Monday, March 31, 2014

Gosh it was another beautiful day.  It was supposed to rain but it didn't.  And I got invited to dinner (and CAKE!) at the home of the (self appointed) mayor's (of the pool) house for a wonderful dinner cooked by his gracious and sweet wife and the cake was SOOOOOO good.  Well the dinner was excellent too but you know me and cake.  And the frosting was not too sweet, just like I like.  I got to bring home a big piece too so I'll have it several more times.  It was his birthday dinner and his grandson's too and his daughter was there.  I was so thrilled to be asked!  Really nice people.

Today is the day I go get my taxes done.  I am bringing them muffins.  Last year I tried to tip them but they wouldn't take it and they said next year to bring them some treat so that's what I got them.

The Walmart was a zoo yesterday, we even had to park way down the line it was so crowded but I got everything I needed including the florescent bulb for my kitchen and I even changed it myself!  I didn't know I was so handy but I am learning to do more and more.  I know changing a bulb isn't a big deal but it's the long kind and I just never did it before.  It took me several tries to get it twisted in there just right but dang it, it's working perfectly.

Today is the letter "C".  Charlie, Chuck, Cat (D#!), Carnival, cruises (right Jon?), cantaloupe, chilled soups, CAKE!, caramel, coffee,  cats, crayons, cream, catsup, chips, diet Coke, chartreuse, chunky jewelry, Clark's shoes, and chocolate.

So that's it from me today y'all.  Have a great Monday.  Mine will depend on what the tax people tell me I owe! (Kidding, it'll be great!)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gosh I lost over ten bucks yesterday at canasta.  An unmitigated disaster!  Kidding, it was still a cheap day and a whole lot of fun.  We laughed so much, it was a lovely day.

The letter of the day today is "B" so here goes... bees! brunch, butter pecan ice cream, buttered popcorn, well - butter!, bluebirds, banana bread, well most any bread!, biscuits (I had one this week!), bedtime, blueberry muffins, and the big bang theory!

Today I shall be with the duck and hopefully the pool afterward if the weather is nice.  It's plenty warm but raining as I type this.  Some storms are running through.  I took the photo above two mornings ago when I woke up early.  It was so pretty, almost foggy but the colors were lovely.  I truly live in paradise and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else on earth.

My 50th high school reunion is coming up in November.  In Baltimore.  It's cold in November in Baltimore.  I doubt I'll go.  I do not like cold.  We'll see, no promises either way yet.  My graduating class was over 600 students and I have not kept in touch with anyone really.  I got married and moved away and had a military life moving about and it just didn't happen.

Guess that's about it from me today.  Hope your Sunday is totally tits.  Mine will be for sure!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

My orchid from Jody is blooming again!  This is the fourth time.  It's so lovely.

I decided to do something new, I am going to go through the alphabet and say what makes me happy and I am thankful for.  (Y'all. I forgot, a preposition is something you never end a sentence with!)

Anyway, today's letter is 'A' and here goes:  (in no particular order) Apple computers, phones, and iPads, apples, aqua oceans, avocados, Allegiant (the final book in the Divergent series), azaleas, air conditioning, art,, air, and my amazing life.  Do you have any to add to the list?

Today will find me in the card room with my canasta gals.  Hopefully earning a dollar or two and not losing much.  I hope your Saturday is as good as mine and that you have lots of "A" things that you love.

Friday, March 28, 2014

I decided I'd like to look at a cruise ship today.  I have to go see Andre' and get my fat bee-hind back in some semblance of shape again.  I have not been too good lately and it's changing now.  Right now.  Today I have to pay for ten more sessions - #31-40.

So the duck has decided that he cannot go on the cruise with D#1 and I May 4th because of his job so I called Carnival and they actually gave me onboard credit for his fare.  They did not have to do this as we are past final payment date (read: no longer refundable) so thank you Carnival, once again you came through for me.  

Oh, I didn't tell you about the seminar yesterday.  It was so boring my teeth went to sleep but I got my certification to be on the board over and done.  The lunch wasn't bad though.  There was lots of swag up for grabs and raffles that I didn't win.  The best thing I can say about it is that it's over.

It's warm again but rainy so I may not get to swim after Andre' but if the sun is out I'll be at the pool.  And it's Friday so I know y'all love that.  Roche' says he loves it too but I have no idea why.  I don't think he does either but he hears people say it so he says it too.  He's my little rock-a-baby.

Have a lovely day my friends, I surely will too.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Roche' saw a guy with no hair and lots of muscles and he liked him so he took off his wig.  For now.  But he won't give up that sparkly thong!

I got lots of errands done yesterday, mundane stuff like the car wash, the ups store, the cable company to return a cable box for a different kind, stuff like that.  

March of almost over.  It's spring.  Why is it so cold?  I never got warm yesterday, I think the high was only 65°or so and that lasted about four minutes before it dropped again.

