear, I'll find something to keep me out of trouble and if the rain lets up I will go to the pool.

And that's it from paradise today y'all.  Have a wonderful Prince Spaghetti Day.  I will too, I just won't be having any...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just hangin' with the Captain here in the piano bar.  And don't ask him who's driving the boat, okay?  Seriously this was a lot of fun.

So Nutrisystem day one.  There is my food and add to that a banana and a big salad with lite dressing and sugar free jello and steamed broccoli.  So far it's not bad.  The lunch was a rice and beans thingy and the dinner was mac and cheese.  Both were good.  Since I got my plan from QVC I can call and talk to a counsellor whenever I want and I did call, she was very helpful.  If you get your food somewhere else I guess you can call but I don't know about that.

Today's word of the day is frippery.

1. finery in dress, especially when showy, gaudy, or the like. 
2. empty display; ostentation.

Here is my sentence:  Roche' thought long and hard about what to wear on formal night on the cruise and finally decided on his little tuxedo as it was the fripperiest thing he owned and he hoped the deck wasn't too frippery so he wouldn't fall down on his little backside because he was headed to the cake station and wanted to be sure to be first in line for his cupcake because he loves them so much and spotted a hawt looking cabin steward and wanted to take one to him and he thought the steward had frippery shoes on.  Y'all.

My unpacking is nearly done.  I still have some stuff to put away.  I did, however, do lots of exercise and other chores that needed done so I wasn't a total slug.

Oh, the dentist update, I nearly forgot that.  I am released from the surgeon to my regular dentist now.  And the second appointment?  They cancelled it because the dentist had to take his mom to the doctor, something was wrong.  I was happy to move the appointment anyway, two in one day was so dumb of me.  

Guess that's about all I know for now.  Hope your Tuesday is totally tits.  Mine will be for sure!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sigh, home again.
At least I have these to make me happy!

And is this the sweetest note ever?
Old Chuckie Duck came through with flying colors.

So it's back to reality for me.  And two dental appointments.  And nutrisystem.  And no cabin stewards or chilled soups.  No room service with coffee on the balcony.  And you know what else?  Everything I love like swimming, cards, friends and doing pretty much what I feel like doing.  It's pretty good here.  Hope it is where you are too!