Saturday, April 27, 2013

Well it's official, the golf course behind me is closing in four days.  It opened in 1974 so the fees are $19.74 today and there is a barbecue that costs $19.74 as well.  I am not going though.  

The second course will remain open, if you remember it was redone just a few years ago by Robert Trent Jones and is quite lovely.  With only one course now it will be very busy.  Progress, we have it.

I have been enjoying perfect weather, 83* and sunny, the pool is warm and mostly empty, what's not to love around here.  Today is my hair appointment and also the fund raiser at the Fern House.  I already made my donation but I'll go anyhow and get to spend some time with the duck.

So I had a magic moment last night.  I made a sandwich for dinner and started to eat it and looked at it and said to myself "hey, you don't have to eat the crust!".  You see all my life someone told me to eat the crust and it became a habit I suppose but I never liked the crust.  (smile)  

I picked it off and completely enjoyed the sandwich.  My mother used to say I had to eat it because it would make my hair curly and Sarge told me I had to eat it because it was dumb not to, he said it was the best part.  So I'd eat it.  Oh, and by the way, if I don't blow dry my hair it is very curly. 

So that's it in my world today, hope your day is as good as mine is going to be y'all!


  1. You could cut the crusts off your bread before you make your sandwiches and make them all dainty. My mother always told me eating crusts would make my hair curly, it didn't, and I really wanted curly hair. Strangely, as I've got older, my hair seems to have developed a bit of a kink. :)

    Your weather sounds lovely, it's gone cold again here.

  2. GORGEOUS sky this morning!!

    My favorite breads are those round, dense, fresh-baked loaves that are crusty on the outside and soft and dense on the inside. Served warm. With butter. A rare treat for me! Honestly, I'm not much for sandwiches and especially not on plain old white bread. I always buy whole grain, dark breads. A loaf of 16 slices lasts me longer than the bread stays fresh... unless my parents eat some of it, which isn't often as they like plain old white bread. =)

    Enjoy your visit with the duck! big hugs xoxo

  3. Why eat those calories in the crust when you don't rally like them? I understand your mother trying to get a child not to waste food, but at this point, if you don't want to eat the crafts, then don't eat them! Whoohoo!

  4. From crusts to curly! You are one fascinating lady. Srsly. Love ya!

    Have fun with OCD. Tell him HI for me. Big hugs, honey...

  5. Life is too short! Crusts begone! Enjoy today!

  6. I never liked the crusts either. Now that we are independent women--we don't have to eat them--or do anything else we don't want to. Did your mother ever say, "Clean up your plate--children are starving in Africa". Well, they are still starving, but my few cut off crusts aren't going to help them, so..............

  7. I've heard that the bread crusts really are the most healthy parts of bread. Just a quick Google search comes up with several sites that claim that bread crusts are full of your mother was right in making you eat the crusts (though, no truth in the curly hair thing!)

  8. I don't care for the crust either. Off with it. I like really fresh wheat bread with no crust. Yummy.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from warm and sunny California. ☺

  9. Bee you are so funny !
    Packaged store bread crust are not very good but some nice French or Sourdough fresh from the oven... Crusty on the outside soft and chewy on the inside. Yum !
    I make really wonderful sandwiches but I rarely make them for me. If I do it is always a lettuce leaf instead of bread for me. Le sigh.

    cheers, parsnip

  10. Hmm... wonder how many calories you save by skipping the crust?!

  11. Ya for a crustless sandwich. Aren't there ducks on a pond somewhere you can feed it to? Food going to waste, now there is a whole big fat subject that has contributed to making me a chubster! Oh the training, er, retraining, my mind has had to go through on that whole subject, AND I have chickens and a compost to feed!

    Sandwiches, there is a kid's song about sandwiches are wonderful sandwiches are fine....


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