Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 11
Dr. Pinsky had the stitches above my eyes and under my chin and in front of my ears removed.  All the rest and the staples are coming out on Friday.  I'll tell you the truth it sure feels good to have some of them gone and I am anxious to have the rest out soon.  They are more annoying than painful.

I had a lovely "goodbye" dinner with Sandy and Dick last night, they are heading back to Podunk real soon.  

Yesterday I sat outside in the shade for my half hour and I love it.  I am longing to get in the pool though but I have more than four weeks to wait on that.  Andre' too, more than four weeks.

Tonight I am going to poker.  D#1 is coming into town too as she has an appointment with TCD on Wednesday so I'll get another good hug there.  

And that's the total of what happened in my world.  What about yours?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Day 10

I put on a tiny bit of makeup on the two remaining bruises as I was going out to the Fern House last night.  And lipstick and a tiny bit of eyebrow pencil.  That's all.  Still swollen but less every day.  If I wear my hair curly it covers up the staples pretty much.

Hopefully some or all of them will come out today as I have another appointment with Dr. Pinsky.

Then Tuesday I am going to poker and Wednesday I am playing Mahjong and possibly canasta on Thursday, not sure about that yet.  Busy week!  Hope I am up for it but I think I am.

Have a lovely Monday and whole new week y'all.  I will too, that you can count on!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day nine.  Only lipstick, nothing else on my face.
The marks on the top of my forehead will go away soon too.
There is still swelling but not as much.

A cute couple of square boys wrote to me too!  Yert to them!

Today is going to be a busy one.  First the duck is picking me up and we are going to do our Sunday routine.  Next I will have a little time to rest after that and then I have to (translation: want to) cook for TCD and drop that off to him on my way to the Fern House with my GGF for a nice presentation speaker.  I am looking forward to that too.  So it sounds like a nice Sunday around my house!  I wanted to cook dinner for TCD because of all he has done while I was not able.  He is such a doll really.  And don't ask why I don't just have him over to dinner.  I don't know the answer.  Sigh...

So yesterday I got up my courage to get on the scale for the first time since the surgery and guess what?  I actually weigh less than before!  Not much but a bit and I really thought I had gained as I am doing no exercise except light walking and I have eaten pretty much what I wanted but since I only had healthy things in the house that did help!

Have a totally lovely day y'all!  I will too, you know that for sure!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

This is my GGF (Jean it means Good Gay Friend) who had me up to his apartment for dinner last night so I didn't have to leave the building.  He's a wonderful neighbor as is the Mayor and the Governor.  I am a lucky girl for sure.  And again Jean he is a CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant).  I helped him with his resume and it's pretty good. 

His apartment is a twin to mine and directly above me but they are as different as day and night.  Where mine is all pink and girly his is more sleek and lots of marble and granite and very masculine.  You'd never know the floor plans were identical if you just looked at them both.  And where I have my den he has it closed off as another bedroom.

I got the sweetest card in the mail from Paul and Mary Lou yesterday, a get well card that Paul made himself.  A keeper!

D#1 will be here again in a few days.  She's going to be surprised how far I have progressed I think.  I really can't believe it myself.

So maybe I'll be back on schedule to post at midnight again.  I'll try!  Have a great weekend.  I will too, for sure!

Friday, March 27, 2015

If you knew Sarge you knew he loved to cook and especially breakfast!  Well I saw this and thought how much he would have loved trying it.  He loved to cook so many things in the waffle iron!  Cornbread, cake, grilled cheese, even (gasp!) waffles!  Anyway I thought this was a fabulous idea and thought I'd pass it along to you.  Have you cooked anything lovely in a waffle iron?  The duck makes his breakfast in one sometimes, he uses croissant refrigerator rolls in one and puts an egg on them as a sandwich.

My bruising hasn't changed today and I think I am slightly more swollen but not worried, I just need to lay back, relax, use ice, and pamper myself a few more days.  I really thought I'd be out today but sadly, no, not yet.  Soon though!

My GGF is coming to see me later today.  He needs help with his resume' and that is something I CAN do.  He is a CNA and such a caring person I know he will be fabulous to whoever is lucky enough to get him as their aide.  

That's it from my world today y'all.  Hope your day is lovely!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

One eye is still swollen more than the other, that's ok they say. Chin and cheeks are still swollen too. I am trying hard to drink more water, that should help. The bruising is much better, it's been one week today. Still no makeup, that will be a while I think. I do put sunblock on my forehead and cheeks when I am anywhere outside and try to stay out of the sun. 

