Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday and cold!

Cold cold cold!  Next weekend is going to be warm again though but it'll take the pool time to warm up after this cold spell.  My guest leaves today.  Our time was over way too fast, as always, but it was lovely while it lasted.

Tomorrow I have to sub in a canasta game but it's not warm enough to swim so I'm sort of glad to have something to do.  It's a game I have not played in before but I do know the gals and like them so I am happy.

I don't get much of a chance to wear my sweaters so I will be able to do that anyway.  Yesterday I put on a jacket that used to be too small for me and it was way too big.  That was good news.  Sometimes when I see myself in the mirror it doesn't look like me and it's startling.  But in a good way!

So have a lovely Sunday y'all.  I have to go see a dear friend in a sad time and give her a hug...


  1. COLD! Yes! It's awful. I want my 78° back! I know just what you mean about not recognizing yourself... from the last time I dropped the weight. I still recognize myself, but it's changing! Woot!

    Have a lovely day! You in your sweater nd me in my sweatshirt. big hugs xoxo

  2. Your dear friend needs you now and you will know exactly the right then to say--or not say.

  3. Button up, buttercup. So will I. Give me back 80 degrees!!!

    Big hugs, honey...

  4. Hugs and stay warm! Soon it will be in the 80s. I promise...

  5. We've been having a touch of spring last last few days. It's been wonderful. That's going away starting tomorrow and it's going to be 20 degrees cooler which means it's going to be cold again. Bugger.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from sunny but cold California. ☺

  6. Hey Bee, it's warm around here. It was only 22 degrees today and with no snow not like yesterday where we had a blizzard where you couldn't see the car in front of you. Thank goodness MaryLou was able to get home after picking up AmyLynn. Me, I was in the house.
    Mom's not doing very well. Her dementia is getting worse. It's really hurting me a lot seeing my mother like that.
    One good thing was the fact I lost 1 lbs this last week. See you my caring friend.


  7. I see your comments all the time on Judy.
    Thought I would look at your sharing.
    I do not have a weight problem
    but I love all of your recipes
    and you gave me some ideas for cooking for one.
    Oh the Floriday sunshine sounds wonderful.
    I have a daughter and lawyer soninlaw who live in Tampa
    she called today and said it was unusually cold there.
    I will be checking in again.
    Congratulations on the weight loss.
    I weigh in at 108 lbs
    and eat everything....

  8. FL's cold would still feel tropic to me right now. Really cannot wait for spring time to come.


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