Saturday, September 26, 2015

I found this in my photos, I don't remember where it came from but I love it. Poppys?

So you asked about my date.  It got canceled. Supposed death in his family. Not sure I believe it but who knows.  No matter, I had nothing invested in this one.  

I'm not at all sure why but 20 somethings keep contacting me to go out.  Not going to do it but gosh, they must either want money or sex.  Guess what scooter?  Not getting either.   Seriously dating today is really hard. I almost want to just forget the whole thing and stay home every night. Not sure it's worth the time or trouble. 

Having said that I know I don't want to sit home every night so I suppose I'll try a bit longer. My profile is honest and the photos are all recent. 

Have a wonderful weekend y'all.  I'll be at the pool.



  1. Eventually my lovely friend, you'll find what you're looking for, an honest to good looking guy that's looking for a wonderful woman like you Bee. He's out there looking for you.
    Have an unbelievable Saturday gorgeous. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

    PS: If I didn't have my wonderful wife, Mary Lou next to me, I'd fly right down to see you. LOL.

  2. Good luck finding a guy who isn't looking for one or the other or both. Seriously, I hope you will meet a winner but there are worse things than sitting at home at night. Whatever you do, have fun!

  3. They have online dating sites just for older people like 'Our Time' and 'Senior People Meet.' I doubt you'd find any 20 or 30 somethings there. I looked around both those sites last year and you could even filter by zip code.I was shock to find over 100 guys in mine. But I'm with Joy (above)...there are worse things than sitting at home at night. Whatever floats your boat, there is something for everyone in this world.

  4. Bee - I think that you are very brave. What is meant to be, will be. Meanwhile each day is a gift and you are clearly cherishing them. Follow you heart with your antenna up!


  5. Sorry your date got canceled. Perhaps there will be a reschedule and if not then it is what it is. You'll find a companion at some point. I just know you will.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  6. We know your Prince is out there, we hope you keep searching! Good luck Miss Bee.

  7. I didn't care for daring at all after my divorce. Tried it. Decided I was too set in my ways and too particular. And afraid!! I drove my own car and went Dutch treat. And yes, for some reason people kept trying to fix me up with much younger men. I didn't want to raise them!!! Scooter! Hahaha!

    Enjoy the pool. I am painting the master in the new to us house. My muscles are screaming at me but on I go! Big hugs xoxo

  8. Beautiful painting Bee. I grew up in California and they are the state flower, so I have always loved them.

    Big Hugs,


  9. Bee, No I am sure you do not want to date little snot nosed Tommy. That's what I call them. They may be hoping you have some meds that can take. LOL. There are mature charming men still out there. By mature , I mean grown ups. LOL You always have Ryan and his pals to hang with. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  10. I'm sorry about the cancellation. If things don't work out with him or if you don't have anyone else on the radar you don't have to just "sit at home every night". You have a lot of friends with plenty of things going on to keep you busy every night of the week if you want. You're a youthful, beautiful woman with a lot to offer, just not to a 20 year old kid!! Strange how I post like I know you, but I feel like I do after reading your blog for a couple of years now! Take care Bee.

  11. If it's meant to be it will happen. In the meantime go out, enjoy yourself, and have fun. Life is too short.

  12. When I was on-line dating, I found that to be true. However, most of the younger ones were from out of state. There are a lot of scammers on the dating sites also. They usually have really well written profiles, and sound very interesting and they always say "age doesn't matter" or something like that. They are quite the flatters. Hard to find "normal" because most normal men don't know how to write a perfect profile and don't give out much information. Have fun with it--that's usually all that comes from the on-line sites.


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