Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday is the start of a new week...

Well it was supposed to rain again yesterday but it didn't so I got to swim.  Today is Monday again, the start of a brand spanking new week.  Let's all make it special somehow.  Do something nice for someone okay?

So yesterday I was coming home from the Walmart and this little bugger Mini Cooper was putting along in front of me so I passed it and cut back in and came home.  I noticed it was behind me coming in the gate.  Then when I dropped off my packages with the doorman I noticed it was behind me again.  

Oh krap, she lives in my building.  I have never seen her before but oh well, maybe she doesn't know it was me that swerved around her slow a$$.  So I park and get my cart of groceries and come up in the elevator.  I dump them in the kitchen and go back to the elevator to try to send it back down before it leaves my floor so I don't have to wait.  

Bazinga, it comes and off she gets with her cart of groceries.  She is my new neighbor.

So I act all "so happy to have you on this floor, welcome to the building" and hope to hell she doesn't recognize me.  She doesn't seem to so I am off the hook.  Anyway she is very nice and I like her already.  Bad me.  Bad bad.

And-------- speaking of bad, I bought a new pillow online.  And--------- a pair of jeans.  I know!  Bad girl.  Total fail on my part.  But if you are keeping track (and you probably are) all I have admittedly bought this month is an iPhone5, a tempu-pedic pillow and a pair of jeans.  For me this is really really good.  But not good enough, I know.  Oh well, krap on a stick, I bought more than that.  Two dresses, six tops, two pairs of pants plus what I already admitted.  Buggers to me.  Hello my name is empress bee and I am a shopaholic.  Stop me please!

But hey, I didn't buy any more shoes, right?  Have a great Monday, I'll be the one watching for the UPS man...


  1. two dresses, six tops, two pairs of pants, one iphone .... and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. LOL... I understand. Btw, the pillow doesn't count. That's kinda like TP and a toothbrush. You need that to live. And the jeans? Well, consider it jail abatement, so it's not going to count either. If you don't have pants that fit, you need to wear something. So instead of going around life pants-less and getting arrested for your hoo-ha showing, you've bought a pair of jeans.

    How's that line of thinking?
    P.S. The shoe defense can be used to avoid the painted pedicure police...

  3. you bought necessities;) That surely does not count. hey there is a nail polish color you may want to check out. It is by China Glaze and called cruise-r. It is a bright purple.

  4. You really are an Empress!

  5. Oh boy, you really fell off the waggon on the shopping ban didn't you? LOL

  6. bahahahaha! Honestly, I burst out laughing and spit out my coffee! srsly.

    Here's my philosophy... It's not as though you're running up a mountain of debt. You and Sarge worked hard all of your lives. You sacrificed and saved and positioned yourself for a comfortable retirement. THIS is that time you saved for! If you can afford it... Do it. Go there. Live it. Cruise it. Drive it. Spend it. Enjoy it!

    Within some reason, of course!

    Oh, and Mini Cooper lady? I totally would have passed her, too.

    big hugs xoxo

  7. don't feel bad about the shopping ban. You are skinny now so it is fun to shop!

  8. We all have our addictions--you've curbed your food addiction and you have an empty space because Sarge is gone, so---you can afford to shop then shop and have a good time. Now is not the time in life to feel guilty about anything!!!!!

  9. Well, Bee, with the weight loss comes the need for some new clothes! Can't have your pants falling off of you in the WalMart, can we? It's durned uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassing! So go for it, shop if you want to! And enjoy!
    Have a great week. Hugs!

  10. I'm chuckling over your shopping ban and failed results. It sounds like me. The minute I decide I'm not spending money, eating a certain food, whatever....those things are in my face and mocking me!

    In your case, the items you've purchased can all be considered necessary. I've cut out buying the cute bric-a-brac that I conisdered holiday and seasonal decor. I just plain have too much of it. I still like looking at it, both mine, anyone else's and the store's array. I just don't need to add any more.

  11. You can always cut out all extra shopping next month. Apple probably won't release the iPhone 6 before Christmas anyway....

  12. You just enjoy yourself Miss Bee!
    Happy fuzzy hugs

  13. I still laughing at this blog this morning, you being a shopaholic and this new woman in your building.
    Mary Lou and I had a problem. Our refridgerator died but I had to call a plumber this morning. The new fridge is coming in Friday also Mary Lou is allergic to mulberry and she was working in a mulberry tree. Guess what? She had allergic problems from it.
    I weighed myself last night and I lost 4.1 lbs. Isn't that amazing my lovely friend. Hooray!


  14. What Barb said about your retirement. She's spot on. You know how to live in your budget. Enjoy every minute honey in your new jeans, dresses and whatever.

    As for your new neighbor? You'll do just fine.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  15. So why didn't you buy shoes?!!!

    Big hugs, honey...

  16. I'm waiting on the iPhone 5. I need convincing. I have a 4, but I'm not sure I need to make the jump. For one thing, will there be an adapter for my Bose docking station? That wasn't exactly cheap, you know, and the iPhone 5 will not fit that device. I'd like to mess with Siri, but really, for me that's just a distraction I don't need right now. A longer lasting battery would be nice, but it isn't necessary.

    As for the shopping, Bee, you have an entirely new body to clothe. I don't think it's a bad thing to dress for continued success. So you spent some money on yourself. I think it's OK. Gadgets bring you pleasure and clothes do, too, says the girl who just spent a fortune on Funky Knit print patterned Dansko shoes.

  17. our the mom could nefur go a month wifout shopping eifur. - purrrrrssssssss xoxoxoxoxoxox Your Sammie Pie

  18. BEEEEE! Well when you go to the shopaholic meetings, you are going to look fab.:):)xoxo,Susie

  19. That you almost tried to hide your purchases cracks me up
    I have the same problem,but I buy books.I could start a library out of my home, but can't seem to stop adding books to my shelves. We all have vices..

  20. You made me laugh - a lot! Why shouldn't you buy what you want.With your fantastic weight loss you deserve to spoil yourself.

  21. I tried a shopping ban too, it worked until they have Razorback stuff on sale at Finishline. I got a hoodie and some pants, you think they would have been paying us to take them after that miserable game on Saturday. Still a fan. I also found when I lose weight and feel better, it is just so much more fun to shop.

    Big Hugs,


  22. any comments on your hair bling? or did you take it out??

  23. I ge t a lot of people who go around me and cut back in cause they dont like a little bugger in front of them. and I drive like a maniac, so I just show em what my "bugger" will do while they are trying to pass me.

  24. Enjoy your new clothes on your new body! And jeans, girl, I would die to get in a pair of jeans again. If you can afford to shop, then shop. You know your own limitations.


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