Saturday, January 31, 2015

A sendoff for the Bloggers Cruise which leaves today, this is Dick and Sandy Bell and Debbie and Paul Spillman and me and Patrick Duffy.  We had to rush a bit because Patrick had to be at Kravitz for an 8:00 show and I pulled in at 7:58 and he had to change into his costume.  Oops.  I got every light red even though I drove as fast as I could.

So we got through January and tomorrow starts my least favorite month.  It's not too bad here but when I lived where it was cold I would get so depressed every February.  It's warm again here and I love that for sure.

I plan on riding my bike today since I got all my chores done already and it's going to be beautiful out.  The pool has to warm up again before I get in it though.  The heater couldn't keep up with all the cold air it had to deal with I guess.

Have a wonderful Saturday y'all.  I sure will too even if I'm not going on the cruise.

Friday, January 30, 2015

This is Patrick on the Carnival Legend.  Oh, and I might be in a few of the shots.  You'd have to look close but I was there.  He's lots of fun!

So I picked him up yesterday and we went to John G's for fish and chips (not on my diet but I ate it anyway) and stopped off to see the ocean and then to the Outlet Mall to walk around and have an ice cream (not on my diet either but I ate that too) and then I took him back to his hotel to get ready for tonight's performance.  This 26 year old guy is going to make it big, watch and see.  So much talent and personality.  He's going back to Carnival next for another piano bar stint.

That's about it for my world, how is yours?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

This sign was in the restaurant where my Mahjong gals and I ate yesterday.  We had a nice lunch and then a nice game of Maj.

Then yesterday I got a call from Patrick, one of my piano bar guys.  And yes, I might have bought HIS shirt for $10.00 too.  You're welcome. He was being Elton John here.  Doing it very nicely too.

Anyway he is in West Palm Beach performing in the Broadway Musical Flashdance at the Kravitz Center and he is off this afternoon so I am going to pick him up and have lunch with him and a nice visit.  Yes, the piano bars on Carnival Cruises are fun places.  Well they are when I'm in them anyway.

So I will not be playing canasta today and I am not sorry.  I am really getting bored with canasta lately.  I don't want to drop out completely though because sometimes I like to have something to do.  I'll have to think this over and make a decision about it.

So have a wonderful Thursday y'all.  You know I will for sure!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

By gosh Andre' worked me so hard in the gym I could barely walk home but I did it all.  My right hip is hurting a bit, I think because of the cold weather, so I favored that but really did do everything he dished out for me.  I took one advil and one tylenol when I got home and that fixed it.  That's my magic combination for any kind of pain.

After I left the gym I ran into one of my Mahjong girls that had been golfing and she was having lunch at the club so I went with her and had a nice low calorie salad and then came home and baked red velvet cupcakes for poker last night.  I smelled them but didn't eat them.  That is a stretch for me because they are my favorite.

As far as the surgery on the eyes, it's the facelift surgery I am thinking about, not a dry eye surgery.  The test had to be done before he could decide to operate or not.  Or perhaps he will only be able to do part of the eye, lower or upper, not sure.  Anyway I should find out today what he says.

Last night I lost $33 at poker, not too bad.  I had a good game though and enjoyed myself.

Have a fabulous Wednesday and don't forget Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This is the path that I found behind the condo to ride my bike.  It used to be the old cart trail but that course is closed now because they are building a resort there.  I don't know how much longer it will be there but for now I can ride on it and it's pretty nice.

So yesterday I had to get an eye exam (I'm still 20/20 without glasses!) and then a test for dry eyes.  My eyes were slightly dry so now I'll have to see what the surgeon says about it.  He will be in the office Wednesday and they will let me know.  But only the eye part of the surgery is in question.

Then I went and got my teeth cleaned and got some great hugs from TCD.  He was leaving to take his mom to the doctor but I got there just in time to see him.  Yay for me!  He is the best "hugger" you ever met!

Mrs. Mayor is supposed to come home today, she is doing fabulously.  She is a sweetheart.  Mr. Mayor has taken very good care of her for sure.

Today is Andre' and then poker tonight.  That's my world, how's yours?

Monday, January 26, 2015

I saw this power box yesterday by the Outlet Mall and thought it was such a good idea, not nearly as ugly as they usually are.  Then the duck and I had a nice low calorie lunch, well I did anyway, his was not so much.  

