Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gosh it's hot, I know, I like it hot but I also like air conditioning.  And I don't have any.  Still.  Maybe later today, let's hope.  I'll be at the club playing canasta where it is nice and cool for most of the day so it won't be too bad.

So this is the last of July already.  I keep hearing back to school stuff now so it won't be much longer before the snow birds are flying back down here.  It sure has been lovely and quiet this summer and I hope it lasts a bit longer.

Steve and Jane couldn't even clean my apartment yet because it is so hot.  They are planning on coming Friday now and hopefully it will be ready for them by then.  There is no way they could do the work in that heat.  They clean from the ceiling to the floor including the windows most times and that is some mighty hard work.  They steam the floors every time too.  I am so lucky to have found them.  

Roche' liked having his picture on the blog yesterday.  His head is now a bit bigger I think but he's still cute and he's my rock and he keeps me company at night.  He is still deciding whether to go on the cruise with the duck and I or stay with his friend again.  He sure did have a good time last time but he can choose what he wants to do. (omg, I really think I might have lost what's left of my mind but oh well...)

Have a fantastic Thursday y'all.  I will for sure,  I always do.  I love life.  Every day of it.  

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Oh my sweet little rock in his wig and sparkly thong.  He's a pistol for sure.  And that "dot" over his eyes is a purple rhinestone he insisted that I hotglue there.  He's says he's hawt.  So there you go.

We have no a/c in the building again.  Some pipes had to be replaced on the roof so we had to get a crane back here again.  It's in the mid 90's.  Needless to say I spent a good part of the day at (read: in) the pool.  That is after Andre' beat me up at the gym.  When I got all done he said okay fifty sit-ups and then you can stretch.  I am so stubborn I did fifty-five just to show him who's who.  No stinkin' trainer is going to get the best of this gal.  Nope.

Last night I lost a few dollars at poker, not much.  It was very hot there though with no a/c, we had fans but it was pretty vile actually.  I am waterlogged between the pool and so many showers.  Hopefully it will be working soon.

Today I have maj again.  I had such a good week last week I don't expect that to happen again but it sure was fun while it lasted.

Guess that's about all I have in my (sweaty) brain for today y'all.  Hope your Wednesday is totally tits.  Mine will be for sure.  No kidding either!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Imagine you are laying in the sun.  On a lounger.  On a cruise ship.  Slightly rocking back and forth.  It's almost time to go change for dinner and the show.  What to wear?  The black dress or the blue pants suit?  Or maybe the white jeans and black top.  Yes, that's it, that's what I'll wear.  Now what to eat?  The prime rib or the pasta or the fish or the shrimp?  So many choices.  I'll have the fish. 

The cabin steward has freshened your cabin again and changed all your towels for the second time today.  He has made you a towel animal and put chocolate on your pillow.  He has also put tomorrow's schedule there so you can see what you want to do tomorrow too.  

The show is about to start.  It's Ticket to Ride, the Beatles tribute and one of your favorites.  Then the piano bar awaits, the guy singing and playing is rocking the house and the bar staff is busy keeping us all hydrated after a long day in the sun.  Everyone is singing and laughing.  And you might be sitting on the piano. Again.  Possibly.

The cruise director has a treat delivered to your cabin while you are out. 

You stop to thank him on the promenade.

You stop off at the comedy club and decide to have a little umbrella drink while you listen to the comedian.
Then you decide to go for a walk around the top deck and look at the moon.  Oh, wait.  A buffet is opening.  To eat again or not?  So many decisions.  Or there is always the 24 hour pizza and room service.  I know, a slice of pizza from the Pizza Pirate and then milk and warm cookies from room service.  All free of course.  Then a warm shower and a bed that moves with the ocean, just slightly, rocking you to sleep.  

Is that the sun coming up?  Yes it is.  I think I'll have coffee on the balcony and watch that happen.  Time for another day to start and we'll do it all over again.  And again.  And again.

Sorry, I was just daydreaming there for a bit...