I slept much better with the drain gone but there way some seeping on the sheets. I wash them every day anyway so it's okay. 

I'm just me, wherever I go and whatever I do.  I don't feel as scary as I was before and I actually feel wonderful. I'd love to exercise but can't yet. 

That's it from my world!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hurrah the drain is gone!  I swear I thought they were going to lift me out of the chair yanking on it but it wasn't too bad and I sure am glad not to have it. Every time I moved my head it pulled a tiny bit, not really pain but "a pain" if you know what I mean.

The Mayor took me to the doctor both times and brought me hamburger(s) afterward that he cooked outside.  I have fabulous neighbors and especially because his lovely bride doesn't mind.  She knows there is nothing going on and we are friends.

I can drive now too.  Things are only six days out as I type this so it's pretty amazing considering all I had done.  

This is me today, the swelling under my chin is fluid which will go away on it's own.
There is still tape on my forehead holding stitches out of my eyes.
Some of the stitches will come out on Monday.
Almost all of my discoloration is gone already.
Just some around the eyes and still some swelling.

And this is Ayla, my granddaughter "being me".
She says we are twins now.
I agree.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 24th

Beautiful flowers from Paul and Mary Lou!

I enjoyed my time outside again but no one else was there today.  It was warm with a slight breeze and it felt fabulous to sit out there in the shade for my half hour.  

Nothing else new, just did my chores, changed my bed, ate healthy, and rested.  Back soon my dears!

Monday, March 23, 2015

I got an A+ at the doctor but my stitches and drain are still in until I go back on Wednesday.  I got permission to sit in the shade at the pool for thirty minutes with a hat, glasses and sunblock. It was lovely sitting out there. No makeup yet though. I still have no pain, I don't know if that is normal or not but it's great for me anyway.

I'll post here and there as I can.  Be well my dears...


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Don't look if you don't want to see the photo!

Really, move on if you don't want to see.

Still here?   Okay then.

Ok, if you got this far this was taken today, day three.  I have no pain really, only taking Tylenol and it is tender of course,  I still have a drain and it is still tight from being a bit swollen but I would definitely do it again. I have spent $26,000 so far and think this is very fair for all I had done, upper and lower eyes, brow lift, full facelift with neck. That cost included the hospital stay overnight. 

I am alone now and able to take care of myself fine. I still have clean sheets daily because of bacteria and bathe of course daily. I am eating healthy and resting quite a lot. 

Tomorrow I go back to see the surgeon and I will let you know what he says. 

That's it from my world.  Hope I didn't freak you out too much!


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Home and happy!

TCD brought me this lovely orchid arrangement and chicken soup and held my hand. What a lucky gal I am to have D#1, the duck, and TCD in my life!

So... The surgery was more than seven hours and went very well. He is a perfectionist and that's what you want in someone doing this kind of procedure on you.

Let me know if you want photos, I don't mind but it's a bit scary still right now. My left eye does not close all the way because of swelling. My headache was really the worst if it and that is much better now.

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. Y'all rock.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I think if you scroll down on Dr. Pinsky's page and read a bit you will see why TCD told me not to go to anyone else.  Besides all the great things written about him he has a wonderful personality and gives great hugs too.  Not as great as TCD but great nonetheless.  I wonder why it is that the doctors hug me?  Anyway I loved it.

I am all ready to go on Thursday at o-dark-thirty.  Seriously I have to be there at 5:30 in the morning!  There really is such a time!  Who knew?  D#1 flies in today and I'll pick her up and we'll be ready to go on Thursday morning.  Maybe we'll even get to see the duck!

If anyone is interested in knowing more about this including the cost I don't mind telling you at all.  I know some people say it's not polite to talk about money but if you want to know I'll be happy to tell you.

I guess that's about it but don't be alarmed if I don't post for a few days.  Sandy can tell you in the comments here because she'll know that I am fine and I know I will be.  See you soon! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday means Andre' and today is a whole body workout.  He said I am going to get a hard workout because it's the last one for six weeks.  Then possibly the pool and then poker.  Busy day!

I was reviewing all I have to do to make sure I am doing it right and started thinking about the fact that he is removing fat from my belly and putting it in my face.  Really?  It took me so long to get rid of the fat in my face!  But I trust him and I'll let him do what he thinks is best.

I am on the part now where I have to bathe twice daily with antibiotic soap and wash my sheets every day.  He wants as little bacteria as possible.  I even have to do my hair every day now and not put anything on it like styling gel or spray.  No perfumes (which I would never do anyway), no deodorant, no lotions or creams. Nothing.

