Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yesterday when I got up I decided my mouth hurt too bad to go to the gym so I called Andre' and told him I'd call him when I got back from the cruise.  I have one session left that is paid and that will be forty sessions.  I weigh the same as when I started but I am definitely shaped differently and I am very strong now so maybe this is the weight I am supposed to be?  Nope.  See next paragraph...

So then I had my appt. with Dr. Wacks and it went well.  I go back in six weeks to see if my nutrisystem helps. He said he wants me to stick with Andre' as I look great and am so strong and healthy.  So I will.  What I decided I might do is pay for another ten sessions but use him once a week and do it myself once a week.  Don't know for sure yet.  Anyway he gave me the nicest compliment.  He said I was confident and happy and healthy and to just keep doing what I am doing as far as having fun.  But - to lose more weight.

Today's word of the day is obliquity.  That means 1) divergence from moral conduct, rectitude, etc.; immorality, dishonesty, or the like 2) mental perversity.  Now to use that in a sentence... okay.  When that dentist was slitting my gums open yet again I had major obliquity running through my mind thinking thoughts like wow he seems to be enjoying this a bit too much, maybe he is an obliquity type personality and then I thought well if I just had some plain yellow cake with no frosting and a cup of that spumescent cappuccino in a china cup and I didn't have to pee and go in a public restroom where germs would jump all over me and make me nuts (nuts-ier) I could just relax and forget about all these obliquity thoughts I'm having right now like a grimalkin.  Got all that?  Good.

Another month is over today.  It's my summer now and the days are longer and I am so happy.  I shall be at the pool and packing today.  Hope your day is that good too!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Well it's Tuesday and a really busy day for me.  First up is Andre' where he'll probably beat me up work me hard.  Then Dr. Wacks at 2:00, then I have to get the dinner for poker tonight, it's our end of season party.  I already baked cupcakes and put them in the freezer for that too.  And then poker.  There is not really time for the pool even.

Today's word is propitious - favorable conditions, gracious.  Here is my sentence:  Yesterday I had the propitious final part of the implants done for my teeth where they cut my gums (again!) and put in the metal posts and then propitiously put more stitches in my mouth so that when they heal I can now go to my regular dentist to have my new permanent teeth added propitiously and hopefully then get to have some cake and maybe another one of those cappuccinos in the china cup with that spumescent foam on the top and people watch again and this time I will remember to pee first so I don't have to go in a yucky public restroom because yesterday all I could eat was fruit and soup.  Was that a run on sentence?  Nah.

Seriously my week is so jammed I have to try to find time to pack for the cruise.  Such problems, huh?  Anyway I am going to stop here because my mouth hurts and, well, that's all I have to say anyway.  Have a great Tuesday.  I will too...

Monday, April 28, 2014

Roche' says he thinks he looks "hawt" in this photo.  What do you think?  He's quite the little pistol these days.

Someone (Wendy) asked me about MahJong.  I do still play sometimes.  I still love it too.  I am trying to form a regular game again.

Today's lesson for you is the word "spumescent" which means 1) foamy, 2) foamlike, and 3) frothy.  Here is the sentence they gave: 
The usually gentle waterfall, clearly visible in the moonlight and icily shimmering, had been transformed into a phenomenal spumescent cascade that was magnificent yet uncanny in its magnitude.
-- Barbara Taylor Bradford, A Woman of Substance
And here is my sentence:  As she sat at the small round table daydreaming about her upcoming cruise the handsome waiter brought her a large piece of yellow cake without frosting and a cup of spumescent lightly sweetened cappuccino in a beautiful china cup which she completely enjoyed while people watching and trying not to think about the fact that she had to pee really really bad and didn't want to go into the public restroom because she had this huge fear of germs and that they might just spumescent-ly jump onto her and give her spumescent rashes whereby she would have to go into Publix and buy that cream Sarge always teased her about.  Y'all.

Personally I like mine better.  Plus I should get extra credit for using it three times.  (That Barbara Taylor Bradford ain't got nuttin' on me honeychild!)