Monday, July 28, 2014

So here is the den finished finally.  D for done.  Mrs. (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) covered the pink gingham pillows for me.  Wasn't that sweet?  She sews so beautifully.  Among many other talents.  Oh, and no, I did not steam the covers on the couch.  Yet.  And I may not, I sort of like it that way.  I know, weird for somebody that irons as much as I do right?  Anyway I am so happy to finally have it finished.  Plus it's comfortable and I like the way it looks.  Happy girl, that's me.  Oh wait.  I just noticed I never changed that lampshade to a white one.  Okay, one more thing to do.

And we have the start of a new week today don't we?  Let's all make it a fantastic one.  My week is pretty busy and I like that.  

I have been restless at night lately.  No particular reason, just antsy.  The days are fine but the nights are, well, long.  I know what I need, a cruise.  Three weeks.  Okay I can make it.  I need my nights filled with dinner out, shows, casinos, piano bars, lounges, people, laughter, singing, fun.  The duck is a fantastic cruise buddy.  He stays with me and keeps me company and we laugh and just have a great time.  What a great man I raised.

Hope your week is totally tits.  Mine too...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

D#1 is having a lovely time.  I am so happy for her.  This was taken a few days ago in Dublin.  

So the lottery tickets, I'm not sure until I get to Publix today but I think I won a free ticket by getting two numbers.  Not exactly the big win but not a complete loss either.

Today I get to see old Chuckie duck and that's a good thing.  I feel so fortunate to be able to see him at least weekly.  He's a good son and I am so lucky to have him in my life and D#1 as well.  Both would do anything I need at any time.  You'd think I knew what I was doing when I raised them but I sure didn't.  

Tomorrow I have my pre-physical stuff at Dr. Wacks office, all the blood work, ekg, hearing test, eye test, all the regular stuff then in two weeks I have the two hour appointment with him.  I planned this just right.  I see him the week before the cruise.  Ha. 

Then after that I have my quarterly meeting with my broker.  Things have gone well so I don't see any problems but he likes to keep in touch and he comes to me so I don't have to go there even.  Sarge set me up with him and he looks after me pretty good.

And if it's not too late when we finish I'll get to the pool, if not I'll go Tuesday.  The pool is so sparkling clean and warm and lovely I hate to miss a day.  Exercise in there doesn't even feel like working, it feels like playing.  Oh, and I almost forgot!  I can put my face in the water now!  The (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) is teaching me not to drown.  I think he's doing that so he doesn't have to rescue me if I sink or anything.  That way he can read and not pay any attention to me.

And that, my friends, is all I have in my brain today.  Have a great Sunday.  I will too, that's for sure...  

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Roche' has been a very good boy and wanted me to tell you that and show you how cute he still is so here you go.

I got all of my chores done yesterday, I finished all the ironing and everything else I planned to do too.  I don't know how I let my ironing get this out of hand but I don't intend to do that again, it's too hard to catch up.  And don't forget I actually like to iron.

Any plans for the weekend?  I don't, just lunch with the duck tomorrow and the pool both days.  A quiet lazy weekend.  Frankly I'd rather have some excitement but no, not this time.  

That's one of the great things about being on a cruise ship, there is always something I want to do going on all the time.  And sometimes two or three things at once so I have decisions to make.  Like a show after dinner or a piano bar or a comedy club or the casino or deck parties or movies, just stuff all over the place.  But here it's me and the tv.  And Roche'.

I'll also have to see if today is the day they pick the lottery numbers to see if I can retire buy a cruise ship.  Wish me luck!  Have a great Saturday y'all.  Me too...

Friday, July 25, 2014

August 18th
Carnival Ecstasy

Yes, we are booked.  The duck can get a few days off, it's only a Monday-Friday cruise because that's all he can take off now but that's okay, we'll go and take what we can get.

Today I have Andre' coming to the pool again.  The workout in the pool is really hard but you don't get so hot in the water so I don't mind it.  You just have to drink water because you don't realize you are sweating and you need to keep hydrated.  Luckily Andre' reminds me all the time.

