Thursday, January 24, 2013

A day at sea...

This was our view from the balcony when we woke up.

Beautiful view, I was going to spend the day in the pool and on the balcony with my book.

Then this old bucket of bolts parked six feet from us and I had to listen to their old loud generators or come inside.

But, alas, I'm still on a cruise so I shall not complain. Too much. Just to you. But it was a warm sunny day and I spent a good part of it on the lido.

Then we went to the gold, platinum, and diamond guest party before dinner and then a show, a deck party, and the casino. There is no grass growing under my feet. I am wearing out my cabin mates, they nap and still go to bed before me. Wooses.

The casino took my donation pretty happily but I am still up $9.00 for the week so I consider that a win with all the fun I had. Of course there is still a few more days left so we'll see what that brings.

Hope your Friday is as good as mine y'all!

Empress Bee

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  1. Bee -

    Gosh, am I jealous of you. I really, really would love to be on this Bloggers' Cruise (or any cruise right now).

    Seems like you and your cruise mates are having a great time. Enjoy the remaining days.


  2. Bucket of bolts. Bwahahahahahaha. I laughed out loud. I know you make the best of everything. Good for you.

    Enjoy wearing out your cruise mates. I know you can do it too.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. Hi Bee,
    Your photos are great and I am so thrill you and your mates are having a well deserved vacation.
    Don't let the casino get the better of you. Hope your remaining days are funny and fun.

  4. trade places with you. i'll sit by the bucket of bolts and you can come huddle in front of the office heater.


  5. Bucket of bolts... I call them barnacle boats. Heck, we even threatened once to toss hard boiled eggs into the other ship's smokestacks. LOL! Don't worry, we didn't.

  6. I'm still pouting about not being there, bucket of bolts and all! I love Lido, morning, noon and night. Fresh sea air and always something to do... see, hear, meet, chat, laugh, read, eat and drink. Perfect!

    Enjoy! big hugs xoxo

  7. Oh what a shame that other ship docked right next to your cabin! Glad you're having a good time Bee. x

  8. Another ship to spy on and no Fifi or FooFoo there either? Could you at least see into the windows? Lol.

    Please bottle the sunshine and send some north! We're getting snow today. Though, I don't mind. I just hope it doesn't hamper Megan's 3rd birthday party tomorrow. We're very excited for a tea party!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. You deserve it.

  9. Bee, You make me laugh about the bucket of bolts. You just enjoy every moment of this trip. It sounds as if you are on the go all the time. I am happy for you, but sad for me.LOL. Now shake out that blonde hair and strut your stuff.xoxo,Susie


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