I had a very nice dinner last night with Sandy and Dick.  Probably the last one before they go back to Podunk for the summer.  They leave in two weeks.  I saw their cute little Prius too.  

Have a wonderful Tuesday y'all.  I will too even if I am going to get beat up! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

I took this photo as I left TCD's parking lot yesterday (and yes, I was there again!), you can see the start of his dock.  It was a beautiful day!  I used to live just a few doors south of this before I moved where I am now.

Today's calendar is empty!  You saw that right, empty!  I love having an empty calendar on a Monday when it's warm and sunny so you will find me at the pool in case you are looking.  I already did all my chores and have the day completely off.  I even did all my ironing!  Cleaned out under the sink, lots of chores done.  Why?  I have no idea.  I just got going and couldn't seem to stop.

Guess that's all I know today.  I seem to be having a stupid brain spell.  Hope your Monday is totally tits.  Mine will be, no doubt about it!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The pool was lovely yesterday and then I got to spend the afternoon with TCD!  I had my teeth cleaned by the new hygienist and I liked her very much.  Then after she left we talked for a few hours and then it was time for me to come home and fix dinner and end the day with a smile on my face. 

Today I get to see the duck and do my last grocery shopping before the surgery.  I have already gotten some soups, jello, stuff like that plus TCD said he is going to bring me soup from TooJays.  He has never come to my apartment before.  I wonder if he'll drop it at the doorman's desk or bring it up? lol

It's March and the month is half over already.  I think it's about spring everywhere but it's nearly summer here.  The pool thermometer said it was 85°yesterday but to be honest it didn't feel that warm.  It was, however, warm enough to get in and exercise.  By the time I am able to swim again it will really be warm and lovely!  Best time of the year.

That's all I have y'all.  Hope you have a fabulous Sunday.  I know I will, no doubt about it!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Well plans change.  Sandy and Dick were so gracious
when the duck called me at the last minute
with tickets to The Kravitz Center.
They completely understood that I couldn't
turn down two aisle seats eighth row orchestra!
The show was SOOOOO good too!
So this is the governor (of the pool) that
was nice enough to take me.

The Cole Porter songs were so good and the cast did an amazing job.  I truly loved it.

So I had a talk with Andre' about next Tuesday being my last session for six weeks and he said he is going to do a whole body workout then and will plan what to do when I get back.  He really does know what he is doing and won't hurt me.

That's all I know for today y'all.  Hope your Saturday is fabulous.  Mine will be for sure!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Well I sure had a great day yesterday, first I had my hair done and my pedicure so I can pass hospital toe inspection (thanks Sandy for reminding me about that! Whew!) and then I had a nice trip to Whole Foods for some yummy organic veggies that I want to roast and then I had a great dinner out in a new restaurant with my GGF (good gay friend that I call Ryan because that is his name).  No boring day for me! Oh, and Ryan's nickname is the Senator!  How cool is that?  Now we have a mayor, a governor, and a senator, and of course an empress in the building.

Tonight I am having dinner with Sandy and her sweet hubby too.  Three days, three dinners out.  Can't beat that with a stick.  Well unless you have to get on the scales that is but I'll be good soon.  Really good.  In fact I won't even be able to eat for a while I don't think.

You do realize it's Friday the thirteenth, right?  I wonder why people think that is unlucky.  It's always been a good day for me.  I wonder how most superstitions get started.

I had all my post-op prescriptions delivered yesterday.  There are lots of them too.  Lots of creams and pills.  Oh well, I will do whatever he tells me to do.

Have a fabulous Friday y'all.  I will too.  I have a date with Andre' to beat me up and then the pool and then my dinner out.  How fun is that day?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Today I get my hair done for the last time for about six or seven weeks, I'll be able to wash it a few days after the surgery but not color it for a while.  I'm getting the toes prettied up a bit too.  I usually do my own mani/pedi (now that I can reach my feet!) but once in awhile I get them done professionally.

Everyone is asking me if I am getting nervous now.  I'm not really but I would say I am getting an anxious feeling. But all in all I do feel good about the whole thing.  I have complete trust in the doctor and all of his staff and I am not familiar with the hospital but I know he wouldn't use it if it wasn't fine.

It has been warm and lovely here, sunny and in the 80's.  You know I love that!  I hope it stays that way forever.

That's it from me today y'all.  Hope your Thursday is totally tits.  Mine will be.  For sute!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

So finally here is the kitchen.

It's small so it's hard to photograph.

But it's functional and I sort of like it.

