Sunday, April 7, 2013

A whole new week!

*Update*  Well rats, this was supposed to publish at midnight but I screwed it up so here you go early.....

Well Monday again already!  Today I am subbing in a canasta game and guess who is playing?  That woman that gave me asthma with her nasty perfume.  I know I swore I would never play with her again and I didn't want to but they begged me and swore she would not wear any perfume.  I told them okay but if I smelled it I was leaving, I was not going to get asthma again.

Yesterday after lunch I got in the pool, it was chilly at first but soon felt good and I had a good workout.  I just feel so much better when I exercise, I cannot tell you.  Now you can feel free to ask me why I don't go next door to the gym at the club that is already included in my dues if you like.  I am curious as to what my answer will be.

This whole week is busy, every day something and lots of days two things.  Hope I can keep up with it all.

Have a lovely Monday and a wonderful new week.  I will too!


  1. Well I've posted stuff too early too. We all have and it's okay.

    I'm pretty sure that gal will not be wearing perfume tomorrow. Pretty sure of it. Nothing like having the whole table angry at you. That's what would happen too.

    You don't go to the gym because it's where all the germs hang out. That's what many think. Some folks wipe things down and others not so much.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs. ☺

  2. Wonderful photo today or tomorrow or today whichever ?

    I know why I don't like to go to the gym but the main reasons are germs, stink, small claustrophobic rooms, noise and did I mention claustrophobic rooms !
    Hope the game goes well.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I understand the perfume thing. Some scents just downright stink. I hope you're able to play. Asthma is not fun!

    I'd sub for ya. I can't smell (or taste) anything right now. Bugger. But then, I don't know how to play. So that wouldn't be too good. I'd be losing.

  4. I hope that lady doesn't use perfume so you can play. Why don't you use the gym?

  5. What Sandee said. I see lots of people with wipes, wiping everything before they touch it and after they're done, so I'm betting that's why you don't go to the gym, too.

    I'm skipping the gym today since Darrell cancelled today's strength training anyway and I am still pretty sore from Friday's leg session. Owie.

    I can not wait until Peggy's pool is warm enough to go in it! YAY!

    Hope there's no perfume. For sure. Have a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  6. Gyms are not for me either, and I am pretty sure the germ factor keeps you outta your "free" one.

    I hope you get to enjoy the game today...or else leave!

    Bg hugs, honey...

  7. Bee, I hate smelling someone else's perfume...that they took a bath in. I like light lemony smells, but wear it sparingly. Glad you had some time in the pool. I wouldn't go to the gym either...too many germs . I can work out in my home. I have a few pieces of equipment. Hope you win at the game. xoxo,Susie

  8. Good morning Bee. It's my bad day today. My medss are making me dizzy today. Every once in awhile it does it and today is the day. I think I getting tired of going to the hospital day in and day out. I might be in the place myself soon. Have to go my lovely friend. I'm tired right now, have to lay down. See you.


  9. I'd be curious as to your answer, too, but I expect it has to do with germs and other reasons mentioned already - plus the pool is SOOO much easier on your joints and just more fun in general. I'm looking forward to some "AquaZumba" when it gets warm enough here. Hope you have an asthma-free day and another fun time in the pool, too.

  10. well I know why you don't go to the gym - it's because I'm at your howse! MOL - xoxoxoxoxox your Sammie Pie

  11. Ciao!!!

    I hope no purfum plays at your game table's not very nice!
    I do gym at home, like a cat before standing up!!!

    Have a lovely busy week!

    Big hugs!

  12. ....because you like to exercise alone and there always seems to be a lot of people watching you at the gym? That would be my answer if it were me, LOL.

  13. I'm with you! No perfumes or scented lotions or oils! They make me sick, especially when someone wear so much you can be ten feet or more away and still smell it!. One woman's 'oooh doesn't this smell good' is another woman's headache or asthma!


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