Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday is my day off!

Well I'm off today as you know.  No, not that kind of off either.  I mean really, just because I sing Jingle Bells in the pool you think I'm off?  

I stopped losing weight again.  Buggers on plateaus.  They are no fun.  I shall keep going and it will come off again soon.  October 1st will be one year.  I wanted to lose 75 pounds but that's not going to happen and then 70 and now that looks doubtful too.  Well that is if I eat anything else in the next two weeks.  Now I'm shooting for 67-68.  It does get slower after a while.  I see all my bee bandwagoners losing so good and I am just staying the same.  I want to be a good role model.  Must. Eat. Less.

I got a letter in the mail yesterday giving me a free oil change.  I have never gotten an oil change before in my entire life.  Hells bells I have never even pumped my own gas.  Should I try to do it?  Do you think I can?  

I called them and asked if I needed an appointment and they said no, just to come in and they'll do it.  It's a Lincoln Dealership.  They probably think if they get me in there and I have to sit around and wait that maybe I'll buy a new car.  Nope, not gonna' happen.  They don't know about my shopping ban do they! Ha ha ha.  Now if I can't buy an iPhone5 I sure as heck am not going to buy a stupid car.  I don't even care if I have a car.  

I finally got my home telephone in my name yesterday.  I have been trying and they kept telling me I had to shut it off and open a new account in my name which I would do until they tell me I have to get a new phone number.  I don't want a new phone number.  Finally I managed to get it done and a better price at the same time.  It pays to be persistant.  

Next I'll have to change FPL.  There are no electric discounts so that one won't be any fun.  I love getting discounts.  Or maybe I'll just let that slide for a bit longer.

So go out there and have yourselves a perfectly lovely Friday.  I intend to do the same...


  1. Oh, please don't obsess about a number! This isn't about a number - it's about eating healthy to be healthy! So if you only reach 67, 69 or 72 in a year... nothing will happen, except that you are healthier and feeling better than you were a year ago! THAT'S the point. Please don't try to eat less; try to eat smarter and live a healthy lifestyle! It will all fall into place just as it should.

    I'm so proud of you, and so grateful. You just keep on keeping on because you're doing great!

    And it just so happens I read an article on WW the other day about plateaus...

    Have a lovely day off. Sing Jingle Bells! I'll sing the Clyde McFatter version of I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!

    Big hugs xoxo

  2. you can switch to raw foods for a few days. Raw veggies and broiled chicken, and lots and lots of water. That may restart you. my crazy schedule has been so off, I am embarrassed to even do my food journal. Right off the bat, as soon as I started logging, I started gaining! I gained two whole pounds, which I have taken back off. But I am still dodging breakfast, and eating late and laying around after. I am so bad. The raw food and lean meat got the two pounds back off in three or four days

  3. Hey Chatty Bee! Always love hearing all your news.

    Big hugs, honey...

  4. Well I'm looking out my window this morning and all I see is a dull morning and rain. I'm suppose to golf this morning. Oh well. So you stated your weight loss on October 1st, my birthday.
    Mary Lou is out this morning to see the doctor and AmyLynn well she's somewhere around the house. I started my weight loss trek yesterday and I was a little over my calorie count. Oh well again. Have a great day Bee.


  5. This is my first week Empress Bee, of course I'm going to do well this week, and perhaps even next week then I'll level off. I'm so happy I jumped on your band wagon. Thanks. Also, you've lost a ton of weight. A lot for one year. I'm just saying.

    You don't have to do anything but drive that car to the service department, have them check you in and in no time your car will be done. There's a waiting room for you to read or have some refreshment. Nothing to it.

    Have a terrific day off honey. Big hugs. :)

  6. It took me forever to get the phone in my name until I explained that when I called Fred's daughter, her caller I.D. said it was him calling and it upset her and a lot of my friends. Can you imagine, your Dad died six months ago, the phone rings, you look at caller I.D. and it says HE IS CALLING YOU? Once I got that through the person's head--they put my name on the account. Just one of the many things we have to "fix" now. Get the car's oil changed every 6,000 miles--okay? They will also check all the fluid levels so you know that have enough coolant, windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc. You gotta learn these things Bee because you are now an independent woman!

  7. Bee, Some times you will have to be a thorn in someone's butt to get what is only right. That thing of closing and reopening accounts is crazy. I have had the same number since I was a young mom, and I refuse to change it. Stay strong Bee,you have worked past those hard weight loss moments. xoxo, Susie

  8. I thought the Duck showed you how to pump gas six months ago :) If I can do it Bee (I have to when we travel to other states. In Oregon you're not allowed to pump your own fuel, except for deisel) you can!

    Beware on the oil change. You can buy them free for life with the car. Do you know if Sarge did that? They won't try to sell you a new car, but they will try to sell you on other services(my hubby is in the car business, NOT a salesman).

  9. Bee, your body is catching up on your efforts. Soon you will break that plateau. Hugs...

  10. Watch out for the dealership also, they will tell you that you need to have a lot of work done to your car. There is a reason that they are giving you a free oil change and they'll make out in the end. Just a warning. Tell them you can't have any work done until you speak with your son.

  11. Watch out for the dealership also, they will tell you that you need to have a lot of work done to your car. There is a reason that they are giving you a free oil change and they'll make out in the end. Just a warning. Tell them you can't have any work done until you speak with your son.

  12. Ciao Bee!

    I'm working less than normally, my left eye has glaucoma, today I had a test at the Hospital, on Monday i'll go to the specialist again, and see what is nessessary to do!
    I wish you a great problem with the oil change, and a bit of weightloss!

    Big hugs!

  13. I'm not sure how much more you want to loose. You look great! When it comes it comes. What a super duper accomplishment already!
    I'm off today, too. Except I'm studying my Psych. Did my on-line debate and then fell asleep reading my textbook. It's going to be a long semester. Hahaha!
    Have a great weekend, Ms. Bee!
    Hugs from Ohio,

  14. Bee in NJ we can't pump our own gas and I've never learned how and I don't want too. Everytime I have ever driven down South and into NY or PA, I look pathetic as though I am going to cry, a nice gentleman always pumps my gas for every time!


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