Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sunday means grocery shopping here.  At the Walmart.  Oh.  Maybe I'll just hit Publix instead, the thought of the Walmart three days before Christmas makes me shudder.  Since the world didn't end there is much to do.  

My new towels came yesterday.  They are bamboo and very very soft.  They are not supposed to mildew and are anti-microbial whatever that is and antibacterial.  Anyway I thought I'd try them, they are pink (of course) and I washed them so they are ready to go.  They feel thinner than a normal towel but are supposed to be more absorbent and fast drying.

Everyone is talking about gun control again.  Both sides have points and I am not going to weigh in on my opinion but every time something happens it comes up again.  I will admit to having a gun (in the safe) and I am glad I do.  I took the course and got the concealed permit but I don't carry it.  On a car trip it would be with me though.  I remember when I was in the course the guy asked me if I would shoot someone coming at me threatening me, I said yes, I'd aim for his legs and then run.  He told me I'd be dead before I got to the door.  He said if you pull a gun and decide to shoot you must shoot to kill.  Could I do that?  Hmmm.

So anyway enjoy your last weekend day before Christmas.  I know I will enjoy mine!  


  1. Yep, we all survived another end of the world. I wonder what it will be next time.

    I was out yesterday for a bit of banking and a couple of stops for things we needed. It was a madhouse. Hard to find a place to park even. Good luck, but you've got to have your healthy food.

    Yep, you can't buy anything either. The gun shops and the like are overwhelmed. Almost as bad as when Obama was first elected. There was a run on the gun stores then too.

    I have more than one weapon. Hubby and I have been armed for years. Hubby can carry in any state in the good old USA.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  2. Pink bamboo towels sound cheerful and nice. It'd great that you are surrounding yourself with pretty things!

    Hope it's somewhat normal at Publix when you go shopping.

    I tired shooting at a gun range twice. Burst into tears at the noise. Couldn't handle it. So much for my being able to be a bad guy!
    I say shoot to kill if you are threatened. Of course, I'd be cowering under the covers. You can shoot for me, okay?


  3. I have some bamboo hair towels and love them. They soak up the water and they don't mildew.

    Gun control is not the issue. Closing the gun show loophole is. Anyone can walk into a gun show and buy whatever they want without a background check and, at times, without ID. If one has to have a license to drive a car where one can keep a concealed weapon, I think one should at least have a license to show they've had at least some training to operate the weapon (as you did), and at least a bit of a show that a background check was done. I think mowing down 20 young children with an assault rifle at least invites civil conversation. There must be a way for both sides to come together reasonably. It would not have made a difference in this case, but I wish with all my heart that this killer had not had access to his mother's guns. I bet you do, too.

  4. I've always heard 'shoot to kill'. I can't imagine ever owning a gun myself, although most all of my military friends have mini-arsenals, all properly registered and locked up with every member of the household properly educated. Scary times we live in for sure. Of course, it's not the responsible gun owners I worry about.

    I have a set of bamboo sheets I absolutely LOVE so I bet the towels are every bit as good.

    We leave in a few hours. Excited we are!

    Have yourself a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  5. Public would be a better choice today, I think. Let us know how you like the bamboo towels. I had some bamboo socks that were very soft and comfortable. You have a lovely day, too. Hugs!

  6. The towels sound nice I can not wait to hear how they work. And on having the gun. I understand what the guy meant as in if you have it you should understand that you may need to use deadly force but I think he was scaring you as I would prob do the same thing.

  7. Buongiorno!

    We have fog and cold, I hope you can go out and shopp, I prefer to have a bit of rest, and read comments...I'm always so busy, that I cannot open my PC!

    Have a great Sunday!

    Big hugs!!

  8. I don't think anyone needs and AK-47, but as for the whole gun issue, I don't have one, I'd probably shoot my own foot. Probably throw the gun at the bad guy and run, but then, if he killed me, I'd be with Fred in Heaven the next moment, so............ I used to have a baseball bat next to my bed--like that would do any good, LOL.

  9. Dick has his carry permit, as do several other family members. I own a shotgun and can and will use it if needed. I realized that after having babies I would protect them at whatever cost. I am a good shot, too, although I could use a little practice. When it warms up. It is 22 this morning. I am wanting FL awful bad!!!

    Good luck today. Yep, Publix is a saner choice.

    Big hugs. See you soon, honey...

  10. I applied for my permit last week. I gotta tell you many of the people applying were scarey looking.and some of them were very young women. At any rate, one of the instructors was telling very young woman which answers to correct on the seven question "exam" THAT particular part, I thought should change.There have been several discussions this week at the salon about it.

  11. I'm glad we're not allowed to have guns over here, there's too many nutcases out there that would just go beserk with them. :(

  12. I don't believe I've ever heard of bamboo towels before but having felt how soft a bamboo bed throw was, I'd be willing to bet they are quite nice. It's amazing what they can make things out of sometimes!

    Ah, gun control. Yep, every time something like this happens that's the big topic of discussion but what really needs to be discussed is better care for the mentally ill though I don't believe that regular folks need to own assault weapons. A gun for protection, sure - but I doubt an entire army is ever going to attack someone's house "just because".

    It's a scary, scary world we live in and it's getting scarier all the time I'm afraid. And that's just sad.

  13. Bee, Shoot the crotch. My husband went to Walmart for softner salt yesterday...he said it was a madhouse. YIKES. So glad I stayed home.You may want to just go to the Publix. I have to get really busy here in a bit. Just came in to check on my blog pals. xo,Susie

  14. Good bright morning Bee or should I call you Annie Oakly. I'm happy that you protect yourself. You have to do whatever you have to do in this day and age. My father was a hunter and so is my friend but me I'm a lover but I'm angry about those little angels who died. People should be allowed to enjoy hunting but an AK-47 or assault rifle, why? Men in war and the police yes but the everyday person no.
    I'm down in weight. I'm so very happy my lovely friend. Thank you again Bee. Without you, well you know how I feel about you.


  15. One of the good things that came from my ex was learning to shoot. I do own and have a permit, but I don't think any individual needs an automatic assault rifle. There is just no need in it.

  16. ant Bee...mommy was told the same this when she receive the gun that she has....we agree with the others above, no one needs an assault rifle unless you are in the military and actively serving..

  17. Oh, we're armed. We live in a barrio and I have no qualms that I'd shoot to kill. Srsly (to borrow a phrase from Barb!).

  18. Oh, we're armed. We live in a barrio and I have no qualms that I'd shoot to kill. Srsly (to borrow a phrase from Barb!).


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