Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Almost finished...

Living Room


Into the dining area

Sorry about the boxes by the front door.
They are waiting to get mailed.

Near bedroom


Sorry about the pile of stuff on the chair below.
That was my desk when I was little and I did my homework on it.

Dressing area chair

A small bit more to follow but it's mostly done.

Jane is coming back to help me place things, she had done a bit of it while I was gone but we need to do some more.  Just little stuff left.

Do I love it all?  Yes with a capital YES.  There is also a bit more to show you like the bathrooms but I am waiting until we get the pictures hung.

The duck wants to know if there is anywhere in the entire apartment that he can sit down without his d*** falling off.  (his words, not mine)  I'm a very happy girl.

Have a wonderful Tuesday y'all.  I have canasta and poker so I'll be right busy!



    cheers, parsnip
    woof The Square Ones
    yert !

  2. Wonderfully done and I'm glad you're loving it!!! Reassure the Duck that nothing's falling off. Maybe you can buy him a blue pillow to sit on when he visits!
    Love the camera story. Wish you knew the outcome to that one...

  3. Wonderfully done and I'm glad you're loving it!!! Reassure the Duck that nothing's falling off. Maybe you can buy him a blue pillow to sit on when he visits!
    Love the camera story. Wish you knew the outcome to that one...

  4. Beautiful! I like it! Love the colors and fabrics!!! (LOL about the Duck) But more importantly you love it!!!

  5. I love the colors - it all looks so beautiful!! Very funny about the Duck!!! I'm so glad you went with what you wanted.....Enjoy it!!!

  6. Well Bee, I think it looks beautiful. It's not my man cave idea. Ha,ha,ha. Tell the Duck that he can sit down on the bathroom floor without his d*** falling off. Ha,ha,ha. I was so happy to have met him and your other companion on the cruise. Today I'm going to get all my photos done and then later I can become my story on the cruise once I get use to how to put the photos in my picture area in the computer. Still having problems learning with this new windows 7. I have to also deal with Season's. They are charging my mother for the food and meds that she hasn't had since she has been in the hospital. Almost a month. I see a fight taking place.
    Have a great day my lovely friend.


  7. I love your new furnishings. Your home looks like it was made for a princess.(you)

  8. I love it, too! Just looking at those rooms makes me smile. Theyare happy spaces. Hugs!

  9. Miss Bee
    You are tickled pink!

  10. Love love love the new master bedroom headboard and dressing room chair! And the clever use of the mirrors.

    What a lovely feminine retreat you have, Bee! You are surely in the pink.
    Enjoy it in good health every day:)

  11. Ummm... Chuck? There isn't one. Well, maybe the toilet, but you don't need to sit there anyway. Deal with it, dude. hahahaha!

    Speaking of success stories, I'm praying for one. SD Janice's oldest son (he's 22) just voluntarily went into a substance abuse rehab. First time. I told my sister to brace herself for a long, hard road. Their insurance covers 6.5 days. Oy. I hope one day soon he will find someplace as good as Fern House is ... because this place sure ain't it!

    Have a fabulous day, my friend! big hugs xoxo

  12. And yes, that says 6 and a half days. srsly.

  13. WOW!!! I love it Bee :)It is so girly and fresh!! Beautiful :)

  14. Why is "The Pink Panther" song playing in my head?! It all looks bee-utiful. I know you're gonna love your new girly place...and the duck can deal with his, um, problem.

    Big hugs, honey...

  15. It's your space and it's the way you want it. That's all that counts. I think it's fabulous. Enjoy your girly home.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  16. Chuck cracks me up! Bwahahahahahaahaha.

    Bee it looks so beautiful! They really did a great job!!!! LOVE it!!!!

  17. Laughing out loud at the Duck's comment! My favorite room is absolutely your bedroom. It looks so inviting. Glad you are pleased with everything.

  18. Would love a close up photo of the dining room chandelier when you have time.

  19. hahahahahaha. tell uncle chuck to bring a pillow. or grow some ovaries. ;]

  20. Ciaoooooo!!!

    I like the great colors armony, like Spring!!
    I'd invite lovely friends to enjoy the comfortable living room!
    Have a lucky Tuesday!

    Big hugs!

  21. I'll find him a John Deere cushion to sit on!

  22. Bee, you and your son made me LOL!


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