It is officially summertime in my world now, the pool is warm and crystal clear and the sun shines down on me and I just love every day of my life.  

Today will find me at the dentist getting my implants opened and the screws installed and then I have to wait two more weeks (approximately) until that heals before I get the final permanent teeth installed.  I sure will be happy when it's all done.  Save every tooth you can at all costs because the alternative is not fun.  Or cheap.

Guess that's it from paradise today.  Have a totally wonderful Monday.  I will too!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Today I shall be at lunch with the duck and then our grocery shopping.  And then the pool when I'm done all that.  

Yesterday I won pretty good at cards, nine bucks so with the earlier losses this week ($100 at poker and a bit at canasta) I figure I'm down one.  You know, one win, two losses.  It's Cordle math, don't try to make sense of it.

Since I am finished with the alphabet I think for a bit I'll do a word of the day.  Today it is "grimalkin".  The definition is 1) a cat, 2) a female cat, and 3) an ill-tempered old woman.  Now I have to use it in a sentence.  Let's see... Okay.  Yesterday I played canasta with a grimalkin and we had a few words.  It's up to you to decide which definition I used.  And if it is true.  Which it is.  Or not.

So that's about it from my world.  I hope your Sunday is fabulous.  Mine will be for sure!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

I am here to tell you that was the best concert I ever saw.  First was Gentleman's Rule and next was Under the Streetlamp.  If you EVER get the chance to see them please do yourself a favor and go.  And if not, well try to catch them on PBS, it won't be the same but it'll still be good.  I mean I was up dancing and I seriously had the time of my life.  Of course afterward I had to geek out and get autographs but that's just me.

So I am tired and I am left with the letter "Z".  Of course zebras are cute and all stripe-y like, zanex if you've a mind to it, I'm not too crazy about zoos what with all the smells and stuff, catching some zzz's can be lovely when you are tired from your workout with Andre' and the pool and you just had a nice hot shower and you are all clean and sweet smelling, there is a sweet baby I know online named Zack, zinnias are not too bad for flower arranging, owing zero debt is awesome - there were so many years when I never thought that would happen but it did, and finally cubic zirconia is good when you want to go out and not wear real jewelry - some of it is quite nice really.

My friends, you know I write this before bed the night before so I must tell you I am whipped what with Andre', the pool, no nap, and a lovely evening and must bid you adieu.  I hope your Saturday is amazing.  I'll be in the card room!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Tonight I have to get dressed up because I am going to a concert.  And dinner. It's with a guy but it's not a date.  We're just friends and we go dutch so don't go there in your head, ok?  It's platonic and Sarge would approve.

But first I have to go see Andre' and get beat up a bit.  He's about to get married and I got an invitation to the wedding.  When I called the number to RSVP it was not a working number.  They didn't realize it but the number on the invitation was a mistake, a 3 was an 8.  Oops, big mistake on your wedding invitation.  

Today's letter is "Y" as in youth is wasted on the young, yikes that cake looks good, yellow is such a happy color, yes I'd love another cupcake, you for reading this blog every day, big yachts in the St. Thomas harbor, roasted yams with butter and cinnamon, big yards that are freshly mowed on a summer's day in a lawn chair with a big glass of sweet tea with lemon, coconut frozen yogurt in a waffle cone, warm yeast bread all with cold sweet butter, yawning while you stretch before having a nap on a rainy afternoon, years of happiness with the one you love, yelling for your team to win if you like sports which I don't unless a grandchild is playing and then I do, yellow striped bass on a bed of coconut rice with asparagus on the side, yellow cake with no frosting, yodeling at the Grand Canyon on a vacation with your sweetie that lasts a month (and yes Charlie and I did this), and having no yucky stuff to do!

Last night I watched 700 Sundays with Billy Crystal.  It came highly recommended and is on HBO now.  If you get a chance please do yourself a favor and watch it.  

