Monday, June 17, 2013

will you just look at this!

This is my girlfriend's husband's closet.
He does this himself.

It's a sight to behold for sure.
He irons his shirts.
He folds his shirts.
Did you ever?
I asked permission to post these photos.

So yesterday the Duck took me out to the cemetery to see Sarge and talk to him a bit.  He was still there too.  (kidding!)

Tonight I am playing canasta.  I am a sub, not a regular in this game.  It'll be fun though, I like the gals in the game.

So that's it from my world.  Hope your Monday is totally tits.  Mine will be.  I'll be at the pool...


  1. Love how organized the closets are, they make me happy.

    And yes, mine look like that too. but only because my housekeeper irons and folds everything for me!

    I'm waaaaay too lazy to do any of that myself, if it was me, there'd just be heaps of un-ironed stuff everywhere.

    Enjoy canasta tonight:)

    Ask Chuck to tell Sarge I say hello and send him thoughts of sharing a freshly made lemonade and a talk on the porch in rocking chairs, with one of your made from scratch cherry pies for dessert... I swear, he can hear me write this.

    Blessings to him as an angel in heaven, and to you as an angel here on earth, dear bee.


  2. I love my closet. It is a small walk-in and everything in it is leftovers from other rooms but I love it just the way it is.
    Sometimes it feels like it is the neatest room in the house hahahaha !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. That's fantastic. My hubby keeps his wardrobe tidy like that too, sweaters all folded and shirts on hangers etc but he doesn't do the ironing. ;)

  4. No, I can not imagine. The man I was married to did not speak the language of orderly, organized or color coordinated. Or helping around the house. In fact, I don't think he could see it or acknowledge that it even existed.


    Enjoy subbing! I'll be taking lovely orders, I hope!

    big hugs xoxo

  5. I love your humor! And I would just fall over dead from landing in an alternate universe if my husband did that to his closet! Of course he only wears one color... black. (It's a mechanic thing). So his would be a bit easier to organize.

    I am so very behind in reading all your adventures, forgive me for clearing the reader this morning. Need to start fresh. If I missed something fun, do share. Love you lots! Have a great week.

  6. That man has more clothes than me! So cute!

  7. Happy Monday Auntie Bee - I will be on your bed hiding from the aliens at my house!!!

    PURRRSSS N XOXOXOXOXO - your Sammie Pie

  8. I confess.........that is NOT my DH's closet...ever. My own doesn't look that good. Bugger. I am actually working on my closet. Sigh.

    Happy Monday to you. A lotta laundry going on around here. Exciting times in Mayberry...not.

    Big hugs, honey...

  9. Hey Bee, the next time you talk to Charlie have him give me a buzz. I'm always thinking about him. I'm unable to come and see him so would you do that for me.
    Check your mail soon. I'm sending you a card and there is a small gift in the card.
    See you my lovely friend.


  10. Wow, I wish my closet looked that good! Enjoy the canasta and the pool. Hugs!

  11. Wow, it's organized, but he's got a ton of clothes. He could go for months without washing, drying and ironing. Wow.

    Have a fun day honey. We are out at our island until Wednesday morning. Not as much blogging here and my reader is full. Bugger. Big hugs. Hey to Roche. :)

  12. My goodness, he has a lot of clothes!!!

  13. Note to self: Work on the closet. Hope you and Sarge had a good chat. I miss his funny comments.

    Heading out in a few to run some needed errands then come home to work on a quilt.

  14. Ciao!
    It's me, from the Appennini, close tuscany, in a nice, artistic small town, no car, because G. may not drive, he has got a few issues, and our Life is running a difficult path
    Have fun, i'm glad that you'il visita podunk!

    Big hugs


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