Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday in paradise...

I had breakfast with the duck yesterday.  He's right skinny now isn't he?  Not me, I still have a way to go but have no fear, I shall get there.

Yesterday we went to the new grocery store, Aldi's.  I had never heard of it before and it certainly was "different" but the prices were amazing.  Way less than WalMart but they don't have name brands, just their own brand.  The produce was really nice, the meat looked bad (tough looking), but I would go back again.  You have to take your own bags and put down a 25 cent deposit on a cart that you get back when you leave the store.  They were very friendly.

I am still finding homes for stuff around the condo.  No art is on the walls yet and I am going to let them tell me where to put it.  The sheets I bought are really nice.  I got them on and they are so soft and smooth.  I had trouble finding pink sheets, when you try to search for them you get all kinds of kid stuff instead of plain but I found them.  

I got "split king" which I had not heard of before.  You get two twin fitted sheets and one king top sheet and then the pillowcases.  I also got twin flat sheets for when I have company had separate the beds.  The bottom sheets have to be twin because the beds go up and down independently so you couldn't use a king fitted one.  Did that make any sense?  If not, never mind, it's just sheets.

And that's all I know today.  I'll be going to the party at the Fern House tonight for dinner.  Hope your day is as good as mine.


  1. Aldi is a German company, probably the largest discount grocer in Europe. I wish we had one here. I always shop there in Europe. Amazing prices but not pretty stored...ciso

    1. Great private label brands. The parent company also owns Trader Joe's, which explains the fancier products. No, it's not a meat place, but for canned goods and staples you can't beat it. And there was one variety of their winking owl wine that wasn't too bad. used to get it in Ohio.

  2. How exciting to be putting your things away.
    It seems like your re-model has just zooming along.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. If not, never mind, it's just sheets... LOL. You crack me up! OCD does look skinny. Maybe it's time to maintain rather than lose? Just a thought. Wasn't last night the party at Fern House? I'm so confused. Have fun again Finally?

    big hugs xoxo

  4. Chuck looks quite happy. That is wonderful

  5. I noticed how skinny that OCD has gotten. There will be less to hug next month!

    Aldi's has Winking Owl cheap but good wine. I do like some of their other stuff. Very good prices and nuttin fancy is fine by me.

    Have fun at the party. Big hugs, honey...

  6. Good morning Bee. I looks very gray this morning and I feeling the same way. See you soon.


  7. Bee, The duck is very thin ...but I bet he's way healthier. I know what you mean by those sheets. It is not a pretty day here. But I have to go to crazytown/walmart LOL....I wonder if they think of me that way.LOL Got to get some last minute things. xo,Susie

  8. Aldi is right around the corner from me, but I've never been. Maybe I should go take a look.

  9. Yes the sheets part made perfect sense to me. I understand completely and you explained it perfectly. Good for you on finding pink ones and the kind you wanted.

    I know you'll put your art up where you want too. I never had a doubt.

    Thanks for the advice on the packaged meals. I'll go off them and see what happens. Thanks.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs from cold and rainy California. :)

  10. OH OH OH Auntie Bee!!!! Guess what?? We has Aldi's here and their Spiral Cut Ham is the BESTEST there is (well, except for real smithfield ham). It's waaaaay better than any other store!

    purrrrssss n xoxoxoxoxox - your Sammie Pie

  11. Aldi's has been in the Chicago market for some time, but I've never been to one. It's in the area -- but it's a big area -- and there's none close to me. But I'm pretty used to bringing my own bags into the store these days wherever I have to go.

  12. We have Aldi here and also Lidl which I use and is almost identical - both German. I do all my fruit and veg shopping there and also a lot of other things which are very cheap. They only do limited fresh meat but in the last few months have upped the quality of it. They do very good packaged cooked ham, better than a lot of more expensive brands. I reckon that by getting half my shopping from a "no frills" supermarket, I can put the saved money towards our cruises.

  13. Ciao!!!
    So busy...bologna-tortellini days, I work alone soit need a lot of time!!!
    Chuck is very thin, perhaps too fast, you are doing well!!!

    Have a serene week!
    Big hugs

  14. Is that a sleep number bed you have? My parents have a similar bed, they hate it. They wanted to get the bed though for after my Dad had his back surgery so that he'd have an easier time getting up out of bed.

  15. Have a wonderful week Bee, it brings us that much closer to our cruise. Can't wait to see pictures of the condo when it is all finished. Great luck on finding the split set of sheets.



  16. We have Aldi here and you can get some really different, nice stuff really cheap. Every time hubby goes he comes back with some fudge and a gizmo! LOL


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