Monday, January 21, 2013

The Carnival Breeze

Formal night photos with John Heald Sunday evening. We took lots of them. Bethany your mom and dad did too and they looked wonderful!

This was taken at the diamond party, this is Captain Vincenzo Alcaras. He was most elegant as all of Carnival captains are but I will say he hung out mostly with some woman who's bazzooms were poking out of their tops. I had no problem, ha ha.

I am still ahead in the casino, I'm sure it won't last but it's fun while it does. Al Earnst was the comedian on board and very funny. I think there is a youtube of him if you want to see it.

Today we will dock in St. Thomas at 7:00AM and be at that lovely harbor with the huge beautiful boats. I am not planning on doing anything but the pool on board while everyone else is off the ship. I have walked so much my hips, knees, back, and just about everything else is hurting so I think the pool is my best bet.

I am really enjoying all the walking though, it's like freedom without that scooter.

Yesterday John Heald gave me a solid gold plastic ship-on-a-stick in front of everyone in honor of Sarge. Very sweet of him.

Have a truly amazing Tuesday y'all. I certainly will too!

Empress Bee

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Location:Gently rocking on the turquoise Caribbean Ocean with a gentle breeze floating by


  1. I know you will cherish this particular ship on a stick for sure. You all look happy; glad you are having a good time.

  2. Bee, you've taken many nice pictures. But in that formal night picture, you are truly beautiful, and so are your kids.

  3. Hugs! I love that he took the time to honor Sarge. How sweet. As for the formal night pic. you are a skinny one! Look at you! It's nice to see your travel companions as well. Glad everyone looks happy and healthy.

    Sending love from the states...

  4. Bee, you look FABULOUS in that formal picture . . . so skinny. You and Chuck have been amazing with your weight loss. It is most definitely inspiring.

    Loved the lady with the camera story yesterday and hope we hear more about her.

    Enjoy the pool and hope it eases the pain.

  5. a final ship on a stick for pop pop. :] i miss that guy.

  6. You look so awesome in the pics! I can't believe you want to lose more. What a nice thing to do for Sarge!

  7. What a beautiful photo of you with your daughter and son! That was a very nice thing for John to do in honour of Sarge. Enjoy the pool Bee. x

  8. Italian men like women with bazzooms? Huh. Who'da thunk it? hahaha!

    You kook amazing!

    I am almost back to my pre-holiday weight. Holy moly. That's been hard. 3 weeks. Mother mercy.

    Hope your lucks holds but if not I hope your FUN holds! big hugs xoxo

  9. You look incredible! It was so nice of John to give you a Ship to honor sarge.

  10. The ship in honour of Sarge is a lovely gesture. You look amazing!!! Keep up the good work in the casino.

  11. Yay for the little ship for Sarge. I know its going to be a sad weekend for you. I hope you can cherish fun memories and remember good times instead of the sad times.
    We're here for you either way! Love you lots!
    You look phenomenal! So elegant, youthful... and happy! Love your shipmates too, they look great as well.

  12. My iPad photo of you and this presentation isn't very good, but it was a very sweet thing to see. John knows how special Sarge was. Typical John!

    Having fun. See ya later. Hugs, honey...

  13. Bee, you look like you are enjoying your self. You inspire me to keep on loosing. My weight is up. Maybe the antibiotics I'm taking.

    I enjoyed seeing the world through your eyes.

  14. I thought all men liked women with big .....? Bwahahahahahahaha.

    Great shot of all of you. You look so tiny. Really you do.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from the back of our lovely boat. :)

  15. Ciao!!!
    I'm so glad that your cruise is so important for you!
    A great gesture in memory of Sarge! I like the pics!!!
    I also am so glad that you have forgot the you remember That I said you ought to walk instead of beading...swimming and walking are much healthier!!!

    Big hugs...enjoy every moment onboard!

  16. Bee -

    It looks like you are having a wonderful cruise and the 24 karat solid plastic stick on a ship in memory of Sarge is just so touching. I hope you broke John's rule and gave him a big kiss and a hug.



  17. LOVE all the formal pictures. You look just wonderful! You are an inspiration to me. Hugs!


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