Then I hope to do some stuff in the condo, some laundry, the rest of the ironing, change the bed (again), and put away about twenty or so pairs of shoes that have somehow gotten themselves on the floor of my closet.  I don't know how that happens all the time, they must jump off the shelves while I am sleeping or something.

So it's Friday and you know you love that don't you?  Me?  It matters not a bit.  I just love every day.  Some more than others but I still love them all.  Have a great one and I will too...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

This was the sunrise yesterday morning.  I opened my eyes, looked at this, and decided I had to take a photo.  I didn't open the door so you can see water spots (it rained during the night) on the glass but it's still beautiful.  Paradise actually.

So mahjong.  You are not going to believe this.  I lost three hands the entire day.  Out of thirty.  I was so hot I couldn't lose.  They decided after the big poker win and then the maj win that I needed to buy lotto tickets.  I haven't done this before but I did, ten dollars worth on my way home.  I don't even know when they pick the numbers but if I win I'll let you know.  And if I get half the numbers I think they should give me half the money, right?

Today is canasta.  If I continue my win I probably won't win the lottery though because things happen in threes right?  (kidding)

Oh, another win I almost forgot.  I got into a size 14 pair of jeans yesterday.  I bought them a while back but couldn't get them over my a$$ but now I can.  Score.  I know that's still a big size but it's way smaller than I used to wear so I am a happy girl.

And that, my friends, is all my brain knows today.  Hope you have a wonderful day.  I will.  I intend to smile all day...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You will not believe this but it's true!  I won $203.00 last night at poker!  Holy moly that was a good night for me.

Today I am playing Maj in another building, not my condo or the club.  Hope I continue to do good this week.

I heard a joke at poker if I can tell it right.  This guy is hitting on this gal in a bar and he tells her his watch is magic and he can prove it.  She bites and says okay, show me how your watch is magic.  He says I can tell just by looking at it that you don't have on any panties.  She said that was ridiculous, that she certainly did.  He say not to worry, the watch was just a little fast.

And that is all I have in my brain for today.  Hope your Wednesday is totally tits.  Mine will be for sure.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Well I blatantly stole this off my grandson's facebook page yesterday.  He sure has grown up cute.  I just don't get to see him enough.  Not nearly enough.  And I love that he is wearing a necklace I made and sent him and he didn't know I'd see the photo so that means he really did like it.

I had a most pleasant surprise yesterday, I had a facetime call from London!  How exciting.  The world we live in today is so amazing.  Now we can not only talk to someone halfway around the world but see them at the same time.  And for free.  How the world has changed so much in so little time is beyond me.

So about the funk I was in yesterday.  Sorry.  I'll try not to do that again.  I don't do it often and it stinks when I do.  Actually I'm still in it a bit but pulling myself up as we speak.

Yesterday I had a great workout in the pool with Andre' and today is my regular gym day with him and then Friday he's coming back to the pool again so that's three sessions this week.  My weight loss has stalled again but trust me, I am on it.  Big time.

I got most of the key lime pies made too.  I even made some individual ones for poker snacks for tonight.  I still have to make one for the duck though but since I won't see him until the weekend I'll wait a bit for that.  And I didn't keep any for myself.  Promise!

Guess that's about all I have in my brain for today.  Hope your Tuesday is tits and mine too and don't forget to smile!

Monday, July 21, 2014

I was behind this car at a red light yesterday.  I took out the license number, I don't know why but I've seen other people do it, privacy I suppose.  Anyway it was a warning to stay clear of her and that was good advice too!

So yesterday I saw Jersey Boys again and the whole group I was with loved it.  I just can't imagine how it got panned in the reviews, I thought it was wonderful.  Then we all went for dinner afterward.  The only thing was they were all couples and I was single and it just made me sad when I got home.  I thanked them for letting me join them and they were very gracious to do so and I love them all but I still feel like the fifth wheel in these situations.  Just not enough to say no and stay home!

It's funny how some thing will trigger others.  It's really hard for me to explain.  For so many years I was a "we" and now I am an "I".  Single.  There is that word again.  Now don't get me wrong I am having some fun and enjoying myself but then I go home alone.  It's so foreign to me.  

