Thursday, August 29, 2013

Good morning sunshine!  What a beautiful start to a lovely new day.  So yesterday I went for my teeth cleaning and they discovered a missing filling in a tooth that had a root canal.  It's a tiny hole and that's why I didn't notice it was missing.  Well they said it can easily get bacteria in there so I have to go next week to get it filled.  That was the first they could do it.  I like my dentist very much.

Then I went to maj and didn't win money but I did maj twice.  It was a nice game and we had a good time.

I heard a cute joke too.  This guy decides he wants a pet but he lives in a no pet building.  He went into a pet store and found a caterpillar that he just fell in love with.  The salesman said it was a talking caterpillar too.  He buys it and takes it home and just loves the little thing.  He says to it "do you want to go to church?" and it doesn't answer.  He says it again only louder this time.  Again it doesn't answer.  For the third time he yells it and the caterpillar looks up and says to him "I heard you the first time.  I'm putting on my shoes."

So on that note I'll let you move on to other things in your glorious new day.  Make it a great one!  I will too.


  1. Speaking of pets, how is Roche?

    Are you going to get the natural tooth colored enamel in the hole in the filling?


  2. Now that is a cute joke! Got a chuckle outta me!

  3. Chuckles! Just love your attitude. All your days are glorious because of you!

  4. I wonder if they have pet rock jokes? :D Beautiful sky! That's a lovely sky! Almost as good as a sunrise at sea!

    big hugs xoxo

  5. I like my dentist too but I don't like having dental work! ;)

    Cute joke. :)

  6. Bee, I love that joke and can't wait to tell it.:) Your morning sunshine picture is so pretty. I am going to my dentist today ...I am getting a flipper till my implant heals and I get the implant next week. gaaaa I am almost sick thinking of it. This is too long a story to write. Enjoy your beautiful day. xoxo,Susie

  7. Good sunny morning Bee. I like my dentist also. This morning I went and got my blood test. They took three tubes of my important blood. I'm a little dizzy this morning. I guess I'm a dizzy person. Have a great day my wonderful friend.


  8. I'm putting on my shoes. Bwahahahahahahaha. Yep, need to ask the day before you want to go anywhere.

    Lovely shot.

    You'll have that filling back in in no time. Good for you. Can't have that hole unprotected.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. My best to Roche. ☺

  9. That reminds me, I need to put on my shoes, too!

    Have a great day. Big hugs, honey...

  10. Ciao!!!
    Yes you let us smiling, your daily posts always are light, humorful and your opinions are so cute and nice!!!

    Have a sunny afternoon!

    Big hugs!

  11. I had two cavities inside two fillings filled this week. My fillings are super old and huge so I guess they are breaking down. I detest spending money on dentistry but I do like having teeth. Have a great day.


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