Saturday, August 31, 2019

Well it looks like we are being spared the brunt of this awful storm and I am so thankful but I was never worried here.  In the past living in a highrise I was always so scared and trying to find a place to stay so no more of that.

Life shall get back to normal soon, I must put away all the stuff I got out in preparation and just thank God I didn't need it.

Thanks for all the concern yall!


  1. I'm still praying it goes totally out to sea and blows itself out and hurts no one anywhere!

  2. I hope everyone fares as well as you will. Thanks for letting us know.

    Love you bunches. ♥

  3. Happy to hear your good news.

  4. I admit to allowing myself a sign of relief for FL and me! I'm feeling a bit less worried about my septic system! More than a few inches of rain puts it completely out of commission and, let me tell ya, THAT is a whole lot of NO FUN.

    But, ohmygoodness, the poor Bahamas! That hurricane is so much BIGGER than all of the islands put together.

    Is it completely awful that I had a sensory memory and then this thought, "Well, at least the rain and wind will temporarily clear out the horse poo smell"? Because horse poo is totally the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I think 'Nassau'. Srsly.

    Have a totally fabulous day, Bee! xoxo

  5. This morning the forecast shows West Palm Beach is in the path of the hurricane. Please keep us updated that you are okay as the storm comes ashore.

  6. Next Georgia and South Carolina but you were lucky. That storm was a big one. See ya Bee.

    Cruisin Paul

  7. Glad you are going to be okay, dear Bee. Frightening for all affected in the Bahamas and where it comes ashore in the US tonight and tomorrow. Mother Nature is fierce.


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