Oh never mind, I am being silly.  I love my life.  Of course I miss Sarge every single day but I am not unhappy with life at all.  I guess I am just in a bit of a funk as I write this.  It's so unlike me isn't it?  Sorry.

Have a great Monday and new week.  I will to.  I will make it so.  For sure!  Promise!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Yesterday on my way home I stopped in the Fern House because I heard the stones were in and I wanted to see them.  Here are our two.  They are seats on top of a half wall around the whole area.

I let the duck decide what to put on Sarge's stone.  I like what he did.  The entire area is really looking lovely, I'll show you more when it's further along.

So last night I was invited to dinner at a restaurant with a piano bar and so I went (of course) and it was very nice but the piano bar entertainer was on vacation and there was only a guy that was, um, how shall I say it?  A ditz?  I think they got him out of the kitchen.  Anyway we had quite a few laughs and I am glad I went.

Today I am going to see Jersey Boys again, this time with some friends and neighbors.  I really liked it and the music is so good, to me that is the best part.  But first I have lunch with the duck and some grocery shopping.  I have to make a bunch of key lime pies for some people, they brought me back the key lime juice from Key West this week.  It's the only way to make a good pie, the real juice.  If you read the ingredients on the bottle they say: key lime juice.  Period.  That's the good stuff.  Any additives make it bitter and I can't find it without anything else in it anywhere other than Key West or the Keys in general.  Well I take that back, you can buy it on - for $20.00 a bottle plus shipping instead of the four bucks in the keys.

So have a great Sunday my friends.  I will too.  I always do.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

My princess Laura put this on my Facebook page yesterday and I just loved it so much.  Today is another busy one.  Lots of activities going on in my world.  Some fun stuff too and possibly including a piano bar tonight with some neighbors, just good clean fun. 

I just love that I am getting out more now.  I stayed home so many nights for so many years.  I have some things on my calendar that I am really looking forward to doing.  Sadly none of them include a cruise as of yet but have no fear, that will change one day, hopefully sooner than later.  Carnival opened up some more single rates out of Miami and I like the looks of the Breeze where I already know a lot of the crew.  Maybe.

Oh, Andre' is going to come to the pool on Monday for an extra session this coming week.  I am really stepping it up now.  Yesterday I did 45 minutes with him and then an hour in the pool and ate less than 1100 calories for the day.  I did 50 sit ups, 50 leg raises, 50 thingies where you sit, stand and raise weights and repeat 49 more times, then 30 squats and a bunch of other stuff.  He said I did really great.  I barely whined too.  Well, not too much anyway.

Dr. Wacks had better be happy this time.  I see him in a few weeks.  Last time he told me I had a fat a$$ and to knock it off.  In fairness to him I did tell him to tell me when I did though so he was only doing his job.  However I do think he liked saying it a tiny bit too much.

So my dear friends, please make today a fabulous day.  Take a deep breath, smile and have some fun.  You deserve it.  I do too...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry!

And I shall.  I always am aren't I?  Andre' will be beating me up helping me work out at 11:00 and hopefully it won't be raining after that so I can swim a bit.  And it's Friday so I know y'all love that.  Me?  Doesn't matter a twit.  All my days are lovely.  Every one of them.

So yesterday I got lucky and won a buck and a half at canasta and we had some good gal pal laughs.  There was only one other table of ladies in the card room and we were having a good time listening to this one gal drop designer names.  Like none of us ever had a label in our clothes.  It just got so funny after a bit.  Pretentious?  She has plenty.

Oh, and they put my chef salad back on the menu in the grille room!  I was so happy to see that.  One chef would make it for me even when it wasn't on the menu but the other one wouldn't so I'd always have to figure out something else to eat on canasta day.

Remember I told you a while back that the golf course behind me is gone now and a resort is going in there?  Well here is a photo taken yesterday from my terrace showing the work done so far.

