Saturday, February 16, 2019

Well I guess it's inevitable when you live in a senior community but today the second of my friends died.  It was expected, he was in hospice care and suffering but it hurts nonetheless.  He was my partner in trivia, one of the smartest men I ever knew.  He will be missed.  Most people didn't like John because he was gruff and said his mind and if you didn't like it he didn't care but I knew inside he was gentle and caring and it was a facade.

The first was a gentle soft spoken woman named Harriett.  She was my Tuesday bridge partner and a very good one at that.  She was ready when her time came though.  She wanted no visitors and her family was there.  I wouldn't want visitors either.  

So okay this is not going to be a totally sad post.  Monday Sandy and Dick are coming to visit and I am taking them to the main dining room for dinner.  The two specials Monday are duck and ribs.  Plus a fish of the day and the usuals, Salmon, Fillet Mignon, and vegetables, two soups and four salads.  I'm sure they'll find something to eat!

Have a great day my dears! 


  1. Sorry about the loss of your friends, honey. We have a friend in hospice now, but he's home. His family is happy about that.

    Tell Dick and Sandy hello and that we love them.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Love you bunches. ♥

  2. I am so sorry about your friends deaths, darling Bee. It hurts to lose someone. People are special and non-replaceable. They have their own unique take on things we value and cherish. Plus one loss brings backs the memory of other losses. Sending hugs your way, and my empathy...

    Have a delicious dinner with Dick & Sandy.

    ((Hugs again))

  3. Bee, I am so sad about the loss of your friends. It is always hard to lose friends, especially at our age. But holy macaroni, that menu you're having with your other friends on Monday is like on a cruise ship! No wonder you no longer want to leave!

  4. So sorry about your friend that have passed. I may not live in an "Official" senior community but everyone here (including the cats!) is pretty senior! haha! Actually, my mother is not doing so well nor is BooBoo (one of the cats) is not too extra either.

    The MDR really does sound like being on a cruise ship!

    big hugs Bee xo♥

  5. They say "death comes in threes" and it seems that way.
    I had 3 funerals within 3 weeks--only made it to one, sad to say.
    Glad you are having company come to visit. Maybe they will like it there so much, they will want to move in. How cool would that be?

  6. Takes a special understanding to be nice to gruff people. Glad you were nice to him, and spoke well of him. Enjoy your visit with friends in the dining room!

  7. My condolences Bee. To others it seemed that John was gruff but you my friend, always finds a positive in others. That's why I love you. Enjoy your day with your friends, Sandy & Dick. I remember Sandy when I met her on that cruise. I found her to be a wonderful woman, just like you. Have fun and don't eat to much. Se ya.

    Cruisin Paul


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