Monday, July 21, 2014

I was behind this car at a red light yesterday.  I took out the license number, I don't know why but I've seen other people do it, privacy I suppose.  Anyway it was a warning to stay clear of her and that was good advice too!

So yesterday I saw Jersey Boys again and the whole group I was with loved it.  I just can't imagine how it got panned in the reviews, I thought it was wonderful.  Then we all went for dinner afterward.  The only thing was they were all couples and I was single and it just made me sad when I got home.  I thanked them for letting me join them and they were very gracious to do so and I love them all but I still feel like the fifth wheel in these situations.  Just not enough to say no and stay home!

It's funny how some thing will trigger others.  It's really hard for me to explain.  For so many years I was a "we" and now I am an "I".  Single.  There is that word again.  Now don't get me wrong I am having some fun and enjoying myself but then I go home alone.  It's so foreign to me.  

Oh never mind, I am being silly.  I love my life.  Of course I miss Sarge every single day but I am not unhappy with life at all.  I guess I am just in a bit of a funk as I write this.  It's so unlike me isn't it?  Sorry.

Have a great Monday and new week.  I will to.  I will make it so.  For sure!  Promise!


  1. You will always miss Sarge. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the life you have now. And you'll always be a "we," and you don't go home alone. Sarge is with you in spirit; he's there, too. :)

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  2. I go through phases like that, even after 20 years of being single. Right now, while my parents are at my sisters and they are all having this wonderful family time together, and the sisterdears are together and I am here, I sometimes feel alone. I am happy but I have twinges of aloneness.

    And today is another new beginning full of possibilities!

    big hugs xoxo

  3. Being with couples can make a gal feel that way...but good for you for going out anyway! Go play in the pool today and work yourself out of that funk. Big hugs!

  4. You'll never be alone with all those people who love you. I know what you need. GO ON A CRUISE. What do you think? Sounds great to me. Go ask your dentist friend to have lunch or dinner or whatever. I wish I lived near you because I'd take you out to anywhere you'd want to go as long as Mary Lou says I could. ( She'd say yes. ) Ha,ha,ha.
    Go to the mall and spend some money, come home and go into your pool and do whatever you want to do. Give me a call if you're in a funk, I'd get to out of that funk. Have a great day my wonderful, thoughtful and caring friend. See ya.


  5. Well you and Sarge were together for a very long time. I've got and ex but I don't miss him. Never have and never will, but I would miss Zane. I so get it. Yes I do.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  6. I admire you so much for your courage in overcoming (mostly) your "I" position. Stay strong for those who will follow in your footsteps some day. Love ya!

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. Yeah--me to--in a funk. You are probably feeling it because you saw Sarge's memorial stones yesterday at Fern House? Things like that, even though they are nice, brings it all back. Onward---

  8. I so totally emotionally understand since I do everything on my own, how being surrounded by friends/other couples/people when you aren't with your s/o can definitely feel lonely.

    Not having your other half in general can feel lonely too, no matter how much you like your life and keep busy.

    It's brave, honest and real of you to admit to your feelings.

    ((HUGS)) AND ((MORE HUGS))

    Sarge was a wonderful man, and after 40 years together, it's not like you forget. You don't.
    And there are moments where the grief creeps back in and the hole in your heart never truly gets filled, regardless of swimming, canasta, cruises, the kids and grandkids, etc.

    My empathy my dear friend.

  9. I wish I was there to give you big kisses and hugs, Bee. Your great personality gets you invited to so many fun things! But I get the loneliness despite all you fill your life with. I have no advice except that nope, you are not being silly.

  10. Well, Bee Sarge was a wonderful man and you loved him for all those years.
    Being a "one" after a "two" at sometimes can be hard. So don't you feel silly, that is not what you are.
    You are the best "one" I have ever seen !
    As for me I am a one and I don't mind it. Unlike you my x was so awful being a one is just fine with me.

    wurffs from The Square Ones
    cheers, parsnip

  11. I loved the Jersey Boys, it's a fantastic show and the music brings back so many memories! I think you're amazing the way you have got on with your life since you lost Sarge Bee, I don't think I would be so brave. xxxx


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