That's it from me today y'all.  Hope your Friday is fun.  Mine will be.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The pool was amazing yesterday but just too short.  There was a board meeting at 3:00 so at least I got to go and have a swim and read a bit in the shade early.

So today I have the letter "X" which is not the easiest of letters but I'll give it a go.  There is x-ray of course and x-chromosome, x-acto knife to open packages of things you bought on the Internet and forgot about so they are now a surprise, I don't much like x-rated stuff but it exists, the x-files but I never much liked that either, xeriscape is a lovely way to plant your yard to take advantage of your climate, xerox machines are right nice when you need a copy of stuff (but not your bee-hind please), and the last one I have is the Roman Numeral for 10- X.  Not too eXciting, huh?  I shall eXit here.

Cruise time is nearing, just a bit more than a week away.  Well for the next one but I now have two cruises in May so I'll be a busy girl.  It seems the duck can get away for a quick cruise the end of the month, not a week but hey, a cruise is a cruise and I'm up for it.  Any time, any ports, any ship.

Roche' wants new luggage too.  I told him his little pink suitcase is fine but you know him, he always wants to bring everything he owns and his pile of little things is growing.  

So have yourself a great Thursday.  I'll be in the card room on this warm sunny day instead of the pool but maybe I'll win a buck, who knows?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I started to take Roche' to poker last night and he wouldn't go.  He said he lost his allowance last week and he didn't like poker any more.  Poor baby, so he napped while I went.  And lost all my money.

Today Steve and Jane come and make my apartment sparkle again.  My terraces are really dusty so I want them to focus on those and the kitchen this week.  I still want them to come for a heavy cleaning like a spring housecleaning but so far they haven't had the extra time to do it.

So today is brought to you by the letter "W" as in white summer clothes, whispering sweet things into a lover's ear, wishes that come true, wellness, winning at cards, whole wheat rolls hot from the oven with cold sweet butter, wonder bras for those of us that are now long and empty, little red wagons, cold clean water to drink, warm blue water to swim, weather that is hot and sunny with blue skies and big white puffy clouds, big white cruise ships, country western music, roulette wheels that hit my number, whoopie pies, wild flowers, wiggly puppies, whistling a happy tune, and white chocolate.

Today I have a board meeting so no cards but I will get to swim first.  Things are starting to move forward in the condo and that's a good thing.  

Guess that's about all I know for now, hope your Wednesday is totally tits.  Mine will be for sure!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I saw this picture on Facebook yesterday and it cracked me up.  The poor guy has his pants on backwards.  Don't do that.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day!  Warm and sunny and lovely.  My perfect day actually.  I got my chores done early and went to the pool of course.  

I am almost through with my daily letters so I'll have to think of something to do after that won't I?  Anyway today is the letter "V" for vacations on the Carnival Victory or the Carnival Valor, sweet summer vegetables, good value on anything you purchase, (please note that I did not use valium, vaginas, or vipers with poison venom!  Cause that would be wrong, right?), stores that validate parking stubs, vibrant colors, verona chocolate, violets, beautiful violin music, valet parking, velcro, velvet, paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, Virginia, vitamin rich foods, (I am also not saying the Varsity in Atlanta because to me that was the worst hot dog I ever had in my life and I cannot understand why everyone raves about the place so much), and last but not least - the right to vote.  Oh, and one more thing, not Velveeta cheese, nope.

Today is going to be a bit busy because I have to go see Andre' in the morning and then go to the pool and then poker.  After today I have two more sessions paid with Andre' and I have to, once again, decide to go for more or do it on my own.  I can I know but will I?  I am really good about the pool so I think I would.  But then I have one friend that has had a trainer for years so nothing says I have to stop I guess.  Any thoughts?

Guess that's about it my friends, have a wonderful Tuesday.  I know I will!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Just remembering a fun evening not too long ago in what appears to be a Red Frog Pub with Princess Laura and sweet Judy from Canada.  What a fun cruise that was!  And see I have my water in a pretty glass with a little umbrella there too!