Andre' did everything in sets of 50 yesterday instead of three sets of 20 and it was much harder to do 50 straight.  Much harder.  Then I had to do my water jogging for 50 minutes and finally I was back in the pool.  It felt wonderful!

I was so tired I could barely stay awake at poker but I made it.  I put eighty in and took seventy eight out so I lost two bucks.  Not bad for a night of fun.

Then I had some lovely texts from TCD so that made my evening really nice.  And that, my lovely friends, is all I have in my head today.  Have a great Wednesday and don't forget Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It was a beautiful but breezy day, bright sun and lovely and I got everything done that I had hoped except for the swim, it just wasn't warm enough, mid 70's.  The appointment with Dr. Wacks went fine and I had lost three pounds in the last month, the blood work is sent to the lab, the EKG was fine.  

Next up was the tax people, it took almost two hours there but it's done and filed for another year.  And bless bess, I didn't owe anything more.  Yay me.

Then I stopped on the way home from that to get the car washed, it was really dirty. 

I hadn't eaten anything yet for the day as the blood work was fasting and I was so hungry by this time (after 2:00) I was really tempted to stop somewhere and eat something delicious but bad for me but I resisted and came home and had a chicken sandwich instead.  

And so, my friends, I was in my nightgown by 2:45.  Some exciting life I lead, lol!

Today I get to go see Andre' and I have to break the news to him that I will be out for six weeks!  I hate that because I will be so out of shape it will be like starting all over but I think it will be worth it when it's done.  I hope so anyway.

That's my day, how's yours?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Pantry cleaned out!

Freezer cleaned out!

Boy yesterday was a productive day!  I finally got off my duff and got two jobs done that I had procrastinated on way too long.  Lots of stuff was tossed too.

The duck has a cold again so I didn't get around him because I am not taking any chances before the surgery.

Today I have my pre-surgical clearance from Dr. Wacks and then if I get done early enough I'm going to go see if they can do my taxes.  I hope so because it's getting late and I won't be able to go after the surgery.  I have to get blood work, an EKG, all that kind of krap.  I already had my chest xray a few months ago and they said that was fine.

If I get back from those two things early enough I might be able to go to the pool too.  Three activity days are difficult but the last one is fun so I'll try to manage! lol

Today my firstborn is fifty.  How did that happen?  She was just a tiny little curly headed girl babbling on about everything under the sun.  She's so quiet as an adult but as a child she was anything but!  You know I think when a parent has a child that has a milestone birthday that the parent (mother!) should have cake!  

Have a totally tits Monday y'all.  I will too, you know I will!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sorry I didn't notice the box by the door until I had already uploaded this and the I was too lazy to do it over.  Anyway I like this one because it shows the moulding. The top is self explanatory but if you haven't seen the bottom yet let me tell you what they did.  It had the usual little strip of moulding and they added a small strip about three inches above it and then painted the whole thing white so it really does look like some big time moulding.  I thought that was such a good idea and cost almost nothing.

It rained all day yesterday and I almost had something wonderful to do but at the last minute it fell through.  TCD called and asked me to come to his office while he interviewed a new hygienist to let her clean my teeth and see if she is any good.  At the last minute her husband called he with an emergency so she had to leave.  He asked me if I can come another day this coming week and yes, of course I can.  Anyway he was very sweet.

Today I get to have my lunch with the duck and go grocery shopping.  I love my time with him and count on it every week.  It's supposed to rain again.  Too bad because it's warm and the pool water is warm and soon I won't be able to get in it so these last days I really want to.  Anyway the six weeks will fly by and then I'll have to start over pretty much with the training and exercise but have no fear, I'll do it.

Have a wonderful Sunday y'all.  You know I will too.  I always do!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Now all of my doctors have a coffee machine but Dr. Pinsky goes further, much further.  Not only is there any kind of coffee you could want there are also ceramic cups, not styrofoam, and the napkins are embossed in gold with his name and there is water and lots of kinds of sodas as well.  Of course for what he charges I would expect no less.  My appointment was over two hours with photographs, measurements, instructions, and when I got done he hugged me!  I was surprised but pleased.

I'm not sure what I am going to do today because it is supposed to rain all weekend.  Maybe I'll cook or let my fingers do the walking at some shopping sites or do something I should do like my closet or my freezer or my pantry all need cleaning out.  They are just not jobs that I like to do so I put them off.  As long as I can actually!

Oh, I forgot to tell you Dr. Pinsky said no gym for six weeks and no pool for six weeks.  That was almost enough to get me to change my mind but I didn't.  It will go by fast but I sure will miss both of those activities.

Have a wonderful Saturday y'all.  I will too, I just don't know how yet!