Thursday, July 25, 2013

I can't believe how long my hair got, really fast too.  I was even wearing it up the other day.  This is me with NO makeup, sorry if it scared you.  

So today is the big surgery day and I'll be at the hospital all day but they have free wifi and I'll take the iPad with me and some snacks and cards and I have books on the iPad ready to read so I'll be fine.  I just can't forget my glasses, ha ha.
Yesterday I forgot my hat when I went to the pool and I did have on sunglasses but my eyes burned anyway.  They were really quite sore, drops didn't seem to help.  Bet I don't do that again.  The pool was really great though, crystal clear and not too warm, just right.

So I guess that's all I have in my brain now, I have to go take some fish oil...


  1. Crossing my fingers for D #1 that the surgery goes really well.


  2. Keeping you all in my heart !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Buongiorno!

    I hope you got a restful sleep!
    My positive thoughts for a successful operation, I'm with you and C., and am waiting for updates!

    Big hugs, honey!

    I like the sweet and tender expression of your mouth, a very intensive image of you, nature!!

  4. You'll both be in my prayers today. I'll be checking for updates. Praying all goes really well.

    I need to get my hair done this weekend so it has time to look decent for my cruise. Or so I have time to know what to do with it! ha!

    Blessings for the day. big hugs xoxo

  5. I've been growing my hair for nearly four months. Why does it grow quickly when you don't want it to yet grow slowly when you do want it to???

    I hope your daughter's op goes well. x

  6. Thoughts and prayers are with you and D#1 today.

  7. This is Roberta
    Sending lots of love to Cat and you today. I am on my way to Boston for my walk but you are on my mind.

  8. Sending healing thought to your daughter. If the pain goes away then that's the ticket. Having your back all messed up is miserable.

    I think you look great. Makeup or not. A haircut is an easy thing to tend to, but not today.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. ☺

  9. Auntie Bee - you could nefur scare me - you is GORGEOUS!!!!

    we is purraying and purrring for your D#1.
    purrrsss n xoxoxoxo - your Sammie Pie

  10. Bee, you are hard on yourself. With or without makeup you always look good to me. I'll be thinking about you all today. I know things will go well. See you my beautiful friend.


  11. Hi Bee,
    I don't know what kind of surgery D#1 is having, but she is in my prayers..

    sending loving thoughts

  12. Bee, You are still a very pretty lady. I wear my hair up lots. Well mainly because I do not make time to get my hair done. Praying your daughter will be on the road to recovery soon. xoxo, Susie

  13. Sorry your daughter needed surgery. I hope all went well and you and she sleep well tonight

  14. Bee, You look radiant!! And I'm so happy to see your weight loss numbers going up again!
    You and your daughter are in my prayers today....


  15. I am hoping and praying that by now you know everything went well with the surgery and that Cat is resting well. Bee make sure you get your rest too and take care of yourself too.

    Big Hugs,



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