Monday, November 18, 2013

Yesterday after I went to lunch with the duck and then the WalMart and then swimming I went upstairs and started a project, long overdue.  I am not finished enough to show you yet but I shall very soon.

I also watched more tv about JFK then I ever thought existed and way more than I wanted to if you wondered, but it was on and I was busy and so it was.  Fifty years it's been since that awful day.  Well in a few days it will be.  

I was in high school home economics class.  Do they even have home ec any more?  It was required when I went.  Cooking, sewing, housekeeping, all of it.  Even budgets.

So where were you (if you were even born yet) when he was shot?

Well it's getting to be turkey time again.  What are you doing this year?  I am going to the Fern House for dinner with the duck.  It's always very nice.  And delicious too!

So if you remember I go back to the gym today at 11:00 for another torture strength training session.  I am going to ask Andre' if I can get a monthly rate for two months.  If not I don't want to go twice a week or three times at $30.00 a pop.  But I don't feel ready to do it by myself either.  Oh well, what the heck, you know I'll do it.  Dr. Wacks told me to!

Have a great Monday y'all.  I will too.


  1. I paid Darrel by the month, which didn't really save all tjhat much. He was $25 per hour three times a week or $295 a month. I think. Maybe it was $285 a month. But still. Not a huge savings. Duhr.It was his idea to go to twice a week halfway through my second month... on account of he couldn't work my bad knee.

    I'm going again this morning. I may take my own car this time... Peggy wants an hour there but 30 minutes is plenty for me! And honestly? She kicked her own butt yesterday. She shouldn't be doing an hour.

    Can't wiat to see your project!

    big hugs from the land of oy, are my muscles telling me about it this morning! haha! xoxo

  2. I had a trainer once and it was way more than $30 so that seems cheap. Have a great day!

  3. November. 22 1963, I was in grade 9 religion class at Assumption High School.The principal came on the PA and said that President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas. Later after lunch we found out he had died. For three solid days I was glued to the TV and by watching I saw Oswald beingh shot by Ruby.The funeral was, scary to me. If a President could be shot, anyone could.
    Have a great day my wonderful friend.


  4. I was in second grade when Kennedy was assassinated but I remember it vividly. Did'nt stay home long enough this weekend to watch any of the tv stuff, though. Hope the gym isn't too bad today. You can do it!

  5. I was writing a history exam and they didn't tell us until we had finished. My maiden name is Kennedy so everyone I saw was asking if I was related to President Kennedy ( I am not related). I watched TV all weekend while I supposed to be studying for my math exam - don't think I did very well on it!!

  6. I was in grade school so I was in class. We had the same classroom all day so I don't remember what subject was being taught. The principle came in and told us to get on our bus and go home. We did. Everyone was in shock.

    We are cooking Thanksgiving dinner at our house as usual. Turkey, ham and all the side dishes everyone expects.

    I'll await your project. Is Roche helping? I hope so.

    Have a fabulous day at the gym honey. Big hugs to you and my best to Roche. :)

  7. I was 5 years old, in kindergarten, I think. The teacher came into class and told us the President was shot, and everybody started crying, and all the moms came and took their kids home, school closed down that afternoon.

  8. Bee, I was home and called my mom. It was a sad time. You will do the exercise and may need a trainer for a bit...but don't let him gouge you. xoxo,Susie

  9. In Atlanta in business school, arriving to class after lunch and greeted by a classmate asking if we has heard Kennedy had been shot? I of course thought it was a bad joke at first. School was dismissed. Sad.

    Big hugs, honey...

  10. Hi Miss Bee -- I really like the new look of the blog.


  11. I think a trainer is important at first so you learn how to do the exercises properly and not hurt yourself. After that, there's so much you can do on your own. Have him show you how to work out with exercise bands; they're inexpensive and flexible. I do a lot of workouts on OnDemand through cable.

  12. Goodness your hair is lovely.
    I was at home when President Kennedy was shot it was half day at the High School.

    cheers, parsnip


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