Monday, April 14, 2014

I took this photo looking into the sun.  I has some problems but I still liked it.  I couldn't tell if it turned out or not until I got home and inside.

Today's letter, "O", is not such an easy one.  I don't like Oreos or orangutans.  Let's see, oranges, optimism, optical illusions, opera, online shopping, olives, Olympics, and opals.  I guess that wasn't so hard after all!

Today I have to make macaroons for poker and I'll be at the pool if possible.  I have some chores to do too and then the Seder dinner at the club tonight.

I have a question for you as in "what would you do?"  I have a card playing person (not really a friend) that is doing something I dislike.  She is buying stuff from QVC, wearing it, and returning it.  Not once, not twice, but she is doing this all the time.  I recognize the stuff because I watch QVC sometimes.  It's a scam.  I thought about calling customer service and talking to them about it but don't know if I should.  It's not just clothing either, jewelry too, expensive stuff.  She touts herself as being well dressed.  Buggers.  Anyway, any opinions?

So have a lovely Monday y'all.  I shall as well.  For sure!


  1. I noticed that a certain "O" didn't make your list... I'll add ocelots. They're gorgeous!
    ---- I cannot stand cheaters, so I really get your quandary. I don't know what I'd do. You'll get some good answers here, so maybe what the majority thinks. If I didn't think I could confront her, I'd seriously consider calling customer service. After all, all she (and many others!) does is cause the prices to in erase for you and me!

  2. How do you know she's returning them? If she says so, there's your answer. Next time just make some comment to her or perhaps pose a question to her, perhaps by way of surprise, confusion... I'm sure QVC has some sort of record keeping system so they must certainly have a way to know and track her history of purchases and returns.

    Sheesh. It takes all kinds, doesn't it?

    Have a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  3. Good morning Bee. Basically, that woman is stealing in my mind. Just make sure that she's bringing the stuff back. Man that woman is crazy. Macaroons. Where are my red velvet cookies? Ha,ha,ha. Have a fantastic day my caring friend. See ya.


  4. Having read some comments on QVC's forum, I believe they contact people who return too many items but I have no idea what constitutes "too many". I appreciate QVC and other stores that have a lenient return policy for those of who buy things for ourselves or as gifts that might be intended for initial use (seasonal wearing or as a gift) beyond 30 days. If too many shoppers abuse a return policy as this woman is doing, the rest of us are going to suffer when costs go up or policies are changed. Shame on her.

  5. This gal is an acquaintance and she'll never be your friend. Having said that there are tons of people that do this. They do it with clothes too. They have an occasion that they want to be all dolled up and then after they wear the gown or whatever back it goes. Then the next occasion they do it again. Users are what I would call these people, and cheap too. Getting something for nothing. About what I would do? Distance myself from her.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. :)

  6. Bee QVC does indeed have a policy about returning too many things. They have already issued the warning letter to her if she returns this much. But there probably isn't anything beyond what measures they will do to stop it. I'm sure your friend is not the only one who does this, and sadly it costs you and me any other QVC customer in the long run because it affects the price of things.

  7. That is cheating and I also would distance myself from this person. I do not like cheaters nor liars! Period.

    Big hugs, honey...

  8. I know QVC do have a try and return policy, in fact I have done this myself with beauty products but I would imagine they draw the line at too many returns. Where does she hide the tags when she's wearing the items, they would have to have the tags still attached if she returns them? If you don't like what she's doing distance yourself from her Bee.

  9. Bee, You card friend is putting on That is like stealing in my book. I have heard of this with ball gowns and prom dresses.. What the heck is wrong with people, no scruples?? I would probably talk about how bad it was during cards. LOL. xoxo,Susie

  10. She is intentionally defrauding them, plain and simple.
    If you owned QVC, would you want to know?
    I would!

    Enjoy the pool and the seder dinner tonight.

  11. Oh yes, I used to work with a lady who worked at a very exclusive dress shop in TN. For the big charity ball, her customer bought this VERY fancy expensive gown. Got her photo taken in the paper with it, too! YOu know what? The lady tried to return it. No go.

    Makes me wonder how some people can look at thier reflection in the mirror. I feel guilty taking something back, even if it's something new and unused! Sheesh!

  12. I can understand having a makeup 'try out' policy, you can try the product and if it really does not work for you, then you can return it. That is, if you in good faith tried to pick the right color in the first place, and then in reality it still doesn't work. But with clothing, I wonder how do they clean it before returning it? They wear the item, then return it with body odors, body fluids, sweat on it? Or a hair piece with their scalp oils, etc, and then just returned for QVC to repack and resell? I would not only distance myself from this woman with the cheating mentality, but also I would contact QVC and speak to them about her, and ask them point blank what they do to insure that returned clothing and personal items are cleaned and sanitized before they resell it. It makes me squeamish to think that I'd possibly get a returned item like this. If I was QVC I would want to know. If this lady tells others at the card table that she returned someting, then she opens herself up to anyone making a judgement, and contacting QVC over this. Don't be afraid to see what QVC does to sanitize returned items. Maybe there would need to be a hefty restocking fee, along with non-refundable return shipping. Make it more costly for someone to do that. Just my opinion, but this kind of grosses me out. . . .


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