Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday finally!

I think I posted this photo before a long time ago.  These little rocks are outside my condo on the ground and I just love their message.  It pretty much sums up my way of life.  Funny thing, when you actually live this way you are happy.  Yup, you are.  Many things just don't matter when you can truly say you are happy.  I am happy.  I hope you are too.

I am up one pound from my low weight.  I have no idea why, I just am.  I am still only eating 1200 calories a day, still walking when I can't get in the pool, still eating very low sodium, same things.  The duck says he thinks I should be eating 1400-1500.  He may be right.  I'll tell you I have learned how to get a whole bunch of food into those 1200 calories though.  I can't just eat teeny tiny meals.  I get hungry!  

Like if I am having a small baked potato sometimes I'll put a whole steamer bag of broccoli on it!  Seriously I like it that way.  And for example I eat either a small chicken breast or half a large one, about 4-5 ounces.  I make that go a long way by cutting it in small pieces and putting lots of low cal stuff around the plate.  Yesterday that woman I call Kaye (because that is her name) was there moving dirt around and she brought me collards!!!  She is a really really good cook.  I had the greens and a baked potato and that was it for supper.  Since I had turkey at lunch on my salad I didn't worry about protein.

Well now I have to tell you what happened at the club yesterday.  Some of my Canadian friends came back for the season and when they saw me they went on and on about how good I looked.  I felt really funny because they didn't stop, on and on.  It did feel pretty good though if truth be known.  I mean I worked hard to lose this much weight and it's lovely to have someone notice it.  And they didn't call me flat chested either like that one woman did!  Ha ha.

So that was my day, it was pretty fun.  Oh, and I won at canasta too.  Hope your day was as great!


  1. Weight changes for no reason. Could be weather or water or the moon in a different phase. Maybe if you want to add calories back in use a full fat salad dressing. How about a real butter or a dollop of sour cream. Small enough to add a little but not too much to kill the effort. Great Job ;)

  2. I will tell you what my fertility doctor told me when I was taking my temperature everyday... He told me not to hang my hat on any single number. It isn't any one number on any given day that matters... it's the general TREND. The general trend, my sweet friend, is that you're losing weight and getting fit and feeling great!

    And me, too! YAY!

    Say, didn't I hear something about a cruise?

    Big hugs xoxo

  3. Someone (in the know) once told me that after you have been dieting for a while your body needs a kick start so to eat more food then you will start losing weight again, so I think the Duck is right. I've tried it and it works. Anyway you're looking good so don't worry. x

  4. Bee, The exercise you do in the pool has the resistance of the water, that has to be part of your pound gain. Maybe you could get the condo people to turn the heat up . People might as well be enjoying that pool. You do so well on the food portions. Bee, you have the right to hear wonderful comments and take a earned it !!! xoxo, Susie

  5. Isn't it wonderful when someone recognizes the efforts you are making. I was heart broken yesterday when someone very close to me didn't acknowledge me when I told her I reached the 30 lb mark. It broke my heart that she ignored it completely and kept talking about herself. I think she might be jealous. Doesn't change anything for me, other than the hurt. I am still chugging along just like you.

    I think OCD is right. I am losing steadily by eating 1400 - 1800. And with the exercise, it all balances out. You have to feed your body the proper nutrients it needs. Sometimes calories are a nasty side effect to the necessary nutrients. And then there's the theory of jump starting the metabolism once in awhile with a few extra calories.

  6. It is probably not a weight gain - just a little plateau. Good luck. sandie

  7. I'm so impressed by how much you've accomplished. As for the gain of a pound? You are exercising and putting on muscle mass and muscle weighs more than fat. Congratulations on all of your success in this area. It is hard work and deserves to be recognized!

  8. Ciao!!!

    Very fun and nice..the friends could see the real result of your diet!
    And not flat chested!!!

    Do what OCD says, 1200 are too little, you are getting an activ life, so you can eat normally!!!

    Have a great Friday!!!

    Big hugs, honey!!!

  9. One pound up, one pound down what did you say to me? Muscle could be it. Last night when we visiting my mother, a lady who I know saw me and was impressed with what I doing with my lost weight. She told me to keep on going. It made me feel great along with my mother and especially of course my beautiful wife. Have a great day my lovely friend.


  10. Collards. Nothing is better than a mess of collards. Love it!

    Don't sweat that pound. It's just a natural body fluctuation.

    Are they through decorating your condo yet? I'm soooo excited to see it done! LOL!

  11. I too am happy Empress Bee. It's far better than being miserable all the time and I know too many of those. I just avoid them.

    I'm stuck, but you may be right about the sodium. I'm watching that very closely now. We'll see. I weight exactly the same though. Just stuck.

    I should switch and do what you are doing. I'll finish up my boxed food and give it a go. I do intend to have Thanksgiving though. Not a bit plate, but some of everything.

    You do look fabulous. You've worked hard and it shows. Enjoy the accolades.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  12. Oh and I was raised on turnip and collard greens. Hubby and I love, love, love them.

    More hugs. :)

  13. You know, some of these commenters are right: Muscle weighs more than fat. So you could gain a few pounds and look even slimmer as you tone your muscles. That time in the pool pays off, but maybe not always on the scale. I only know this from my kids -- the athletes -- who've explained it to me.

  14. It may just be temporary water weight. Or muscle weighing more than fat as your body composition has changed. It's nice that the others were so complimentary and in such detail - you deserve the compliments!


  15. Look fabulous and feel great...tits to that!

    Enjoy your day. Big hugs, honey...

  16. You're doing this weight loss the best way Miss Bee!

    That's great.
    Fuzzy hugs

  17. You just make that 1200 cal portions work! I get hungry, too. I noticed that rice lasts me the least. Don't know why...
    Enjoy your weekend, Ms. Bee!
    Hugs from Ohio,

  18. Of course those folks said you look great, because you DO! Tht one pound will evaporate soon, I'm sure. Have a wonderful weekend


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