I had a great bike ride too when I got home afterward.  It was sunny, cool but not cold, and not windy.  A perfect day for a ride.  My legs still get sore after a half hour or so but I'll build up to longer rides soon I know.  Different muscles I guess.  Not the ones Andre' has worked it seems.

Today I have two appointments, eye exam early and then this afternoon dental (TCD!).  Just a cleaning so the hygienist will do it but I'll still get a hug or two (insert smile here).

So have a wonderful Monday y'all and a great new week!  I will too, for sure...

Sunday, January 25, 2015

This the mayor, the duck, me, and Sandy.  It was a really nice dinner.  I just love seeing Sandy and Dick!  And since the mayor's wife is still in the hospital she said he should come and eat dinner with us.  We were very happy to have him join us!

This is the beginning of the last week of January already.  It's almost time to think about income tax and stuff.  Yuck.  

Today I'll be doing my regular Sunday stuff with the duck so I got to see him twice!  Yay for me.  I don't need much at the grocery store but it seems like whenever I say that I end up with a cart full.  

I found a new place to ride my bike, there is a path behind the condo that leads where the golf course used to be and it is paved and pretty long, really a nice place to ride.  

It's chilly here now.  I don't like that as you know but it won't last long.  I am happy to have the bike for when I can't get in the pool though.

Have a lovely Sunday y'all.  You know I will too!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Well Saturday is upon us and it's a lovely day all around.  I'll be visiting the mayor's wife for a bit and having dinner with Sandy and Dick tonight.  Andre' beat me up pretty bad yesterday but I held my own with him.  He did legs and arms.  Dumb me, I mentioned that I don't have a muscle that you can see in the back of my arms, just on the sides.  Well that was a mistake.  Now I can barely move them.

It might get cool again today or tonight so the pool is out but the bike awaits.  I love having a choice!

Next week I have some more appointments with some doctors and then the following week I have stinking jury duty.  If people would just behave themselves we wouldn't need to have juries.  Buggers to that but I'll go do my civic duty. Again.  But I won't like it.

Have a fabulous Saturday y'all.  I will too.  You know I will!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Wow it's Friday again already.  That means I'll be getting beat up by the ever lovely Andre' and then maybe a bike ride or a swim and then I'll go back to the hospital again to visit the mayor's lovely wife who, by the way, is doing very nicely thank heavens.

It's been absolutely beautiful here.  I mean tourist brochure beautiful.  It makes me so thankful I live here.

I don't have any plans for the weekend, how about you?  Anything going on in your world?  Maybe I can get together with Sandy if she's not busy.  I have not seen enough of her yet and she's getting ready to go on the Blogger's Cruise.  I'm not going on it this year.  

And tomorrow Paul leaves for his cruise.  I'm not going on that either, sadly.  But soon I hope to be cruising again.  I'd like to get back on the Ecstasy again.  That's my absolute favorite ship.

Guess that's it from here.  Hope you have a lovely day!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Well it's Thursday already so that means canasta today.  My friend is doing well in the hospital, she is such an angel.  She'll be good to go in no time I'm sure.

It has been absolutely beautiful here.  Warm and sunny and lovely.  Perfect actually.  I can't imagine living where it is cold.  It's gets cold here but only into the 40's for a few hours several times a year and that's way too much for me but better than real cold with snow and stuff.  I seriously do not believe I could live in the cold again.  I guess if I had to I could but I for sure wouldn't like it.

I know I haven't been around to blogs much lately but I promise I will do better soon.  At least I'll try my best.  It seems like I am always going from one thing to another and my time is not managed very well.  

Have a fabulous Thursday y'all.  I will too, for sure.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Roche' wanted his wig back again.  He's a fickle little thing.  Sometimes he loves to be bald, he says it's sexy and then other times he wants long flowing locks.  And Roche' always gets what he wants in my house.

So the poker dinner was very nice, everyone seemed to like the lasagna and salad and bread.  I won sixty bucks too so that was a plus!

Today I will be at the hospital most of the day with the mayor while his bride has her surgery.  I don't want him to be alone and she didn't either so we decided it would be good to sit there.  

I still have not definitely made up my mind about my surgery but I am leaning towards doing it and I left my deposit with them.  

