Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why are my eyes now blue?

It seems that is a very good question.  The first person I saw that did the initial exam had no earthly idea and never heard of it before.  The next person I saw that dilated my eyes actually asked me what happened.  Then I saw Dr. Katzen.  He knew.  

He said most babies are born with blue eyes and over time they change as pigment develops over the blue.  For some reason the pigment in my eyes wore away (most of it, he still saw a bit of it in there) and the original blue was able to be seen again.

Also there is now under development a medication to do just this, it's not ready yet.  There seem to be a lot of people that want natural blue eyes.  Lucky me.

On another note my eyes are still great.  There is the very slightest sign of early cataracts but not hurting my vision at all yet.  Nothing else wrong.  Great vision.  No glasses needed for anything but reading and drug store readers are fine.  He is a fabulous eye doctor, Sarge always used him.

But there was some poor planning on my part.  I never thought about my eyes being dilated.  That meant I could not get in the pool because the sun was too bright.  Sooooo, I had a lovely nap instead.  The end.


  1. My eyes are very brown and I always wanted blue eyes. Hubby's are blue and that is the first thing I noticed about him. So yes, you are lucky.
    was a boring regular day at my house today, which was actually a good thing. I got stuff done.

  2. My eyes are still blue, but my vision is absolute total crapinoli! My Dad has the prettiest shade of blue eyes that I have ever seen! His eyes will be 84 in December and they are both still gorgeous!

    Have a lovely swim today! big hugs xoxo

  3. How interesting! One of my neices has one blue and one brown eye. I have always had blue eyes. Good to hear your eyesight is still good, mine is definitely getting worse. :(

  4. Dr. katzen is a great doctor. I have personal knowledge.

  5. Well good for you for having great eyesight. I have fair sight at best. Without my glasses (not readers either), I can't read anything and my vision is well...not so good. I'd love not to have to wear glasses all the time.

    Some days you go to the pool and some days you take a nap. I love it.

    Oh and thanks for telling me about the high holy day. I get it now.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

  6. Who knew?! Very pretty.

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. Well, now we know! I wonder if people with hazel or light brown eyes are more likely to have this happen...my own have been brown since I was born, so it would be quite a surprise if the brown faded away and they were blue. :-) Time will tell! Anyway, glad yours are in good shape, whatever the color. Have a great day today. Hugs!

  8. So I guess you are a new baby again. Fantastic Bee. When I see you on the Breeze, do I hug you or rock you to sleep. Ha,ha,ha. Not really it is great that your eyes are so good. I bet your eyes are probably better then mine.
    Guess what? I'll be golfing on Friday.Whoopee? Have to go my lovely friend. By the way, that photo of you is great. See you.


  9. Dear bee,
    Glad science came up with a reason and your vision is still great.

  10. i'm glad it wasn't a sign of something serious. I'm in the same boat as Barb... very foggy without my glasses. Hey, a nap is good!

  11. My children all had blue eyes at birth and I loved it but I knew they would change to green or hazel. And they did !
    How pretty to have blue eyes again, I can't remember what you said the color of you eyes where before but how much fun now !

    cheers, parsnip

  12. Ciaooo!!!

    eyes...a theme that lately I hear too often!
    Tomorrow a vist again!
    Blue is an amazing color, two grandchildren with blue eyes, the other two have dark eyes! Mine are very dark, and G.'s are green-gray!
    Have a lovely afternoon!
    Big hugs!

  13. Interesting about the eye color. I wonder if I'll lose the green and go blue? Can't imagine putting a drug in my body to hasten that though.

  14. I never heard of the pigment wearing away like that, pretty cool! I hate having my eyes dilated. it's the worst part of going to the eye doctor.

  15. I has an eye appointment today too. I hate how long my eyes stay dialated. Anyway I do have the beginning of cataracts, but nothing I would notice. I love my eye doctor and I said well they can fix those now and he said yes and then you probably wouldn't need glasses.

    Big Hugs,


  16. So cool! I'm glad you found out for all of us :)
    Nap is important. You go splashing tomorrow!
    Hugs from Ohio,

  17. I soooooo hate having my eyes dilated - it is such a pain.

    Even worse is getting a picture taken of your retina - I have scar tissue on my retina from my days at Great Lakes for boot camp and Corps School. It seems that there is a history of histoplasmosis in the area and ocular histoplasmosis from those stationed at Great Lakes is not uncommon.

    When I had my eyes examined at the VA Hospital in 1987, they dilated my pupils, then took a flash picture - OUCHHHHHH


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