Thursday, August 28, 2014

I usually stay on the Empress Deck and the last cruise and the next one are no exception.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I think they must have named it after me, that's what I think.  Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

My cold is mostly gone now, just a dry lingering cough that is most annoying but I am playing canasta today nonetheless.  I told them and they said they don't think I'm contagious any more and neither do I so I shall go and play.

My apartment is clean within an inch of it's life again.  They do such a great job, they really do.  Plus I had a toilet that was "running" and you had to jiggle the handle to make it stop and he fixed that too.  He put in some new thingy.  

I remember once Sarge tried to fix one.  He tied fishing bobbers to the thing inside to make it pull up more.  Of course it didn't work and for the life of him he could not understand why not.  Bless his heart.  The man was truly amazing but could not fix anything at all and remember he only had two tools, a plastic butter knife and a chain saw.  Gosh I miss him.

I have been listening to Charlie Daniels.  I just love that man.  Such a patriot and so generous and such high morals.  Can't wait to see him again.  Sarge and I saw him in Podunk one year, what a great show.

Guess that's about it for today y'all.  Hope your Thursday is lovely.  Mine will be busy and that is wonderful!


  1. So happy to hear you are better !
    Getting out for your game should be fun and lift your spirits. I expect a big win.

    wuffs from The Square Ones
    cheers, parsnip

  2. Glad to hear you've kicked that yuck to the curb, Have a lovely afternoon with the gals! And sernd Mr & Mrs Clean right over, please.

    Me? I'll be here trying to make a dollar, and taking a certain gray baby in for his annual and to have a bump on his back looked at. Guess how happy he's gonna be about that? Yeah, even less than that probably...

    big hugs xoxo

  3. Old Charlie Daniels makes me smile when he has just had it with everything. His rants are epic! He's one of the good guys.
    Glad you're over the bad bug.nove got a sinus infection that my Neti Pot hasn't been able to kick. We need a good, hard cleansing rain.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. A chain saw and a butter knife. Gosh, you made me laugh at that one! And a fishing bobber? Your husband gets an A+ for creativity in home maintenance. What a great story to share. My husband was just the opposite. There wasn't anything (except a computer) that he couldn't fix from street sweepers and Army tanks to toilets and kitchen stoves. And he had a poll barn full of tools to prove it. He never met a tool he didn't want.

  5. Nothing like listening to some Charlie Daniels to make a person feel better! Hope you can get rid of that annoying cough shortly, glad you can go out to play today. Hugs!

  6. Charlie sounds like a man like me. I tried to fix something once and almost electrocuted myself. Trimming bushes and I trimmed my finger almost to the bone. Now that was interesting, blood all over the place. I'm not the best and that is why Mary Lou now calls the Handyman. She figures it would help saving my life and having the thing done properly.
    I'm so happy that you are feeling better. A healthy Bee is a happy Bee. The Empress Deck again. Don't you known a different deck on Carnival's ships? Ha,ha,ha.
    Have a great day my lovely and healthy friend. See ya.


  7. I'm thrilled that you are feeling better. Hubby is still sick. Had a rough night and has gone back to bed. He's quiet so I'm hoping he's getting some good sleep. Bless his heart. I hope I don't catch this nasty cold.

    Way to go on the clean condo. I know you love those two and they fix things too. That's even better.

    I love Charlie Daniels too. Not many of those kinds of guys anymore.

    Have a fabulous day at cards honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  8. There never will be a man as wonderful as Sarge Charlie - husband, lover, best friend, father, grandfather, friend to many, interesting blogger, patriot and more.

  9. Buongiorno!!!

    Of course Empress Deck is after Miss Empress (Bee) of the High Sea, it cannot be otherwise!!!
    Glad that you play canasta again with the gals!

    A busy day is an interesting lovely day!

    Big hugs, honey!!!

  10. Being a Nashville native I have been a Charlie Daniels fan since the 70s. He lives less than 10 miles from me, and is a kind and caring man. Basically what you see is what you get with him. Pretty refreshing (and usual) for a famous person these days. I was listening to his "Freedom & Justice for All" CD last week and the lyrics to "Let Freedom Ring" are so compelling.

  11. Love me some CDB and a clean house. Amy cleaned ours before we got home, mainly bc she needed it for a party. But still.

    Glad you are better. Big hugs, honey...


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