Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Roche' wanted to be featured today, he's hoping a hawt guy rock will notice him and leave a comment.  He's a quirky little thing but sure keeps me company.

I have been depressed for a few days now and barely going out of the house.  I am trying to pull myself out of it.  Today I have Andre' this morning and then a board meeting and then tonight poker so three activities should help me.  I hope.  I dislike getting this way and I especially like telling you but here in this blog you know I tell it like it is.  Anyway I'll be fine soon enough, I always am.

I kept busy yesterday doing things around the house, chores mostly, some cooking, just keeping myself occupied.  If I can't shake it in a day or so I will call Dr. Wacks and see what he says.

There is a piano bar cruise next January and I am going to book that so maybe that will pull me out of this funk.

Sorry to be letting you down today y'all.  Be well and keep smiling!  I will too!  For sure.


  1. How could you possibly be letting us down by being honest about your life and feelings? Everyone has ups and downs and no one expects bloggers to be in an "entertain the masses"mode all the time. And sometimes readers can actually help. Just be yourself and let the chips fall where they may. You won't stay in a funk for long, you're too good at keeping yourself moving forward for that.

  2. Booking a cruise will surely help lift your spirits. A piano bar cruise? Do tell!

    Today is a trip to Lowes to get the closet organizer for the bedroom closet that we forgot to get when we went there Sunday. Because drain bramage times two. Plus? We left the list at home. Doh!

    Tell Andre' hello!

    big hugs xoxo

  3. I hope all the activity today will help lift your spirits. Hugs for you!

  4. I wrote you a long reply and when I clicked Publish, I had to sign in first. After I did that, the reply disappeared. Not your fault. I stupidly had not copied it to my clipboard, so it is lost in cyberspace. Kludgy system. Nothing gets my blood boiling like anger :-) It wasn't a comment worthy of Shakespeare, but it was thoughtful. I'm glad you can get to the gym because we can't since we have to clear out the snow to leave the driveway this morning. I will dream of the next cruise and read my e-reader which keeps me out of the loony bin. Spring is on the way so this too shall pass.

  5. Chalk it up to winter blues! And you are most definitely not alone. I hope your activities perked you up and reminded you how much your presence is loved and enjoyed by those around you. <3

  6. Bee, make sure that you read my blog later. I've placed something in it for you. Depressed or not I;m here my wonderful friend. Your lovely smile and your words helped me over some of my most difficult times remember that. What would Charlie say to you? I think it would be, " get off your ass and get moving. There's a lot of living to do Bee. Others need your love and caring " or something like that.
    Have a brilliant day my gorgeous friend and far as Roche, let him get his own rock of ages. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

    A cruise sounds just want you need.

  7. Sending you love, my dear. Two more days then I can walk! I just hope I don't fall again. Will be taking it slow. I understand those "grey days", as I get them, too. Good thing is that they do go away. Big hugs!

  8. Well, we just had Valentines Day. That may be the reason for you feeling down. You did do a lot of thinking about Sarge. I think it's all a normal process even though being depressing is depressing. You've done so many positive things in your life honey.

    Roche should find him a hawt guy. That would be good. Did you know Seymour is looking for all his kids? We had the Story Game last Saturday and he's looking for his babies.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  9. Just chalk it up to...
    Not everyone can be "happy" every single day. And oh boy I know that.
    I am struggling everyday.
    Today I had to force myself out of bed to give Hamish his pills.
    Then we have to wait 1 hour before I can feed him. You should see the looks he gives me !
    Even standing by his dish, then if I don't pay attention he moves it so it makes a sound.
    Cheeky little devil.
    If you do not feel better in a few day, do go see your doctor but for now be sure you get some sun.
    That always helps.

    The Square Ones send woofs
    cheers, parsnip

  10. Big Hugs to you Bee. Heck if I don't see the sun for too long a period I can get the blues. I have then so back before , that I have thought of learning to play the harmonica. LOL. Having a best buddy girlfriend to run with is a good help. That is one of the reasons I miss my friend who passed away. I do get together with classmates once a month... but it's not the same . I have 4 sisters, we talk on the phone, visit and write to each other, it's not the same. I do know when I spend time with my daughters, that's the best fun. If I lived near by, I'd invite you to coffee or a bike ride. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  11. Why do you care if people know your down a bit? Aren't you a normal human being? Quit constantly pushing for that giddy, "oh, I'm so happy all the time," and just relax, drift, meander for awhile and be peaceful and content with whatever comes along. Everything will be fine. (Deep breath--hold for 5 seconds, let it out easy. Better?)

  12. Bee, if you need to talk, you can reach out to me.

  13. I did not read this on Tuesday. Shame on me. I am hoping today is a better day for you, especially with the sun shining. Call me ANY time. Srsly.

    Big hugs, honey...


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