Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gosh the week is mostly over already.  Today is canasta and lunch.  Yesterday I lost five cents at maj.  That's right.  Five cents.  After Tuesday's poker fiasco it felt like a win!

I don't know why I don't reach out to people more often.  I have free long distance and I don't call people very often.  Well last night I called a dear gal that has been around the blog for a long time, not always commenting but always there.  Anyway I completely enjoyed talking to her.  

I got a card in the mail that it's time to get my eyes checked again.  Remember when I went last year and my eyes had turned blue?  Anyway it's time again and they are still blue.  I think they are fine though, Dr. Wacks tested me with the eye chart and I can see fine.  I only wear readers, nothing else.  Well sunglasses too but not prescription ones.

I need to clean out my jewelry drawer again.  I had it so neat for a while but slowly it got all jumbled up again.  Maybe that will be my weekend project.

Well that's all I have today.  Hope your Thursday is as good as mine, if so you are a lucky duck!


  1. My jewelry box is in two drawers, on top of my dresser and about 3 jewelry boxes - oh, and one big wooden box with pretty drawers. My mom told me I was like a crow and like shining things. When jewelry salesmen would come to our store, she made me stay out front at the counter because I wanted to buy everything!
    I don't reach out either. I think all of the years of being on the phone at work has turned the phone into an instrument of torture.
    Happy Thursday - Whoosh! It's going fast...

  2. Hooray for healthy eyes and an almost win! Tits to that!

    Have another lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  3. You lost again. A whole 5 cents, it's going to break your bank. Ha,ha,ha. Call me, call me, call me any time. I really enjoy talking to you and me talking to you. LOL.
    MaryLou and I are going to Costco this morning. What to go with us? Busy? Ok maybe the next time. You can tell that I'm getting much better. I feel goofy again. I guess that means that the real Paul is back. Hooray.
    Have a great day my talkative but the one who loses 5 cents in a game. ha,ha,ha. I said I was a little goofy today. See you Bee.

    Cruisin Paul

  4. Dear Bee,
    And I am so glad that you did! Really enjoyed hearing from you, and catching up!
    Tidying the jewelry drawer sounds like a good project for the weekend.
    And congratulations again and always for maintaining your healthy weight!

  5. I wish my eyes were that good. I've got to have glasses on all the time or I can't read anything. Bugger. My eyes are still blue too.

    Have a terrific day honey. My best to that smart rock Roche. Big hugs to you both. :)

  6. A five cent loss is indeed a win!
    Hope your day is going well. Big hugs from the PNW

  7. Bee, FIVE CENTS !! LOL. You are right, that's a lot like winning. Bee, you are in great shape if you are only wearing readers . Good for you wearing sunglasses too. xoxo,Susie

  8. Why is it things like jewelry drawers can be all neat and perfect and then slowly, imperceptibly slowly, they become a jumbled mess. I really don't get it myself. I've always had prescription glasses - or contacts- I hate going to the eye doctor. I hate trying to decide which is or two, two or three? A or B? B or A?


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