Gosh I had a nice time last night.  It was my third ever Seder but by far the nicest one.  The food was incredible but the company and the ceremony was even better.  Everyone had a really nice time talking too.  Totally enjoyable time.  Oh, and I got to bring home leftovers!  Tits to me!  No cooking but lots of pool workouts!

So today we have the letter "U" as in umbrella drinks (see photo above!), pretty underwear (I know but it's U for crying out loud, cut me some slack here), underwater beauty, upper berths on trains taking you to lovely destinations and rocking you to sleep, universities where you can learn anything you want to learn, United States - the home of the brave and the land of the free, beautifully upholstered chairs and couches, uplifting thoughts that make you feel so good inside, unpretentious people that just like you for who you are, multicolored big umbrellas on a warm sandy beach with water lapping nearby, tuxedoed ushers at a summer wedding in a cathedral, and finally all the urns on the Carnival Legend where I shall be very soon.

I guess that's about all I know for today.  Hope you have a perfectly lovely Monday, I know I will for sure... 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter everyone!  A fine day in the neighborhood for sure.  And I hope the Easter bunny brought you lots of chocolate.  He missed me this year but then I sure don't need candy.

So lets see, I suppose today's letter is "T" as in time (lots of it), tomatoes - sweet from the vine on white bread with mayo, treasures like in an antique shop with lots of stuff to look at, tea - cold and sweet with lemon, tin foil (why do they call it tin foil when it's aluminum?  I never understood that.), truth, texts, muffin tops, typing, toes painted red, palm trees swaying in a balmy breeze, t-bone steaks served medium with a baked potato with sour cream and a nice big salad, toast - crisp and light brown, dripping in butter and jam, not tamales - I don't like those but Sarge did, great test results, two-toned convertibles, television at night when the house is quiet and a good show is on, telephones so you can talk to people you love, truffles - the candy kind, not the mushroom kind, telling a joke well, talking sweet nothings to a lover on a moonlit night, tails on a puppy wagging when he sees you, trainers like Andre', trains on long trips with comfortable seats and a nice dining car, tropical islands - sunny and warm with long white beaches and turquoise water, and tilapia cooked grilled with french fries and cole slaw.

Well now I'm hungry after all that.  Oh, I lost three bucks yesterday but I had a nice time so it's still a cheap day out.

Today I am not meeting the duck, instead I am going to the pool and then to dinner at the (self appointed) mayor (of the pool's) condo with the (self appointed) governor (of the pool) and the mayor's lovely wife and her mother, a sweet little (literally) lady who is here visiting.  I baked dessert.  

Hope your day is as good as mine and you have jelly beans and chocolate!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

These are some of Roche's friends.  They live outside our lobby in the garden.  He wants me to hotglue some rhinestones on them but I don't think the building manager would be too happy about that.

Today is brought to you by the letter "S" like sweating in the gym, swimming, diet soda (I know, it's bad - but still), summer, spring with the wonderful smelling flowers, socks if it's cold out, spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce and big fat meatballs, fresh summer vegetables, sweet cake (!), stunning views,  grilled salmon drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette with greek salad (how's that for a visual?), silver jewelry, warm sandy beaches with a cruise ship nearby, sunshine beating down on you as you lay by the pool, stars in the sky on a warm summer night, nice sharp scissors to cut beautiful fabric, seashells, the sea!, seals, secrets that friends will never betray, seafood with old bay seasoning, sipping an umbrella drink on a Lido deck, I'd say sisters but I never had any, getting in shape, shrimp, scallops, silly giggles, shorts, and slip on shoes! Whew.

Today I have canasta and lunch and no pool but it'll still be fun and hopefully I won't lose six bucks again.  Well, six-fifty really but who's counting?

Have a lovely Saturday y'all!  Oh, another "S" word!  I will too...

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday y'all!  Your best day of the week!  Today I see Andre' and then hurry to go get my hair done so I'll be busy most of the day.  

