Monday, April 29, 2013

The bedroom is finished!I decided to get the bed runner and the pillows after she was finished because it didn't look "complete" to me but now it does.  The bedding is soft and lovely and I am very happy with it all.

She also put the chandelier together for me when she stopped by and it only took her a few minutes.  It is not hung yet though so I'll show it to you when it's ready to go.  Almost finished with everything!  Well if I ever really truly get finished that is.

Today if it doesn't rain I'll be at the pool again.  Yesterday I was glad I went early because, being Sunday, it got pretty busy but I was already out when a bunch of people came to swim.

I got a rotisserie chicken chicken yesterday at the WalMart and made some chicken tacos with it, just the chicken, avocado, salsa, and lettuce.  They were really good.  I'll have chicken for days now too, just will have it different every time.  

So y'all have a great Monday and a fabulous new week.  I will too...


  1. It does look complete now! YAY! I get 2 chickens because if I don't with 3 of us there won't be any leftovers, and that is the best part, right?

    Have a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  2. Looks so very pretty!!!! Love the coordination of it all. I get teased constantly because I like to even have my wallet match my purse. So I can totally relate to wanting the drapes to match the bedding. :)

    I think I need a lesson how to cut and use an avacado. I have been loving them in my sushi lately, and need to use them more at home.

  3. Your bedroom looks lovely, and yay for Jane for putting together that chandelier. Your chicken tacos sound great, I may be trying that. Have another fun day!

  4. Bee, Your bedroom does look so girly. I love it. You deserve to relax there. Hope your weather holds out and you get to swim. xoxo,Susie

  5. Your bedroom looks devine, pinkish, pinky, pink. I'm going to have to call you Picky Bee. Pink is in my mind after seeing this.

    I'm just joking with you Bee. I love the bed. I want MaryLou to do some changes with our bed. Maybe you could give her some ideas except not kicking me out of it. Ha,ha,ha. See you my lovely friend.


  6. I love your bedroom and you're right. It's complete now. Excellent and you got the chandelier put together too. Excellent.

    I love chicken tacos the way you do them. I've had them that way for a very long time. Delicious and very sensible.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from warm and sunny California. ☺

  7. I love your bedroom! So Girly! So feminine! Love it!

  8. Bee, that is beautiful! I love how the runner sets off the matelassé spread. Beautiful, simple, and feminine!

  9. Such a beautiful, restful place. I love it.
    By the way, I had to delete my blog, here is the address for the new one,

  10. LOVE your bedroom...all my favorite inviting, peaceful and serene!

  11. Lovely Lovely Lovely !

    cheers, parsnip

  12. Ciaoooooooo!!!

    A very lovely bedroom, it's very feminine, delicate!

    have a great week!


  13. Absolutely beautiful! I love the soft pink on the walls.


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