Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Well guess what? The SDG didn't call like he said he would. Strike one. But do you want to hear something creepy?  I got a text from him yesterday and today Facebook sent me a note to see if I wanted to add him as s friend. I didn't even know his last name. How did Facebook know that?  Kyle is convinced that our phones can hear us talk but I haven't gone that far yet. 

So I'll let you know if he calls and has a good excuse or not. 

Have a great day y'all. 



  1. I think that means he looked you up.

  2. I think that means he looked you up.

  3. ummmmmmm no no no no no !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. The Facebook friend request would be Stike 2 for me. Creepy. He basically wants to facebook stalk your life before paying for a meal? uh-uh.

    but that's just me.

    big hugs from chilly south jawjah. xoxo

  5. You know I meant Strike 2, right? Actually, I really may have meant Strike 3 and you're Outta here, creepy dude.

    Maybe you should just call an audible. Yeah, that's it.

    but those are baeball metaphors and I know how you love to sport so I'll just leave that all up to you.

  6. I give up. That was a baseball metaphor followed by a football metaphor. No baeballs were even involved, except those used by my defective keyboard and/or fingers.

    And I'm outta here....

  7. No excuses make it okay.
    No, you shouldn't add him as a friend on Facebook. Friends don't break promises from the first. "I could never be interested in someone who thinks it's okay to break their promises".
    Doesn't matter if it is a small promise. Small or large, it's already a sign of poor treatment.


  8. He must know YOUR Face Book name to look you up and send a "friend" request. You don't have to know his.

  9. I agree this is a bit creepy honey. I don't know about what strike, but I'd be done. This is not a good way to start a relationship.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  10. Follow your gut, dear. It's usually correct.

  11. No way! Does not sound good. You don't need stuff like this. Period. He gets the Big Chill.

    Big hugs, honey...


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