Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday is MahJong... and other stuff!

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I am so worried about Ivana and her family in Bologna.  Another earthquake hit yesterday, another large one.  Buildings are crumbled and people are dead.  I found Ivana one night when I couldn't sleep and I was hitting the "next blog" button and since then we have become friends and she is also friends with many of you now as well.  Some of these crumbled buildings are 700 years old.  What a tragedy!

Mother Nature is a powerful gal.   And if you think this won't affect you, well, this is where the world's best Parmesan cheese is made.  And they also have some of the loveliest people.  I am so saddened by all of this.

Next I guess I should tell you about yesterday.  It wasn't a bad day at all.  I did get in the pool and do my walking 20 laps and then some other exercises with my purple noodle and then I sat in the shade and read my new Kindle a bit.  I love it for reading.  I love the iPad for everything else.  Reading is the only thing I don't like to do on the iPad.  Why?  Because it's a bit heavier and the screen outside is not as easy to see.  My advice?  Get both if you can.

And then there was poker!  I lost $18.00, not too bad for a whole night of fun times with snacks included.  

Today is a great day for me as I get to spend part of it with my MahJong gals.  They always make me laugh and have a great time for a few hours.  They rock!

Hope your day is as good as mine...


  1. I hope Ivana and her family are fine. I don't read her blog but I have read her comments with you and feel like I do know her.
    Have fun with your MahJong girls and I am sure when the internet is up and working she will contact you.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I am now even more worried. I had not heard about a second earthquake there. Poor ivana!

    Hugs to you, honey...

  3. Oh my goodness. Another quake. I will pray for Ivana and her family. And Bologna. It is sad when a bit of history, like those old buildings are lost, but sadder when lives are lost.

    As an aside, I actually just put fresh Parmesan on my grocery list for a new recipe I saw on PW. My mother only used that Kraft in a can and I won't touch that stuff.

    Enjoy the gals today. hugs xoxo

  4. I, too, am worried about Ivana. I pray that she is ok.

  5. I just returned from Italy and have been blogging my trip. Our last night was in Milan. We did not make it to Bologna. I found that the people in Italy are so nice. I sure hope Ivana is ok.

    Cindy Bee

  6. I said a prayer this morning as I listened to the news, for the people in Italy, but now my prayer specifically includes Ivana and her family.

  7. Oh dear I do hope your friend, Ivana, and her family are OK. I'll be sending Reiki to all those affected by the earthquake and pray for them. I just knew you'd love the Kindle, they're fantastic for reading outside aren't they? So glad to hear you had a good day yesterday. xx

  8. Purrs for Ivana and all impacted.
    Sending you our daily furry hug

  9. Wow. This Internet thing really does make the world smaller. (I just saw Ivana's response to your comment on her blog.) Wow.

  10. Aloha from Hawaii. RJ sent me to your blog today, because I have been writing about wanting to lose 50 lbs through portion control and exercise. I started this regimen yesterday and think it will take about 2 years to shed the weight. So sorry about the loss of your husband. God bless you.

  11. Ivana's people have been so heavy on my heart. I'm praying the ground stabilizes so they can get on with recovery. Enjoy the day with the mah Jong group.

    I wore your earrings over the weekend (the muli-colored ones)and got several compliments on them!

  12. oh goodness, we are purraying for everyone in Ivana's town.

    happy mah jong day Auntie Bee!! purrrsss xoxoxoxoxox - your Sammie Pie

  13. I'm so sorry about those earthquakes. I hope Ivana and her loved ones are safe.

    My no frills kindle is best for reading outside. Indoors I prefer my iPad. If I adjust the color of the screen, it's less harsh on the eyes.

  14. I hope your friend is ok. I agree about iPad and Kindle. I received my Kindle first and am happy that was the order or I might not have gotten one. It is lighter and easier to read outside without glare issues.

  15. Prayers for Ivana and all those affected by the two earthquakes. What a shame indeed.

    You have a fabulous time honey. I know how you love the gals you play with today.

    I don't have an iPad or a Kindle. I just open a book and start reading. I'm so out of date.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  16. Definitely have been praying for ivana! Had not heard about the second quake. We are cut off from news. No likey.

    Big hugs from soggy and cold AK, honey...

  17. So sorry about the earthquakes, very sad. I hope Ivana and her family are okay.

    I hope your games today were fun. My Bethany will be here Friday for us to start I believe our third annual mother/daughter week.

    Big Hugs,


  18. Hope you had a great day and game with your gals! Thinking of northern Italy every day.
    Hugs from Ohio,

  19. I hope Ivana is okay, I've always enjoyed reading her comments on some of the blogs I read.

    I'm glad that you had a good day yesterday, after the rough day on Monday.


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