So the letter of the day is (finally!) "R"!  Roche'! Rocks, romantic novels, root beer, (chocolate covered) raisins, red toes, tropical rum drinks with little umbrellas, roasted vegetables, red velvet cupcakes!, rainbows, restaurants, Easter rabbits as in peeps, radios, real whipped cream (okay, that was a stretch), rest stops on long trips, radishes, and ruby rings.  That was an easy day and Roche's best day!

I had a lovely surprise yesterday when I got home from playing cards.  I got invited out to dinner by the (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) and his lovely wife and mother-in-law.  We went and had crab imperial and it was soooo delicious.  What a wonderful treat that was.

That's about all I have in my brain for today y'all.  Have a wonderful Friday and I will too...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gosh today is my "Q" day.  Q.  Okay.  Queen of the ship!, QVC, quotes, quarters because I need these to play MahJong, quotas (I don't know why I said quotas, I don't have any), quick stuff like getting me a cupcake or something. and quinoa (which I discovered I don't like but heck, I needed another Q so that's it. Whew, that was the hardest one.  Well, that is until I get to X day since I'm not an X rated gal.

Today is canasta and lunch with some gal pals.  Oh, I heard on the news last night that the building in Florida is opening May 1st.  That means no more free tax ride.  It was sure nice while it lasted.  Yup, we'll have to start paying state sales tax now in Florida.  Florida is estimating 80-90 million in income from this little (now closed) loophole.  Rats for me, good for the state.  I guess.  But you know politicians, they'll probably just piss it away waste it.

Guess that's all I know guys.  My brain is pretty dumb today.  I think I need to up the fish oil again.  Have a great Thursday!  I shall as well...

Well I told you my brain was dead now, I published this early by mistake.  So just pretend it's Thursday if you are reading this on Wednesday, k?

In case you didn't read it on Facebook yesterday I got the call from Carnival offering me a suite for a small increase in fare so of course I jumped on it.  I'm just sorry the duck won't be with us to enjoy it.  Rats.

I took Roche' with me last night to poker and he had on his little yamaka but even that didn't help, we lost sixty something bucks but it was fun and he liked playing.  He was pretty tired at the end though and came home and went straight to bed without even having a little rock snack.

Today I have a card game in the morning and then I have errands to do in the afternoon.  

I should get the food for the nutrisystem in a few days but I may wait until after the cruise to start it since I bought four weeks of food and the cruise is in two weeks.  I don't want to do two weeks and then leave.  I will let you know how it goes though when I do it.  I'll also keep up the exercise, I am really enjoying it.  Andre' is doing a good job but I am still not losing weight.  My muscle-y stuff is getting there though!

So that's it from me for today, hope your Wednesday is lovely.  Mine will be for sure!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I snapped this photo the other day at the outlet mall across the street.  The Seder dinner was very nice last night but I brought home most of my meal.  By the time dinner was served I was full of all the other stuff.  The food was good though.

So today's letter of the day is "P" as in pool, poker, pet rocks, petunias, periwinkle, pasta, prime rib, pretty stuff, not petty stuff, big girl panties, pink, poker chips, pints of ice cream (not that I get any of that stuff), peanuts, peanut butter, pork!, little piggies (as in pinky toes), pinky swears, pyrotechnics, pens that write nicely, pencils with fat erasers, pictures, photography, pills - rather not needing them, pillows, (man "P" is an easy one isn't it?), pistachio nuts, pecans, butter pecan ice cream, and, well, pee.  (Hey somebody had to say it, right?)

Today is busy as all heck with Andre' followed by the pool followed by a shower and hair cleanse and then poker.  In between I have to dip the macaroons in chocolate for poker snacks so I'll be pretty scarce.

And that, my friends, is all I have in my head for today.  Make your Tuesday totally tits and I will too...

Monday, April 14, 2014

I took this photo looking into the sun.  I has some problems but I still liked it.  I couldn't tell if it turned out or not until I got home and inside.

Today's letter, "O", is not such an easy one.  I don't like Oreos or orangutans.  Let's see, oranges, optimism, optical illusions, opera, online shopping, olives, Olympics, and opals.  I guess that wasn't so hard after all!

