Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday in paradise...

Wednesday and no MahJong today.  Buggers.  But Steve and Jane are coming so I will get out and do something.  If it's nice I'll go to the pool and if not I'll go to Publix and the fruitstand again.  I like to get out of their way so they can clean, they have a system and it sure works!

My new iPhone came yesterday.  It was so simple to get up and running.  It just asked me questions and I answered it and the next thing I knew I was all done.  Couldn't have been easier.  The battery was charged too, that surprised me.  That's another thing I can do today, go out and play with the camera.  I hear it's tits!

Yesterday at canasta I won five cents!  I'm not kidding, five cents!  When I keep score I round to the nearest fifty cents after each hand but the gal that scored didn't.  Too funny.

Now I have to tell you about another nutjob in my building.  Remember the gal that I passed in her Mini Cooper and found out she was my new neighbor?  Remember I said I liked her?  Well I think I might have been wrong.  Here is what happened...

I walked out of the apartment Monday night to go downstairs and I smelled something burning.  When I went down I told the door person it smelled like an electrical problem or something.  She went up and decided to call the fire department.  They came and smelled it too.  There was no one else on my floor at the time, just her and me.  I know it wasn't in my apartment.

The firemen knocked on her door and told her something was burning in her apartment.  She denied it and said nothing was burning.  They asked her if they could look around, it smelled like pot??  Anyway after some investigating they found she was burning a huge pot of sage.  When they confronted her she told them she had to burn it because spirits were in there kicking her.  Of ffs.  I'll keep you posted on this new nuts escapades.

I know for a fact that no one ever died in that apartment and I told her that.  It seemed to make her a bit happier but she's not done, I'm sure of it.  

Have any of you had any experiences like this?  I'd be curious to know if you have.  

So go out there and have a totally lovely Wednesday, I will too...


  1. I keep telling Kanani, how much I like where you live, just from what you blog about. And how I think I should move there but then you write something like this and not so very sure now !

    If she is burning sage she is the using the Native Americans way of cleansing her home. But she is doing it wrong, she should use a smudge stick and a small bowl. Not a burning a big pot of sage.
    Maybe she could look up a Church that could come in and Bless the new home. It might make her feel better and chase away the spirits ?
    Sounds like you might have a very interesting (?) neighbor.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I agree, she only needs to burn a little bit, for just a few minutes, while she takes it around her apartment to cleanse it. Then put it out. There are little 'bundles' of it she can buy, for this purpose. Many people spiritually cleanse or purify their homes when then move into them, as well as if they feel they need to do it again at other times too. If she learned of this method from a book, I'm not suprised that she burned so much, as books I"ve seen don't go into details at all about how much to burn. Sage is a strong smell, and a little goes a long way. She can look up spiritual practitioners who can come do this properly for her. I wouldn't consider her a nut job at all; she sounds like maybe a newbie at her spiritual practices, and nobody has shown her the proper way to do this. I think she sounds like an interesting (in a good way) neighbor!

  3. It sounds like she burned enough sage to bless the whole building, so consider yourelf safe from the lingering spirits of nobody, lol. What a nutjob. If nothing else, your neighbors are interesting people. Have a great day!

  4. I burned sage when my ex-husband moved out, and I agree with all the notes. A tiny bit goes a looong way. Very strong smell.

  5. Oh, goodness! Are you by any chance on the 13th floor? You know... like full of crazy pants people with their spooks and spirit hauntings? That could come in handy next month for Halloween. hahahaha!

    I've been trying to talk Al into upgrading to the iPhone. Or he can take my 4S and I'll buy the 5... because that man squeezes a dollar to within an inch of its life! srsly. He needs the wifi, texting and photos. He calls me to do all sorts of stuff when he's away from home and internet. I don't mind, of course, but he really does needs a smart phone. And his dumb phone is so much harder to use than an iPhone, too!

    Have a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  6. Is it wrong to be glad you have someone new to share stories about?! Sounds like she could be really interesting. Maybe we should send in the TAPS team from the Ghost tv show.

  7. It seems the older we get the nuttier we get and when you are nuts to begin with, and then get old--- it's going to be a fun ride with your new neighbor.