What is happening here is dirt removal.  Since it was a golf course for 40 years or so dirt must be removed, between 4 and 15 inches, because of arsenic - I think because of the chemicals they used for so many years as fertilizer, anyway it has to be hauled away before construction can begin.  Oh, and the only place they can use it I understand is under highways.  New lakes are being dug as well.  It's going to be a long haul but I am enjoying watching the work.  I sit out there early in the morning with my coffee and watch.

Well wasn't I newsy today?  Some days my brain works and some days it wanders but it's always happy.  Life is just too short for it to be anything else.

Have a lovely Friday my friends.  I shall too, you can count on it!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wow yesterday had some excitement around here.  I heard the toilet running, you know, here and there, nothing big but I decided to see about it.  I took off the top and started to fool around with some stuff and blam!  Water started shooting to the ceiling.  I managed to get it stopped but it wasn't working at all any more so I called a plumber and they said they could come in the afternoon.

I went downstairs to do my project in the manager's office about seeing where we could save some money on the telephones and I told the door person to tell me when Steve and Jane got here.  When I finished I asked her if they came yet and she said they had.  Oops, she forgot to tell me.

I hurry upstairs and sure enough, the same thing happened to them.  Lucky for me Steve can fix about anything and it was already completely repaired as good as new and ready for me to cancel the plumber.  Then he changed a cable wire for me so that was the last one and now none show.  He got a pretty nice tip too!

So then finally I get to go swim and after 35 minutes in the pool it started to rain.  I got out and decided to wait a bit and see if it would stop so I could finish but no, it only rained harder.  And harder.  And blew sideways.  Then I gave up and came back upstairs to shower and relax.  And then the sun came out.  Some day, huh?

Today I have canasta and then I am going to dinner with the (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) and his lovely bride to try to use up a gift certificate before it expires.  I won it in a raffle on the sports day at the Fern House.  

And that, my dear friends, is what happened in my world.  What about yours?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Well yesterday was pretty good but it did rain so I only got in the pool for half an hour but I had already been beaten up by Andre' pretty good so I had plenty of exercise.  I lost fifteen bucks at poker, not too bad for an evening out I suppose although it is more fun to win.

Today my game got cancelled but that's okay, I have a project down in the manager's office regarding the phones in the building and seeing if I can get better rates so I'll be busy as usual.

I haven't been cooking much lately.  I used to cook every single day.  Lately I have been either having tuna or something easy, an omelet or such.  Still low calorie but I realize I am not eating enough vegetables and I plan on changing that.  

Steve and Jane come today to make the condo all sparkly and shiny and lovely.  For some reason it is really dusty this time.  I have done some things but they do the heavy cleaning stuff.  Maybe it's all the work they are doing behind me working on the resort moving dirt and making lakes and stuff.

So that's all I have in my brain today y'all.  Hope your Wednesday is totally tits.  Mine will be for sure.  I will it to be so!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ahhh, it's Tuesday.  That means Andre' and swimming and poker, three activities.  And  July is half over already.  I can see the sun is in a different position because it is hitting me in the face in the morning again and waking me early.  I know I can close the drapes but I really don't like to, I just get up.  I love to sleep looking at the stars when I doze off.  Looking at the stars and listening to music.

So guess what happened last night?  The (self appointed) mayor (of the pool) and his lovely wife called to say they were cooking burgers downstairs on the grill and they brought me one.  It was so big and fat and juicy and delicious I just cannot tell you.  I have not had a burger like that is a long long time.  And honey pie, I ate the whole thing.  It's okay though because I did my hour in the pool.

Oh guess what?  I am going to go see the movie Jersey Boys again on Sunday with two couples from the building.  I'll be the fifth wheel but they are letting me tag along and I loved the movie so much I'll be happy to go.

Guess that's all I know for today.  Well all I care to talk about anyway (wink).  Have a great day y'all.  I shall too.  For sure...

Monday, July 14, 2014

The above is a reminder for myself.  Not much to tell today but I had a nice time with the duck and a nice time at the pool.  Today I see the dental hygienist for my three month cleaning.  For what I'm not sure because I truly believe I have about the cleanest teeth anywhere but I have always gone every three months so this shall be no different.