Today I have a seminar to attend on condo board stuff.  I am going with the (self appointed) mayor (of the pool).  I don't think it'll last too long but it's too cold to swim anyway so I might as well sit in a conference room and hear a lecture.

Then tomorrow is my 31st session with Andre'.  I just can't believe how much less I could do after one week on the cruise away from him.  I got tired so much faster.  I guess it's really important not to take time off from training.

I guess that's all I know for today y'all.  Hope your day is totally tits and mine too!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Found it!

Yup!  I found my sponge!  It was wedged between the covered stool and the oven.  How it hopped over to the other side of the kitchen is beyond me but I got it back.  I think Roche' had a hand in it.  It's almost April Fool's Day and I think he might be practicing his little tricks.

Oh, and at poker last night everyone asked me to bring him next week.  He doesn't have any money but they said that was alright, he could just watch.  He's all excited about it now.  He keeps asking me how many more days.

The Chinese food was pretty good and I didn't eat too much of it either but I did eat some.  I also lost a bit of money but not too much.

Today Steve and Jane come and make my condo sparkle.  I am so lucky to have them.  I keep it pretty good in between their visits but they just make it shine and I love that.

I don't have any games today and it's chilly, way too chilly to swim so I have to find something else to get into.  I like to leave while they are cleaning too so I am out of their way.  Maybe I'll wander over to that outlet mall and have a stroll around.  Sounds like a plan to me.

Have a wonderful Wednesday y'all.  I promise I will too...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Well today is my date with the torturer Andre' for some fun and giggles hard work.  I could have gone to the gym on the ship mind you, I just didn't.  And if it isn't raining when I get done I plan on going to the pool next.

Then tonight they are having a Chinese dinner at poker so that's pretty fattening I think.  I'll try to do my best and eat the lighter stuff.  And then I hope to win some lovely money!

You know how socks get lost somewhere between the washer and the dryer never to return?  Well I wash my dish sponge every day with whatever clothes I happen to be washing that day.  And it disappeared.  I don't put it in the dryer, I don't put lots of things in the dryer.  Well I went to get it and it is just - gone.  Into thin air.  And for some dumb reason I don't have another one.  I had to get a washcloth out to wash my dishes last night.  Where do you suppose things go like that?  I don't usually use the dishwasher because it's only a few things and besides, I really like washing dishes.  I like the feel of my hands in the warm soapy water.  Weird, I know.

And that's all I know for today.  I hope your Tuesday is totally tits.  Mine will be for sure.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Gosh I got lots done yesterday, everything clean and put away, groceries bought, swimming was lovely, just a grand day all around.  And the duck and I had a wonderful seafood lunch.

Now today I am usually off but I got a call to see if I can play canasta to sub for someone so I'm going to be in the card room.  

When I went to the pool yesterday most all of my pool buddies were there.  But none would swim so I had the pool to myself anyway.  I was late getting there because of going with the duck to lunch and Publix.  

People are heading north in flocks now.  As much as I like most of them I can't really say I'm sorry (except for Sandy and Dick).  I do love it here when it's quiet and you can get in anywhere you want and the roads are not so crowded.  The days are long and hot and the pool is quiet and oh so warm.  Yes, my time of year is near!

Have a great day my friends.  I shall have one too!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

some final shots...

Grand Turk from our balcony

 Roche' with his "little umbrella"

Diamond party 

 Brad and Nicole and me

 It was a great week, it really was.  Wonderful crew and fabulous weather, just a bit of rain in Miami as we returned but that soon cleared up and we were off the ship and on our way home by 8:00ish.

It's only about five weeks until the next cruise so I may just keep the suitcase in my closet instead of the storage room downstairs.  I must have done good packing as there was only one top and one pair of shorts that did not get worn.  

Now it's back to reality, no cabin steward, no room service, no casino, no piano bar and late night comedians, no production shows, no dancing waiters.  On the plus side I have my comfy chair, my internet, my pool and my friends here.  It's all good.

Later gators!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

So sorry for no post yesterday, I had no internet.  When I asked them about it they refunded my internet purchase in full.  I told them I had used it for several days and they said that's okay, it's not working so they refunded it.

Here is the one obligatory photo purchase I made.  I always buy one but I have no idea why.  I guess because Sarge and I always did.

So when I got home I went in the pool and exercised and now I have a pot of vegetable soup on the stove.  I have to eat light for some time as I gained 8 pounds in seven days.  Sigh...  but it was good food so I'm not upset about it.  I shall just get back on the bandwagon right now and get it off my butt in a hurry.

Now I will go unpack and do some laundry and get back to normal.  Hope your day is lovely.  Mine sure is!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Grand Turk

Grand Turk! My favorite Caribbean island! Did I get off the ship? No I did not.
instead I went to the pool and had it all to myself.

Nothing like a warm salt water pool on a cruise ship when everyone else is doing other things.

And then Paul asked for more Roche' photos so this one is for him.