I guess that's all I know for now but I'm hoping your Wednesday will be fabulous.  Mine too!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tonight is poker and my dinner.  I'm ready for it too.  All I have to do is put the lasagna in the oven to bake and the bread and chop the salad stuff.  The hard part is all done now.  I even made Red Velvet cupcakes.  I think I'll slide off my diet a bit today but not to worry because Andre' will be whipping my a$$ this morning pretty good.

I am really loving the bike so far.  It's different from the gym and the pool and gives me an extra source of exercise and it gets my in the fresh air.  It's been so beautiful out lately, sunny and a breeze and not too hot.  Perfect for bike riding although a bit cool for swimming.

Last night I was invited out for dinner by the mayor and his lovely bride and it was fabulous.  Just fabulous.

Guess that's it from me today y'all.  Hope your Tuesday is totally tits.  Mine will be for sure!

Monday, January 19, 2015

So yesterday I had a nice lunch with the duck and we went to Winn Dixie since our Publix is now closed for about 10 months to redo it.  I was actually pleasantly surprised.  I had not been inside a Winn Dixie for many years and it was clean and the prices were good and the food was fresh and the staff were helpful.  Tits to them.

Then when I came home I had a half hour bike ride.  I was still sore from the day before so I didn't ride an hour.  I'll build up those muscles soon enough though.  

Today I am making the lasagna for tomorrow's poker dinner so all I will have to do is bake it on Tuesday and make the salad and garlic bread.

Today I have my appointment with Dr. Wacks and I still don't have all the cruise weight off so he will be disappointed I know but I'll do it for sure.  I refuse to not do it.

Tuesday night is our seasonal dinner at poker so today I made sauce for lasagna and will take two trays of that and one tray of salad and garlic bread and red velvet cupcakes for break.  We rake $15.00 a week for refreshments and I collect the money and buy the sodas and snacks and when money is left over we have a dinner, maybe twice a year.  Anyway this week is it so I was busy with that.

That's it from my world.  Hope your day is totally tits.  Mine will be I know!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

We just had our trees trimmed.

I took these photos while I was out bike riding yesterday.  I rode almost an hour but only in the parking lots around me.  I was a bit shaky at first but got a bit better as I went along.  The seat was much too high for me so I got that lowered and the bike is still really big for me but I think I can handle it now.  I really liked being out there riding in the sunshine and the breeze on my face and no one bothering me, just me and my thoughts.

So what was I thinking?  About the possibility of the facial surgery.  I have about decided to do it.  I know three people that have had it done and all three of them said to go for it, that I would not be sorry.  I also know some of my local gal pals will have some negative things to say, mostly behind my back I'm sure but my real gal pals will be supportive and helpful.  

I also found out we have a "bike room" downstairs that I didn't know about so it's safely locked up in there now and no longer in my living room in my way.  Yay.  Did I enjoy the bike ride?  Yes, very much.  It was nice out but too cool to swim so it was a perfect exercise for me.

That was my day, how was yours?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I have been trying to decide whether to discuss this or not but what the hell?  Here goes.  I saw a plastic surgeon yesterday.  I have not decided anything yet but I am really unhappy with loose skin on my neck and face and that very cute dentist knows a plastic surgeon who is amazing and sent me there.  I took D#1 with me to help me ask questions and make a decision.  The final result?  She thinks I should not do it.  The cute dentist thinks I should not do it.  I think I should.  So now I have a big decision to make and I will but I need to do some serious thinking.

Let me tell you what TCD (the cute dentist) said to me.  Are you ready for this?  (That man is so sweet it makes my teeth hurt!)  He said "Did he tell you that you were the most beautiful woman that ever walked into his office and tell you there was no way to improve on that?"  I said no, he told me all the things he did want to do.  TCD said "I can't believe that.  No one should touch that face."  Sigh... I swear I really don't know what to do.  Other than hug TCD!

So I am not telling you this for opinions, I'll make the decision myself after I think it through but rather I am telling you this because it is part of my life and that's what I write here.  But if I do decide to do it I will tell you all about it including the costs.  You know I always do!

D#1 is home again now and I am alone again but it was an amazingly lovely visit.  

Today I shall ride that bike!  My first encounter on it and I hope I don't fall on my Bee-Hind.  I'll see if there is anything pretty to photograph while I am out and about!  Have a great day.  I shall too.  I have a bunch of things to think about.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Well D#1 is leaving this evening but we have had a very nice visit and she had some major dental work done.  I got some major hugs from that cute dentist too.  He said he was going to buy a bike so we could go riding.  Cool.

