Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday in paradise...

In case anyone knows the area those condos over there are on Singer Island.  Yes, the sewing machine Singers.  Very pretty.  Oh, and the house at the bottom in the middle?  That's Dr. Wacks.

Today will find me at the Walmart shopping for the week.  I really don't need too much, I have all the fish and chicken for the week, just need veggies and some little stuff.  Then I can get in the pool.    I didn't get in yesterday, when I got home from canasta I was really tired so I cooked some dinner and sat down at the computer for a bit and watched a bit of tv.  But I did walk at least.  Exciting day!  Ha ha.

You will never believe this!  I am planning on voting for a Democrat in November.  Yup, I am planning on voting for Bell Nelson for Senate.  It will be the first Democrat I have voted for since Carter.  Unless he ticks me off that is.   Which is highly possible but still.  I wonder what Sarge would say?  I doubt he'd be happy about it but then we did differ on several matters.

I'm starting to get a bit tired of my red wall.  I saw a room recently that I loved and it was all in browns, tans, and whites.  I don't know if I'd like to live with that many neutrals but red does get old.  Any ideas of colors?  I should go to a paint store and just look I think.  See what tickles my fancy.  And I still want to paint the bedroom purple.  I haven't forgotten that yet.

I guess that's about all I know today y'all.  Hope your Sunday is lovely.  I know mine will be.


  1. I think a celadon green or other pale green would look beautiful and refreshing. And would be a great complementary color to the purple you want in your bedroom. . .

  2. Do you have a Pinterest account? Start pinning rooms and stuff you really love. Then - after you've pinned a bunch of stuff after a while - open the board and just look at what you've collected. I was utterly amazed by what I saw. All that all I am drawn to now seems to be clean, bright and light. Lots of whites and lights and mostly clean lines - a mix of contemporary, traditional and modern. Nobody was more surprised than I!

    I know this may be a dangerous suggestion, but you might try walking around some huge furniture stores that have the rooms arranged in cute vignettes, just to see which styles make you feel comfortable and content. Remember though, they have those high ceilings on purpose! Shop with your camera for a while before you shop with your credit card! haha!

    Have yourself a lovely day! Big hugs xoxo

  3. That just reminded me of something my granny used to say - "We're all singers in our family, except the sewing machine and that's a Jones".

    I like your red wall.

  4. I like the red wall but that is the best part about paint. Check out the colors at Wal Mart today.

    I'm thinking of painting the wall behind my tv in my bedroom turquoise.

  5. Barb is spot on, especially about camera vs credit card:) You'll find what you like.

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. Say it is not so.....What would the Sarge think? Repainting the wall that is.....:) Tc painted our Kitchen red and it looks great...Keep Praying for us, we are at least talking now...

  7. I too agree with Barb. You've got to know what's out there before you decide on what you want. I've gotten tons of ideas from furniture stores. Tons.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  8. Really Miss Bee ... a DEMOCRAT?
    That's what I love about you ...
    you are FEARLESS!
    Paint that wall PURPLE ... and vote for a democrat!
    The end.

  9. I say, always vote for who you believe the best man or woman is for the job!! It must be nice to be able to paint walls, mine are ugly drives me crazy, it is so dull and I find it dreary too,lol! I love color. I love a nice mocha brown color myself. If I could, I'd paint them darker in the fall/winter and lighter colors in the spring/summer :) I can't wait to see what you come up with!! Hugs Bee :)

  10. Yes! Show the red the way out. I say paint it in neutrals and use pops of color in the decor.

  11. I'm with Rudee... I love my neutral interior. I put my color in my sofa pillows and accessories. That way I know that if I ever decide to buy anything, I know it's going to match. Hahahahahah!

    I don't vote straight party either. I study the candidates and what they would bring to the table, then go from there.

    If you say purple, then purple it will be! I think that would be fun! Oh, you know what I learned last week? Sherwin Williams carries a line of removable wallpaper. None of that messy paste or stuff. It works like those vinyl decals. I'm toying with an accent wall in the guest and master bedrooms. :-)

  12. wow! that is one lovely living room!

  13. Bee, We already had our zoo-day at the Walmart. Thankfully it wasn't crowded yet. But I can't tell you how many times the cashier had to scan my coupons...cause he was new. YIKES. Some woman wearing a concrete said concrete on the back..omg everywhere I went she was in the way...even when I skipped an aisle.There could not have been more than one dressed in that t-shirt, do you think ?LOL. xoxo, Susie

  14. Beautiful living room.
    I would say look into bules or green (so many lovely shades) but you live in a very blue and green world.
    Look into grays. No kidding there are so many beautiful ones from the cool ones to the warmer ones. Light to dark. I had a wall painted a gray that in the morning it was bluish then afternoon it was more gray by evening it was very lavender. It was always changing and very beautiful.
    Good Luck. The pinterest idea sound good. I don't do it but what a great idea.
    Or get a decorating magazine and fine a room you like and use that as your idea.

    cheers, parsnip

  15. It took me forty years to realize that my walls don't have to be brightly painted. I am using color in my accessories. Look to your wardrobe for color inspiration. Usually what you wear are your favorite colors.

  16. Wonderful pic, Ms. Bee!
    I also plan a purple bedroom. Well, more like lilac, but that's close :) I think lots of browns and beiges and lattes and whites would look great in your living room.
    Hugs from Ohio,


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