Thursday, April 25, 2013

I had a great time at the pool yesterday, it was so warm and lovely.  No one was around either.  Perfect.

Today is canasta and then I'll stay at the club after for the Prime Rib night.  It starts with cocktails at 5:00 with snacks and dinner at 6:00.  I went to the last one and it was really nice.  I was able to eat pretty low calorie too as there were so many choices. 

Of course you could eat enough calories to sink a ship but I won't.  I'll have sparkling water instead of booze and then a big salad, cup of soup, and light dinner plate.  There will be fish, chicken, and pasta as well as prime rib.  I really don't care that much about beef either way any more so that's not a problem for me.

Even though I have not really lost any more weight I am getting a different shape now, I guess from the exercise.  I would love to lose another 17 pounds but don't know when it will happen.  I am still really trying though.

It's almost time to get my hair done again.  I am going Saturday.  Then I'll really be in cruise mode!  

Have a lovely Thursday.  Mine is going to be totally tits!


  1. Miss Bee, I am so jealous of your warm weather.

    We had warm weather Tuesday (well, warm for us... around 70), and the next day, snow flurries!!!

    Of course, in a couple of months, we'll be complaining it's too hot & humid!!!

  2. Muscle weighs more than fat. And looks way cuter! =) A little splurge in your calorie budget tonight may also kick your plateau to the curb.

    Yesterday Darrell pointed out muscle definition on my arms.

    Muscle. Definition.

    On me? Holy crap.

    Have a totally tits kind of day! big hugs xoxo

  3. Barb is right, muscle does weigh more than fat, and I always think if your clothes fit better that's what is happening, you're building muscle. :)

  4. Hope you have a lovely day, and enjoy the evening festivities.

  5. Have fun and don't think about calories because you are already in smart mode on eating.

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. How nice to have the warm, lovely pool all to yourself! Sounds like you'll have a great day today, too. Enjoy...

  7. And your pet rock will be there on Tuesday and you'll have time to get him ready for the cruise too. He's all clean because I gave him a good bath here. Just so you know. Didn't want to be sending dirty rocks all over the place. Bwahahahahaahaha.

    I'd probably have the fish or the chicken too. Beef goes a very long way and we don't have it very often here. Rare indeed.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. ☺

  8. I'm staring at sunshine right now! We get an extra day of this beautiful stuff AND we didn't have to have another morning frost in order to get it whoohoo! I'm nearly in Florida today! (my little fantasy) Have fun today, enjoy youself, and all your hard work, keep it up, you look awesome!

  9. Yay for cruise mode! I miss my pool at the condo. That spoiled me so.

  10. Bee, We had sunshine again today. we needed it. Glad you had a nice dinner with your friends. Good for you , shaping up :):) xoxo,Susie

  11. Having your shape changing is good though, Bee - it means your body is still adjusting, even if the scale isn't showing change right now. Muscle weighs more than fat, so it could be that your body is losing inches and doing its job that way. later may come weight loss again, the last 17 pounds, but in the meantime that shape changing is very encouraging especially after the 82 pounds you have already taken off! You're obviously doing great with the exercise and the eating!



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