  8. Halloween must be coming early for that lady. To funny Bee. I wonder what the firemen must have thought about that one.
    Five cents ah. You must have done wonders to win 5 cents. Ha,ha,ha.
    You had better keep an eye on that nut job Bee. She might burn down the entire complex. See you soon my wonderful friend.


  9. I just hope this gal doesn't burn the place down. Yikes. She's dancing to a different drummer indeed. I've met lots of weird people when I was working. Lots of them. Now I mostly meet them on line and then I try to make myself disappear. We'll you and I both knew one that was nuttier than a fruitcake. Lived in Boston. Remember her? Yep, me too. Crazy times two.

    Have a terrific day honey and don't spent that 50 cents all in the same place. Bwahahahahahaha. Big hugs. :)

  10. Bee...Whack-a-doodle. I worked with a lady that said things bit her all the time. She was Crazy to the max. Take that 5 cents and get yourself a lucky charm. dang. Bee, I love reading your post , you keep me informed and happy. xoxo, Susie

  11. Hmm, I remember that Boston nut job. At least your new neighbor will provide lots of blog fodder!

    Big hugs, honey...

  12. Oh wow...burning sage....
    Sending you warm fuzzy hugs

  13. I've certainly heard of burning sage to purify or cleanse a home, but sounds like she didn't have the recipe! Hopefully she will settle into being a good neighbor now. Have a fun day! Hugs.

  14. Maybe she's a witch? Did the door person call the fire dept. or the neighbor? I wasn't clear. I guess it wouldn't make since if it was her. Keep us posted. I don't trust Mini Cooper people ;)

  15. My father spent his last days at my sister's house. When he passed, my sister burnt all sorts of herbal things, too. I don't pretend to understand. It made her happier. But, then again, I don't think the fire department got involved in her case.

  16. Yep, it's a Native American thing. When Hubby's kids got married, their uncle burned sage (they are Choctaw) to bless the place. He just touched it a bit with a lighter or match let it smoke and waved it around while saying a prayer -- not a lot of smoke... just a little bit.

    A pot of it is overkill.

  17. Oh no... Nothing worse than sage burners and chanters and all sorts of rituals. She may be nice sometimes as long as her home practices don't drive you nuts. Hopefully you won't see or smell or hear anything coming from her place again. Calling 9-1-1 was perfect. She deserved the embarrassment, and I hope she took the hint that what she does in her space affects others!

  18. Oh no... Nothing worse than sage burners and chanters and all sorts of rituals. She may be nice sometimes as long as her home practices don't drive you nuts. Hopefully you won't see or smell or hear anything coming from her place again. Calling 9-1-1 was perfect. She deserved the embarrassment, and I hope she took the hint that what she does in her space affects others!

  19. LMAO! The spirits were kicking her?

    Enjoy your new toy. I look forward to your review. It'll be interesting to see what you think of the camera when taking low light photos. I hear they don't turn out so well, but that's only from a tech point of view. Have fun with Siri!

  20. My next door neighbor is usually a pretty nice older man. I enjoy chatting with him and all that...but oh my lord, he had a mouth on him! During the summer I'd have the windows and doors open (no a.c.) and out of nowhere he'd start yelling out profanities. Kind of scary. lol

  21. The only thing I can say about the crazy neighbor is WOW. Oh and I cruise on Sunday, WYWGTBT.

    Big Hugs,


  22. Bee, I live near Seattle and I've been at the fair for nearly a week, boy howdy do you think I run into folks like that! One guy came up to me in my booth sipping on what looked like an old fashioned medicine bottle and it sure stunk! In our conversation he said something about going vegetarian soon and I said, "Why, meat is so good?" He said it was unfair to the animals. Of course unsympathetically I snorted and replied, "These turkeys wouldn't exist if they didn't produce young that I eat!" He said I had a point, a bad point. And tottle off with his smelly little herb bottle clutched to his chest like it was going to keep him from getting something. Staying home out of crowds would be a better idea!

    I'm looking forward to more of your neighbor's escapades. You might still like her even if she's a whack-a-doodle, cheap entertainment.


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