Today I have to make macaroons for poker and I'll be at the pool if possible.  I have some chores to do too and then the Seder dinner at the club tonight.

I have a question for you as in "what would you do?"  I have a card playing person (not really a friend) that is doing something I dislike.  She is buying stuff from QVC, wearing it, and returning it.  Not once, not twice, but she is doing this all the time.  I recognize the stuff because I watch QVC sometimes.  It's a scam.  I thought about calling customer service and talking to them about it but don't know if I should.  It's not just clothing either, jewelry too, expensive stuff.  She touts herself as being well dressed.  Buggers.  Anyway, any opinions?

So have a lovely Monday y'all.  I shall as well.  For sure!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday is a fun day around here with lunch with the duck.  And maybe the pool afterward, depends on if it's warm enough.  It's been a tiny bit too cool for the last few days, high in the high 70's.  Wonderful weather but I need it in the 80's to swim.

I guess today is brought to you by the letter "N" today... as in nice, not nasty, new cruise ships (ha, I got that in there again!), NA meetings for those that need them, nuts, nighttime when things are quiet and it is so peaceful, not nothing (which is something), nickels, nice neighbors, nutrition, nail polish in wonderful colors, noontime for lunch out with the girls, and noses so you can breathe fresh clean air!

Yesterday I lost about nine bucks at canasta but I had a good time and we laughed a lot so it was a nice afternoon.  

Have a happy Sunday.  I shall do the same...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Look really closely.  In the center of the photo there is a CRUISE SHIP!
I woke up early and looked out and that is what I saw.

And next I got a package in the mail from Barb.
She painted me two adorable paintings!
The bee with the crown and the red velvet cupcake is "me" with a capital "M".
As in today's letter!

So off we go... movies, in the spirit of the season matzo ball soup, macaroons, mary janes (ladies shoes for you guys - not the candy), music, melodies, (not) moping around, M&Ms, mushrooms, mega ships (did you notice how I got that cruising reference in here! ha!), marshmallows (which reminds me, am I the only person on earth that has never tasted a s'more?), money (well the things it can do), more cupcakes (that was clever, right?), mustard on a hotdog, mocha latte, (hey! I forgot latte yesterday!), maroon toenails, the moon, (no toothaches) in your molars, and mashed potatoes!  Whew, that was quite a list.  I hope I didn't leave anything out.

Andre' beat me up pretty good yesterday but I never did get in the pool because when I left the club it started raining so I came upstairs and did laundry instead.  Since I had a good workout I didn't worry about it.

Today I have canasta again so I have to go back and make a buck if I can.  Have a great Saturday y'all.  I sure will too.

Friday, April 11, 2014

What a beautiful day and me sitting inside in the card room!

So today we have the letter "L" for your consideration.  Like in lots of cake, love, lists, (now don't freak out here) liver and onions, luck, things that last, not being chosen last when you are a kid, I Love Lucy, long distance calls, laps in the pool, lettuce (yes I actually like lettuce), lemons, limes too, limoncello, looking at things with a great attitude, licks of an ice cream cone on a hot summer day - by the pool of course, lust although I don't much remember what that's like (insert smile here), love letters (still have some of Sarge's from VietNam), and lunches!

I did something yesterday that I never thought I'd do.  I have been on a weight loss plateau as you know for quite some time.  Well I got an email from QVC that they have a Nutrisystem 4 week deal for $185 that included the shipping so I ordered it.  It should arrive the 18th of this month.  Stay tuned for updates but it is certainly cheap enough.  From what I researched most people liked the food.  You buy veggies fruit and dairy and the rest is included.  It's a five day a week plan and you eat on your own on the weekends.  So it's a month of my life and I am going to give it a go.

I won about eight fifty yesterday which was quite good actually.  Lunch was good to, they had corn chowder so I had a cup of that and a small salad and some bagel chips.

Roche' is anxiously waiting for me to get to the letter "R" and I told him just one more week.  He's very impatient but is such fun he can pretty much do whatever he wants and I'll let it go.

