Monday, February 1, 2016

I saw Dr. Wacks yesterday because I was short of breath so I had lots of tests but I'm fine. He used the word "deconditioning" and it's because I have not done my cardio since its been too cold to get in the pool plus the weight I have gained so j am back on track with both of those things. I do plenty of strength training but not enough cardio. Remember I lost a lung ten years ago so I have breathing issues anyway.  So it's all good and I'll be fine. 

Have a great Tuesday y'all. I will too for sure. 



  1. Oh. we're using our BIG LETTERS for emphasis, are we?

    OK, I believe you. ;)

    I really need to pick up my hand weights again. I'll never join the gym again though. When I re-injured my knee fairly early into my "I didn't know it was a 2-year" agreement they would not allow me to cancel my membership. Bastards.

    I think that moving twice in a year counts for something though, right? And we've begunn moving my parents into our previous house, which is just around the corner from us - much closer to us than the Swamp. We started last weekend and hopefully, we'll finish next weekend. Owie. For reals.

    We had stunning weather here yesterday and more of the same is forecast for today. YAY!

    I hate winter. The End.

    Hpe your day is lovely. big hugs xoxo

  2. All is well is a good thing!

    Big hugs, honey...

  3. Well, you'll do what needs doing so you'll not be short of breath. I can relate.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  4. Shopping is my cardio. Just kidding. please take care of yourself Miss Bee. I was really hoping Fifi and Foo would have showed up on your last cruise. I think that they winter down here. We both need to keep our eyes peeled for them. If either one of us spots them, we must find out their names so that we can find them on Facebook!

  5. Hugs. I bet that was a huge scare.


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