Tonight is the party with the Captain. Then a production show and the piano bar, busy night for me!

Hope your day is as good as mine and if it is you are one lucky duck!

Empress Bee

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Can you see the moon?  It was daybreak when we arrived in San Juan.  Very beautiful.  I will admit that after  I took the photos I went back to bed for several more hours while D#1 went ashore and walked to the fort and back, about 5 miles.  

Today is Wednesday so that means the piano bar entertainer is off.  Most ships put someone else in there then but the Liberty just closes it for the night.  I'll find something else fun to do tonight.

Roche' has mostly been a very good  boy.  He knows if he is good he will get a towel animal to play with that night.  He has also made a game of taking the chocolate off the pillows and hiding it. He thinks he is very clever.  And he mostly is I suppose.

Well I'll go for now, I am headed to the adult only pool!  Have a great day my friends.  You know I sure will too!

Empress Bee

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

D#1 last night at dinner.

Red velvet cupcake day on the Lido! My favorite!

Little mounds of deliciousness just waiting for me.

But first was the Guy Fieri burger, no cheese, no bun.

Sandee is this the yacht you asked about? Not sure if it is Cake Walk or not, I did not get off the ship and couldn't see the name.

It's all good in my world, hope your world is the same as mine!

Empress Bee

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Elegant night in the dining room, we had a table by the window looking at the ocean going by while we had a lovely dinner. D#1 had prime rib and I had fish, both were delicious.

The piano bar was hopping on St. Patrick's Day. I left around 11:00 when it got pretty rowdy and last night I stopped by the late show and the casino on my way back to the room.

Today we will be in St. Thomas and i will be either on my balcony looking at the beautiful yachts or in the pool onboard. My day shall be totally lovely. I hope yours is as well.

Empress Bee

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Awww, sweet Brittany. She is making a great cruise director! I like her very much. She's all around the ship, high energy, classy and fun.

Half Moon Key is lovely, about the best beaches anywhere I have ever been.

Sandy And Dick in the piano bar. He is going by Dr. Bell this trip, says he's a proctologist. And I said he left his wife at home and brought his nurse. Fun, love them!

Monday is a sea day and I plan on lounging around and walking the ship. And of course eating.

Roche' has been pretty well behaved.

I am really liking the new Carnival menus. Lots of changes, simpler but the food has really been delicious. I am hoping for red velvet cupcake day soon.

That's about it for me, it was a wonderful day and the evening was lots of fun too.

Empress Bee

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And a good time was had by all...

Dear little Roche' was, at first, disappointed that we had a female cabin steward but after she made him this he likes her now.

This is Seth Gibson at the piano bar, he is excellent! Really excellent!

And we all had a blast. The end.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

The port of Miami!

Yup.  That's where I am headed this morning.  It's the Carnival Liberty seven day Eastern Caribbean.  Half Moon Cay (Carnival's private island), St. Thomas, San Juan, and Grand Turk.  And some sea days tossed in for fun.

We are sad to leave the duck behind this time but he doesn't get that much time off.  I wish he did, he's a lot of fun on a cruise.  But I shall have D#1 who is also lots of fun and Sandy and Dick whom we love!

Come with us and share the good times...  and remember, one day there will be red velvet cupcakes on the Lido!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday!  That means Andre' and since it's a bit too cold to swim maybe a walk too.  I am mostly packed.  It's pretty easy, seven days, one medium suitcase, one small(ish) carryon, done.  Sandy and Dick are picking me up Saturday morning and we shall have some breakfast and then head to Miami where we will meet D#1 on the ship.  Her work schedule is tight so she is just flying straight to and from Miami this time.

I have done my nail and my pedicure and that means I'll pass toe inspection.  You do remember that they won't let you on the ship if your toes aren't pretty, right?  It's really true.  (Maybe.)  (Or maybe not.)

Dear little Roche' is all packed too.  He wanted to take everything he owns again.  He has his little pink bag and it's filled.  He loves to cruise.  Just loves it.  Especially when the cabin steward comes in the room and plays with him.  I think they all do that while I'm out and I think he's napping.  He has quite the little scam going.

So that's it today y'all.  Have a wonderful Friday.  I know I will too.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Red velvet cookies!

I finally got around to baking Paul's cookies that he sent me in the mail.  I waited because if I made them I'd just eat them so I did them yesterday and I took them to the season end cookout where they were a great hit.  Of course Roche' had to get involved!

They are very easy to make and delicious.  One red velvet cake mix, 2 whole eggs, and 1/3 cup oil.  Mix dough and form 1" balls and bake 8-10 minutes at 375°and they smell divine too.  See that top one with the blob of cream cheese frosting?  Well I had to eat that one.  Roche' had a lick.

Today I have lunch with some gal pals and canasta afterwards.  It's cooled down a bit so no pool today.  Have a great Thursday y'all.  I will too.  For sure!