The rest of the day is pretty open which is fabulous, a day of leisure.  The laundry is done, most of the ironing is done, the cleaning people come on Wednesday so I don't have to do that, just have a great day.  And you know I will, I always do, don't I?

I am seriously looking at a cruise in mid August now.  It's TC's last cruise and a bunch of friends are going and keep asking me to go, they said if I get to Tampa they'll all take it from there, I'd stay in the hotel they are in, share cabs, etc. and that would make be a bit easier.  For me it's just scary to go by myself.  I am still on the fence.  It's not a solo cruise so I'd have to pay for two people to get the cabin by myself.  The balcony is not much more than the oceanview but either way it's pricy for August.  Decisions, decisions.

Have a great day my friends, I shall too...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

You might have seen this photo yesterday on my facebook page, forgive me if you did.  Anyway as you can plainly see I still cannot take a good night shot with an iPhone although I have seen photos others have taken that are great with the same phone,  Anyway I completely enjoyed looking at it both nights, so beautiful.  I laid in bed and listened to music and just watched it until I fell asleep.

Yesterday I did not get any exercise so I have to hit it hard this afternoon when I get back from seeing the duck.  I did, however, have a lovely lunch with a friend yesterday.  That ended up lasting until 5:00 it was so much fun.  You know I have fun wherever I go don't I?  I hope you do too.

I read an article last night about what is on your sheets.  I used to wash them weekly and then I went to twice a week some time back.  After reading that article I think I need to change them daily now.  Ewww.  Between the sweat, dust mites, and dead skin I don't even want to lay down!  I get so creeped out by germs and this is worst than that.

I heard that the guy that got hurt at the club broke his femer when he fell I guess getting out from the fire.  I have not found out (or asked anyone yet) about the damage inside the club since I was gone all day having a lovely time.  I'll find out and let you know though.

Have a perfectly lovely Sunday y'all.  I will too, for sure.  

Saturday, July 12, 2014

There was a fire at the club yesterday in the laundry room.  One geezer fell and I don't know how much he was hurt but I'm sure there will be a law suit there, too bad.  I don't know any more about it at the moment though, hopefully the fire was kept to the laundry room and not elsewhere but I'm not sure.

And here is the sofa right off the truck.  I have to steam the slipcovers for the wrinkles I suppose.  Or not. (smile)  Anyway it's comfortable, it's a bed, and it's just what I wanted in the den.  That fabric on the top of the table under the tv is pink gingham and I will probably have those end pillows recovered in that.  If I get around to it.

I think I'm feeling a bit lazy right now.  I did, however, do my full amount of exercise and ate properly but I am sleepy and a bit lazy.  It happens I guess.

So have yourselves a fantastic Saturday y'all.  I am going to have a bit of fun myself!  Count on that.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Today my sofa is to be delivered.  I am hoping for the best.  I am ready for it, the spot all ready to go.  I thought D#1 was coming this weekend but it looks now like that has been postponed in favor of going home.  Poor thing is gone so much I certainly understand.

I have to bake a triple chocolate cake today for my old boss's birthday and take it to him on Saturday.  I have baked him a birthday cake since 1996, his 50th when we filled the offices with black balloons and the elevators with black stuff too.  There were a few years when Sarge was so sick that I didn't get it done and he always mentioned it so I guess it's back on.  He picks the kind, sometimes it's coconut but not this year.  He was the best boss anyone could have ever asked for and he was very close with Sarge, they both spent time in Vietnam and told some stories to each other.  I am still close with his family too.

If I get to see Andre' today it will be session number 50!  Can you believe that?  50!  If I don't get there because of pressing matters then it will be Tuesday.  

I have stopped losing again but have not gained back my progress.  I know this is normal and I shall go forward.  I am back in high gear with eating properly and exercising.  

So that, my dear friends, is what is in my brain for today.  I wish for you an amazing Friday.  I know mine will be, it always is!