Friday, October 25, 2013

It's almost time.  Today I have to make the final choices on the clothes.  I have started the process but have not finished, and I have to get it all into one suitcase.  I will, have no fear.  I'm an old pro at this now but I am not used to only packing for me yet.  It feels very strange not to be getting Sarge's things ready.

Hopefully it will be warm enough to swim today, a cold front is coming through and it's pretty windy and the high may only get to 82°.  If you've been here a while you know I don't get in the water if it's less than 80°so I am hopeful that it will happen.

Roche' said to tell you that I won't let him have his own blog and he is upset about it.  The fact is when he can type it himself he can have it.  Not before.  Gosh, what a pistol that one is.

Have a lovely Friday y'all.  I sure will too!


  1. 82 degrees??? Oh how I wish it was that warm here. I hate deciding what to pack for holidays. I try things on and try to mix and match to keep weight down but it takes ages as I keep changing my mind. I make a list then cross things off as I pack them, do you do that Bee? Hope you get in the pool today. x

  2. It's a bit warmer this morning than it was yesterday but it won't get as warm as it got yesterday. If they're right, of course. Me? I love it!

    I can't wait to see how Roche enjoys his first cruise!

    I'm ready to go with you both!!

    big hugs xoxo

  3. Haha, Roche with a blog. I can't imagine the follies he would get into. Maybe just give him his own daily meme, you know compromise with him a bit.

    I do hope you have a wonderful trip, look for a FiFi and FooFoo to share with us. ;)

  4. Bee, How exciting to be packing for a fun cruise. You will be taking Sarge in your heart. I bet Duck will be kind of sad not to be going along. Have fun in the pool today. We had a hard freeze last night and it was 28 degrees this morning. They are saying it's a record cold for us. Oh wouldn't you know, when I am dreading winter. I'll have to be happy thinking of you with your cute outfit, the wind in your hair, standing at the railing waving ta-ta to everyone :):) xoxo,Susie

  5. I really enjoyed the photo that you have in your post this morning. 82 degrees is hot. I wish we had that right now. It's in the 50's today and you preparing for a cruise. You lucky gal. Have a great day Bee, you wonderful friend.


  6. It is 32 here. Bugger. No whale tails in my future either. Bugger. At least I can tag along with you and the boy.

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. It's chilly here this morning, but it will warm up nicely by noon or so. Doesn't last long though. When the sun goes done the chill returns.

    Roche is a pistol. Yes he is. I agree with you though. He's just like a kid. You do the work and he takes the credit.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs to you and my best to Roche. ♥♥♥

  8. Ciao!
    Sure your suitecase is done...and the adventur can begin!We have also over 80°, it's not usual, the heating doesn't work, as the temp is too high!

    Have a great afternoon!

    Big hugs!

  9. Hope your cruise is wonderful!



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