Sunday, October 25, 2015

Kyle's third guest post...

Our evenings in South Florida are getting beautiful!

Bee loves a trolly ride :)
A Palm Beach and a Cape Cod at our favorite dive bar...
THE place to go for Martinis!

I have never in my life found myself in a situation where I've stopped work and said, 'Thank God it's Friday.' But weekends are special even if your schedule is all over the place. Something tells you the weekend has arrived and you can indulge yourself a bit.

Happy Weekend Everybody!

Apparently old Helen doesn't have a best friend like Bee's because I think that, although retired, Bee is every bit as excited for Friday/the weekend as I am!

This Friday we went a little bit low brow - burritos at Moe's downtown. It was a first for her and I am a firm believer that you just haven't lived until you've tackled one of their "Home Wreckers". For those of you who haven't been to Moe's, its a Tex Mex place with a walk up counter (very similar to Chipotle) with tables in front. Now, believe it or not, Bee and I sometimes have conversations that may err on the side of shall we say...inappropriate. One would think that one such conversation over a mountain of tortilla chips and queso dip would be sacred. One would be wrong. APPARENTLY this conversation was overheard by a group of what appeared to be freshman college students in the line behind us. We won't be returning there anytime soon - but hey, kids have to learn these things sometime, right?

No Friday date night would be complete without a frozen custard from Rita's and a trolly ride around Downtown West Palm Beach. The weather is just finally becoming tolerable at night and it was amazing riding around in an open air trolly, faces dry. We did night caps at our favorite dive bar. This is the kind of bar with no shortage of rainbow flags, but that isn't to say that there's not a variety of patrons. After ordering our first drink we were told that a guy across the bar had bought our drinks and it took some investigation to figure out whether they were bought for her or for me. I drew the short straw. $8 is simply not worth having to feign appreciation to a creepster in a football jersey.

We had to improvise our Saturday as I was stood up for a weekend getaway - are we beginning to see a pattern here, or what? In a situation like that what option do you really have other than to gorge on WAY too much fast food? After a gut busting afternoon Bee, myself and two other friends had a really nice, quiet dinner at home.

I woke up this morning SUDDENLY to my roommate and Bee literally jumping in my bed because for some sadistic reason they CANNOT STAND the fact that I like to sleep past 9am on the weekends. They thought it was hilarious - they're lucky that I wasn't armed. Bee did, as always, make it up to me...she treated me to a great late lunch and cocktails at Blue Martini downtown. Ice cream and a trolly ride were so nice Friday night we decided to go for a repeat tonight.

Weekends always fly by too soon! Until next week, don't do anything I wouldn't do!



  1. 9am? If I ever slept until 9am I'd awaken thinking the world came to an end! My husband would be thrilled if I could stay awake past 8pm and asleep past 4 am.

    I do stay up late for special occasions but I still wake up at early o'clock. ;)

    Have fun, you two!

    big hugs xoxo

  2. Is there a nice way to refuse a drink when someone across a room buys one for you? I was in that situation once and I blew it. I picked up my purse and walked out and felt bad about it every since.

  3. Cruel friends you have, Kyle!

    Big hugs, honey...

  4. What a fun weekend. Yes indeed.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  5. I love Kyle's guest posts. So fun. I need a Kyle friend!

  6. Your weekends sound like fun. And in my house there are many weekends spent sleeping past 9 am. Even with a toddler. Sleeping late is good. Also you said college freshman. They should not be surprised at what you are saying!


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