Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday in paradise...

Wait until you hear this one!  Remember yesterday I was subbing for a gal in a canasta game.  Well this one gal that didn't play last time was back this time and I have played with her last year but stopped because I am allergic to her (massive amount of) perfume.  

Well she was there and doused in the again and before long I had a headache, next I got asthma which I nearly never do but I did.  She had the nerve to call me when I got home and tell me it wasn't her perfume that made me sick, it must have been something else as that has never happened to her before.  

I told her yes, it did, it happened to me last year also.  I would have been much kinder and let her off the hook by saying maybe if she was a nice person but she isn't.  Buggers to old bags in heavy (nasty) perfume.  I simply cannot stand the stuff.  Okay, I'm done now, sorry.

I did my swimming in the morning yesterday and that's good because when I got home I was in no shape to exercise.  That's my plan for today too.  I don't think the heater is working right but it's not too cold and when you are jogging back and forth the bit cooler water is really better than really warm.  It's just harder to get in!

It's supposed to get cooler this weekend so I'd better swim while the getting is good, right?

Today is a busy day, hope all goes well, and for you too!


  1. It always seems to me that the people who douse them selfs can't smell and taste you see them salting their food before even tasting it ! And it is always (in my case ) one of the heavy patchouli based perfumes.
    I wear a Rose scent that I have worn for over 40 years but I am very careful on how much I put on.

    Some times we need to speak up. She made you sick !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I feel for you! I have allergies AND fibromyalgia, which makes me very, very sensitive to scents. Chemicals and heavy perfumes aggravate me so much...especially floral, musk and powdery scents. I hate it when someone has so much scent on, I can still smell them in the store aisles after they've moved on. Perfumes are meant to be worn lightly, people should just get a tantalizing "whiff", that's all. If you can smell your own perfume, it's too much. Bravo for you for speaking up!


  3. I can not go into a candle and incense store. Can. Not. Although I do wear some perfume, hopefully, not massive amounts, and I do enjoy the scent of a candle burning, but not all scents. Of course, with cats, I can no longer burn candles. Open flame + cat tails = flaming cat tails! Ask me how I know this.

    The End.

    Hope you don't get as much rain as we got yesterday. srsly.

    Big hugs xoxo

  4. Sounds like she needs a pox just like the rude guy from the Post office.

    My husband wanted me to thank you for your generosity, he noticed how excited I was when I was telling him about your upcoming gifts. And he said he really appreciates your kindness, too!!

  5. I am glad you were honest with perfume wearer. She probably still won't believe you, but still. Pox on her!

    More rain coming. Oh well. We shall survive.

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. I doesn't like purfumes either Auntie Bee!!

    purrrsssss n xoxoxoxo - your Sammie Pie

  7. We've got a snowstorm coming tonight, 3 to 6 inches of heavy wet snow. Sorry about that stinky smelly woman. If she wants to play, she should not put any perfume. See you Bee.


  8. It's kind of amazing this woman is so oblivious to her stench.

  9. Oh, my goodness! Why is it that the people who douse themselves in perfume never seem to see what it does to others? We've got a couple around here, and in spite of some fairly pointed hints, they are oblivious. Good for you for telling her it had happened before! I hope it is all cleared out of your sinuses and lungs today, and that you can enjoy the pool and the rest of the day.

  10. It's better to be honest just in case she's at Canasta again, you did right.

  11. I don't wear any perfume anymore. Just don't care about it one bit. Old bag. She knows she just won't admit it. Next time you see her coming you need to get up and leave. It takes hours to recoup from that. I have the same problem around cats. I love them, but they make me very sick.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs from sunny but cold California. :)

  12. She will never believe it is her perfume. I get sick when I exposed to nasty perfume. So many ladies don't know how offensive it is. I think they have lost their sense of smell.

  13. It isn't just "old bags" who overdo the stink juice. Younger Daughter and her husband went to see his parents on Sunday. Long Suffering Spouse went upstairs for something after they left and called me right away -- "what did she use?" she said -- "you can cut the air with a knife up here."

    Nor is it just females -- my sons have all been partial to "body sprays" at some point, putting on enough at times to choke a buzzard.

    I don't understand why this is so, but it is.

  14. I really try to limit my perfume. And when I go somewhere like a doc office, I leave it off. So many folks are sensitive to the stuff.

    Get some swimming in while it's warm. Cold is not fun. :-)

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  16. Some people just spray tons of it. I'm glad you told her.


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