Monday, October 21, 2013

I had a great time yesterday.  First I went shopping and to lunch with the duck and then I went to the pool for over an hour.  It was so warm and lovely.  There were four of us water jogging and I really could have stayed all day I think.  It feels like sinking into a warm comfortable lush safe place.  Does that sound weird?  I think it does but that's what it feels like.

I got the suitcase out yesterday.  As soon as Roche' saw it he started whining to get his little pink one out too so I did.  

I also did my laundry yesterday so today I shall iron.  And swim.  And get started deciding what to take with me Saturday.  

So that's my day, what about yours?


  1. Sounds like a lovely day to me.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. oboy! Time to get your cruise on! Yeah, baby! I can't wait to see how much Roche' is gonna love cruising. I'll bet he'll want to be Diamond status as quick as possible, too. Because that's how he rolls.

    Have another perfect day. Well... except for the ironing part. big hugs xoxo

  3. Oh I would so love access to a pool and the weather to be able to use it, you are so lucky! I don't like packing, I always find it so hard to decide what to take.

  4. Single digits until cruise day! How exciting. So proud of you for going solo. You will have a fantastic time. Doing what you want, when you want! Hopefully Roche stays out of trouble though.

    Glad you had a lovely weekend.

  5. Good morning Bee. It's nice to wake up to your blog and see how happy you are. It makes me feel happy also.It's dreary outside, windy and cool. That's why cruising sound great to me too. Have a great day my wonderful mermaid. ( You like the water don't you? Ha,ha,ha. )


  6. Bee, I was happy to see you have a comment from Paul. Hope he's feeling well. You are a mermaid. :):) Happy for you to be getting ready for an adventure at sea. Roche is jealous he can't swim. xoxo,Susie

  7. Oboy oboy...I get to go on another cruise. I'll be ready!

    Big hugs, honey...

  8. That sounds like a lovely day! And yes, I know what you mean about feeling that you could stay in the pool all day. The few chances I had this summer to get into a warm pool, it felt so good I just wanted to stay there. Am looking around for an affordable place to swim this winter, wish me luck! Hugs and happy packing!

  9. I know you love that pool, so enjoy it and describe it any way that you want. It's your pool.

    Roche is a hoot. He'll bug you to pack what he doesn't need. Little bugger.

    We got home yesterday afternoon and it was wonderful to stretch out in our way larger home than our boat. Had a ball boating, but it's time to be home.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from sunny and warm California. My best to Roche. ☺

  10. What a divine day for sure. How luxurious to sink into a warm and safe place, all the while doing something that is so very good for you! Ironing, packing! Have a very good day today!


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