Today I will spend the day with my wonderful daughter so I won't be around much.  Not sure when she is coming again, maybe three or four weeks.  

I need to look at some cruises again I think.  Or something.  Anyway I have to get myself doing something because I am really getting bored with cards.  Maybe I should stop playing for a few months and then see if I want to start up again.  Not sure yet.  But I do plan on riding that bike quite a bit all weekend.  What are your plans?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Well I am ready to ride now, I have all I need to get on the road.  My lock, my helmet, my basket, and my pink bike.  Tits, huh?  It's a used bike that has been reconditioned and I got it for fifty bucks, totally cool!

D#1 got here on time and we had a nice visit and today I take her to that cute dentist's office and pick her up a few hours later.  I'll get a hug from him both times too!  I know I will.  I always do.  Best part of the day.

Hopefully she'll feel good enough to have dinner out tonight too with the mayor and his bride if she is feeling good enough too.  If not we'll at least visit with her.

Cat wants to see Sandy too of course.  We have to pack in everything is a short time because she never stays long.  We'll get it all done.  

So that's my world today, how is yours?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Did I show you this before, I can't remember and I'm to lazy to go look but this is my pool at night.  Yesterday Andre' kicked my butt royally but I did manage to do it all and then swim for half an hour so I had a good day.  He asked me why I didn't go to the gym on the ship and I told him it was broken.

Then (thanks my Canadian friend Judy) I got a good luck charm in the mail and I won pretty good at poker last night!  Life is good y'all.  Really it is.

Today Steve and Jane come and shine up my condo and tonight D#1 comes and tomorrow I get to see that cute dentist again plus I plan on riding my bike!  I'll show you pictures of it soon.

So that's what's happening in my world.  How is yours?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I don't think I showed you this before, it was dessert at Cucina.  The cannolis were so good, I mean the best ever good, yes, that good.  Freshly made and crunchy shells that snapped when you bit them.  You got two because they were really small.

Today it's back to the ever helpful Andre' where he will whip me back into shape hopefully.  He texted me on the cruise to see if I had been working out and when I said I had not he said he would be ready to fix that Tuesday so bad for me!

Then tonight is poker.  I hope I break my losing streak.  It's getting bad now, it's been quite a few weeks since I was a winner.

Then tomorrow D# 1 will be here and I'll get to see that cute dentist for a bit.  That's always fun.  I'll get a good hug then too.  That guy can hug like nobody's business I tell you.

I have been doing good with the Fitbit.  Did I tell you I got that for Christmas?  I don't think I did come to think of it.  Well D#1 gave us all one and we can all see how the rest are doing.  The duck is currently in first place.  He's trying hard to exercise.  I want to get my bike out and show it to you too.  Soon I will.  The helmet and bike lock are here now so it's time for me to ride.

Guess that's all I know for today y'all.  Life is good in my world.  Very good.  I hope it is in your world too!

Monday, January 12, 2015

I posted this video on Facebook but in case you are not there - this is what it's like on a cove balcony.  It's a bit loud but the sound of the ocean is so soothing!

Well it's back to reality for me today.  Yesterday I did all the laundry and had a nap and ate very healthy to try to get off the weight I gained the past eight days.  I really didn't watch myself much on the cruise as I normally do and when I stepped on the scales I actually gasped!  Yikes, that's it folks.  Back on the Bee Bandwagon for me with vengeance. 

D#1 will be here on Wednesday for some more dental work so that will be fun, she will only be here a few days but I'll take any I can get for sure.  Gosh how lucky am I.  I just had my son for eight days and now I get to have my daughter!

So have a wonderful Monday and a great new week y'all.  I surely will too!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Home sweet home, and a recap!

Sail and sign card!

Mmmm, dessert!

Random hallway

The Breeze is testing a new Internet plan.
It's fabulous!

Pierre, the Hotel Director

Matt, the Cruise Director

Lido pool on port day

Piano bar hat

Lido pool again

The duck!

This photo is amazing actually.
It is TWO hotel directors and one Bee!
Nikhil from the Carnival Ecstasy came aboard
in Nassau where his ship was docked just
to see me!

Steak house filet!  Amazing steak really.