Today I get to be beaten up worked out by Andre' and then the pool shall be my afternoon.  I hope your day is as good as mine because if it is you are a lucky duck!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

You know for many years I didn't like early mornings.  I could sleep and sleep in the mornings and stay up very late at night.  But seriously mornings are such a wonderful time of day.  It's quiet most everywhere and the skies are amazing.  This is not to say that I get up this early every morning because I don't but sometimes I do and I love it.

Today I'll be in the card room trying to earn a buck have some fun.  Sarge used to say I was going to work.

I guess today's letter should be "K" so here goes... k-cups for keurig, kitchens, kindness, kittens, (no) krap!, kites, healthy kidneys, key west, kindle and kilts.  I don't like kiwi so I didn't include that.  That hair on the outside creeps me out.  I am also not really a fan of kangaroos.  They kick and they have those little arms and all.

Have a happy Thursday y'all.  I know I will too!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Windy windy windy!  The pool was like the ocean with waves but it was so much fun.  Especially after Andre' beat me up pretty good, ha.

I didn't do good at poker.  Roche' was napping so I didn't want to wake him to take him down there and he must have been my good luck charm.  I just didn't get good cards and don't think I played badly, just didn't win.  It happens.

I guess today is brought to you by the letter "J" as in jasmine, juice, jam, joy, jelly beans, junk stores, jets, and jars of buttons!

It's going to be a bit cooler than it has been so I don't know if the pool is in my future or not but I have a game first anyway so we'll see what happens later.

Guess that's about all I know for today y'all.  Have a lovely Wednesday and I shall too!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Well yesterday was really something.  It started with my 10:00 dental appt.  They called at 9:00 to see if I could come in then and yes, I was dressed and could go.  I went downstairs and the battery was dead in my car.  Just then the building's maintenance man came by and he was able to jump it with one of those thingies that don't need a car, a little box for doing that and it started right up.  So I go to the dentist for my cleaning and then thought I should go by the car dealership to have them check out the battery.

I follow Sarge's advice to the letter, always go to the same service tech (he used Shorty and so do I) and tip them well.  He washed the car and put in a new battery and I was on my way.  No charge.  The car is almost five years old!

Next up was the pool where I had a lovely swim with some great friends and then by 3:30 I was showered and in my nightgown.  Such a life!  Sadly by 4:30 I had eaten dinner too.  I am really really old!

Today I have the ever torturing nice Andre' to kick my a$$ give me my workout and hopefully the pool again after that and then poker where I hope Roche' brings me luck again like he did last week.  He said he wants to play with his own chips this week but I told him he had a buy-in and he didn't have any money so he has to just go with me.  Bless his heart.

I guess today would be brought to you by the letter "I" as in iPhone, iPad, Italians, (no) IRS, imagination, ideas, implants (teeth, not boobular stuff), (no) indigestion, Internet (thank you Al Gore!), ice cream, ice, iced tea, and illustrations.

And that, my friends, is all I have today.  Make Tuesday totally tits.  I will too...

Monday, April 7, 2014

This is yesterday's sunrise.  Stunning.  Too bad today is not the letter "S" but instead it is "H" as in healthy, humor, (not) hungry, happiness, hummingbirds, humus, hugs, HSN, history, humility, and HAM!

Today will find me at the dentist for my three month cleaning and then hopefully the pool!  It has been so beautiful here it just takes my breath away.  More snowbirds are flying north today, some I am sorry to see go, some, not so much! Ha.

Oh, I was asked yesterday about the food we had Saturday night.  We went to a Maryland crabhouse.  The crabs were small so we all had crab imperial instead.  It was wonderful.  I had crab soup, the imperial crab with slaw and baked potato, then coffee and two bites of pie.  We ordered one piece for the table (with ice cream of course).  Anyway it was a lovely evening and I hope we do it again soon.

So it's Monday again.  Here's hoping you have the best week ever.  And don't forget to do something nice for someone else, ok?