Thursday, December 19, 2013

See I told you I lived in paradise and I really do.  Good morning.  This is what I look at if I wake up early enough in the morning.  Sometimes I do but usually I don't.  I don't know why.

Well did you see the season finale of Homeland?  I thought it was the worst ever.  I was so disappointed I may not even watch it when it starts up again.  Anyone else's thoughts?  And trust me, I am not usually negative but this stunk like a skunk.

I am tired.  I mean really bone tired.  I have had too many activities lately and I am really looking forward to next week with a much lighter schedule.  It seems so silly to wish for less parties but right now I do.  Too much food, to many hours, not enough rest.  I just reread this post up to this point and it sounds like I am "down", I'm not really, just tired.

Today is canasta and lunch at the club and after that I can go to bed early.  That'll get me going again.  I'll be as good as new in no time, watch and see.  And have a great day too!


  1. Do you have anytime to swim with all your activities? Maybe it is too cold. I haven't missed a day.

  2. Buongiorno!
    I hope you can rest day activities are a bit stressful, the morgin is very haard...but the sun is shining, I watch at the Nature and I get some "mind-rest"!!!

    Have serene time!!!

    Big hugs, hoey!!

  3. I'd be exhausted with parties for sure. It's all I can do to manage one late evening a week! I was in bed before 5:30 last night. Srsly. Night owl? Nope. Not me. But Lynda is coming for a visit the week after Christmas and there will be later than usual nights for me. I'll manage. :)

    Enjoy your game and your early to bed! big hugs xoxo

  4. Oh my, that is just stunning. Absolutely breathtaking. We haven't seen the sun lately, but they say it might be above 60!!! on Sunday. That's a record breaker. Wonder how many folks will get sick, or if our rivers/streams can take the fast melt of snow. Time will tell. Hope you get some rest and can enjoy the rest of the holiday season.

  5. You have such a fantastic view, I'm so envious! Hope you catch up with your sleep, just in case you get a unscheduled invite to another party. ;)

  6. I am so looking forward to this beautiful sight next week! Rest up.

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. This is when I worry about you Bee. Exhaustion can cause many problems. Please be careful my wonderful friend. Enjoy but be careful.Maybe eat and drink more. Ha,ha,ha. I'm only joking Bee.
    Did you see where John Heald's father died? I read it in John's blog where he writes in Facebook. One of the beards wrote in his place. See you.


  8. Gorgeous view! I haven't watched Homeland so can't comment on that. Get some rest and have a great day. Hugs!

  9. This is a busy time of year for almost everyone. You'll feel better after Christmas. Then you can focus on another week of a busy cruise. On a piano in the piano bar. I'm just saying.

    I've not seen Homeland either. Doesn't sound like I want to either.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs to you and my very best to Roche. Did he get pizza this morning? I didn't think so. ♥♥♥

  10. I agree about homeland. The first season was the best. This one was horrible and I don't care if it never comes on again.

  11. Hugs sweetie. Can you squeeze in a nap or two? Next week will be faster than you think. In the meantime, have fun!

  12. You definitely live in Paradise - the photos from your condo are always gorgeous!
    Definitely take it easy. Sometimes we just get into overwhelm, and it's wise to take a step to two back and relax.

  13. Bee, I love going and doing fun things...but some times I feel tired from all the preping and running. I'd like to be more of a "by the seat of my pants" kind of person, but no, I have to plan and clean and go to the store for special things and such.It's tiring. Take a rest , you deserve it. xoxo,Susie


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