Monday, November 16, 2015

Riding the noodle across the pool. My workout was finished at this point and it was a really good one. 

I got my regular chores done and tested in the afternoon for a bit. 

You know before you know it Thanksgiving will be upon us. I'm going to the Fern House to have dinner with the duck. 

Tuesday is a day off for me so I'll be at the pool. Hope your day is as good as mine!



  1. I am doing Thanksgiving at my house this year. My mother has been doing it since they moved in with me 10 years ago, and she loves doing it, but it's getting to be too much for her. They may have to move in with us in the not too distant future but for now they are ok, mostly. I've asked her to do a small turkey and the stuffing and I will do the rest. They'll ride over with Peggy and Mike, so no driving either. That's a good thing. 😉

    Enjoy your day! Big hugs xoxo

  2. Oh, that pool looks lovely! I enjoy cool weather but I do miss the pool time. Hope you will have a great Tuesday.

  3. Good morning Bee. You look great in the pool but it does look a little funny, it's not you, just that noodle if you know what I mean. Ha,ha,ha
    I wish I could spend some time and enjoy Thanksgiving with you and Chuck. Enjoy my wonderful friends. Thank you for phone call. I also enjoy the time with you See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

    You were correct about platinum. I checked on my sheet and it says platinum right at the top. Wow, I finally made it.


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