Monday, November 19, 2012

A brand new week!

Well it's eight days until cruise time.  Shall I start packing or wait until the last possible moment?  My mother would have been packed two weeks ago.  Me?  Not so much!  It's so easy now though.  When Sarge was going he had to have so much medical stuff, nebulizer, oxygen, all kinds of stuff I was always afraid of forgetting something even with my list.  Now if I forget something for myself it's not a big deal.  

I have some anxiety about gaining weight on the cruise.  I know I won't be able to eat like I do at home but if I can just not gain too much I'll be happy.  But alas, there will be cake.  Cake of every size and color and shape and all I can promise is to do my best.  I will be doing a lot of walking though and that should help somewhat.

Tuesday I go back to Dr. Wacks.  It's only been a month since I went last but he wanted to see how I was doing on no blood pressure meds.

Is it just me or is it totally nuts that people have been in line for two days already to buy stuff Thursday night?  Really?  Is there nothing else they have to do for six days?  I realize there will be some great buys for the first few shoppers but really if they put that time to better use they may be able to earn more money than they would save camping out in front of stores in the freezing cold.  Think a bit about the logistics.  Bathroom breaks?  Baths?  Food?  Changes of clothing?  

Guess that's it from me today.  Hope your Monday and new week are totally tits.  Mine will be for sure!


  1. No "thing" is so important that your have to wait six days in line.
    muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm cruise time, can't wait to see your fun photos.

    Hope your Monday and new week it great !
    Love your photo today.

    woofs from The Square Ones
    cheers, parsnip

  2. Don't let worrying about putting a little weight on spoil your cruise Bee, I'm sure you won't go overboard (pardon the pun) on the cake. :)

  3. I meant to go shopping yesterday, but stayed home in my jammies instead. I haven't picked up a turkey yet, so I guess it will have to be a fresh one now as I won't have time to thaw the bird I never got.

    My husband went to the mall to buy a pair of jeans yesterday and said the place was jam packed with people.

    Don't pack yet, but do make sure what you have for your cruise still fits.

  4. I do not understand the shopping craze. And I feel badly for the employees who have to be awake that early, work on Thanksgiving and deal with all the crazy shoppers. They don't get paid enough to get abused like that. I am actually working on Friday. It keeps me out of trouble. I do usually shop some on Cyber Monday. But I am mostly done already, so that might not even happen this year.

  5. Well, I hate shopping so I'm certainly not in one of those lines. :) Thank goodness for online shopping, right? No crowds, no waiting. Fabulous!!

    I pack the night before a trip. No big deal, other than making sure all of my laundry is clean before then. I bring whatever fits in a small carry-on bag now. It it doesn't fit, I don't need it and it doesn't go. Easy peasy.

    They still have plenty of sensible meals on the ship. And I have a feeling that while you use to use your scooter to get around the ship, now you'll be walking. That's totally tits! And earns you a cupcake or three for sure!!

    big hugs xoxo

  6. They are waiting in line here too--don't these people have jobs? I think the whole Black Friday thing is crazy and people waiting in line for five days for it, is insane.

  7. I was amazed that I didn't gain any weight while we were vacationing this past week. You probably won't either, now that you are walking so much. And if you do, you'll get it back off pronto. Period. End of worry. Just go and have fun...and find someone to um, stalk.

    Big hugs, honey...

  8. Bee, I would be laying out the clothes I planned on wearing on the cruise...going over that list. You will be able to swim on the boat,plus they have a gym. The stores are hoping to catch people up in their sales hype..some of us are like sheep, we will follow everyone else, in our group. I have gotten up at 4 in the morning to go shopping on black Friday..does that make me a baaa..d person?LOL. Good luck at drs office. xo, Susie

  9. Ciao!!!

    Don't worry, before you are on the ship...then you can choise your behavior...much movement, swim pool, and funny people...some cake too, only a bit!!!!
    Have a lovely week!
    Big hugs!

  10. So happy for you! Pack the day before. But start planning what you will take now. I always make a list so I don't forget anything. Can't wait to lose enough weight to get off my high blood pressure meds. Hope the Drs visit is ok. ~Sandy~

  11. You'll pack the day before you leave. I know you well enough to know that you pretty much know what outfits are going and what outfits are staying home. We women are just like that.

    You'll do fine on your cruise. Do those walks as hubby and I only gained a couple of pounds on our Hawaii cruise and that's because we hit the treadmill for an hour every single day. It really helps.

    You'll have cake, because cake is what you love the most. Well that and chilled soup. Just enjoy yourself honey. It's a cruise and you love your cruises.

    Camping out at a store is something I've never done and will never do. I'll stay right here in my warm and comfortable home thankyouverymuch.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  12. Packing with a list is really smart. I usually wait until the day before.

    Walking a lot on the ship will definitely offset some calories.
    I see you've lost another pound! 75 down, 25 to go. Wonderful, Bee.

    Bet the doc will be quite pleased you're doing so well without the blood pressure medication. Sometimes the pills do more harm than good with their side effects. Sometimes you don't need pills at all, which is your case now as you continue to get healthier.

  13. To be in line already for "black Friday" sales is ridiculous! IMHO.
    Walk and swim on the cruise and enjoy some cake now and then, too. Hugs!

  14. You know Bee, now knowing how to eat properly I think when I now go on the cruise I think it will be easier to check what I'll be eating but even if I gain a pound or two I now know how to lose it properly. Don't worry about it my lovely friend. Look at how much you've lost. If you gain a pound or two, I know you'll be able to get it off quickly. Enjoy your cruise and don't worry about losing. I'll bet you that you'll probably lose weight on the cruise.
    I begin to prepare for my cruise during the week before and the night before my luggage is full and placed downstairs ready to go and so am I.
    Still a little dizzy which sort of tells me that I need to ease up on some part of my meds. Friday will be my blood test and then next week he'll tell me, I hope. See you.


  15. Enjoy! Eat plenty of salads and vegetables.....and cake!

  16. Have a great time on the cruise next week! Thanksgiving shopping is always crazy.

  17. I'm so over the materialism. Values are so out of whack. I'm getting excited about your cruise!

  18. I don't do any of that silly shopping either. Usually there are good prices later on too, when you don't have to fight it out. Plus I am really mad that so many stores are open for Thanksgiving, it's just not right to mess with special family time. Okay, I will climb off my soapbox now. I am sure you will do great on the cruise since you are walking so much more. Maybe you can even get in the pool some.

    Big Hugs,



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